3 Work From Home Tips

The moment, we all started work from home in the lockdown, Instagram was flooded with nice-looking workplaces, flat lays and what not? Work from home can indeed be made pretty with all these high-end props with pink and gorgeous purple color in place on a white table, having said that it is not the core of work from home. It is just a cosmetic adjustment which is done to increase Instagram followers. The real work from home is where you are super productive throughout the day, which reflects in your work and every aspect of life. Doesn’t it sound amazing? 

So let us take a look at some quick work from home tips that will help you be productive. These tips are majorly tried and tested for work from home environment. 

Sitting around the house, working in front of the TV, with all the chaos would not help to be productive. It will instead create a lot of confusion.

Dedicate a specific place for your work. 

I am a writer and I find it extremely difficult to work when many people are talking around. The dining table is the worst place to sit for work. Remember if you have a family around, everybody is going to come to the dining table at least a couple of times in a day disturbing your workflow. 

Most of the homes have some spaces which are not visited by anybody throughout the day. Choose that space and customize it as per your requirement. I would suggest having a table and illuminating that space amply. Creating an environment identical to your workplace is the best thing you can do. I always keep a bottle of water around, a diary and a pen. In case you are on calls have your earphones/headphones charged and connected to the system. 

Timebox your day

It is so easy to sway away in home chores and other stuff when you are stationed at home. Always timebox your day to avoid unnecessary distractions. Focussing on 90 minutes of concentrated time box is very useful. You can complete most of your work in that timebox I am sure. Be sure not to give in to browsing and chatting during 90 minutes of time boxing. 

It is always best to start the day early but if you are not a morning person, having a to-do list helps to get through the day successfully. 

To-Do List

I am a great fan of To-do lists just because it helps me get so much done in a day. The day I do not have my list ready, it gets swayed. I have always mentioned in my posts that there are only 5 important things that you can do in a day. If you have stuff that is more than 5 things, just keep them on the waitlist. You can escalate the waitlist if you complete these 5 things. 

These three things should be helpful to stay productive while working from home. Work from home should be a boon and not a bane.