Sant Smaran Program Details You Would Not Like To Miss….

Sant Smaran Program Details You Would Not Like To Miss….

What is “Sant Smaran” program? 

The “Sant Smaran” program which takes place annually at Maharashtra Mandal, Chennai was initiated by Mrs. Mayatai Joshi in the year 1988. It is also great to know that she contributed a certain amount to the Mandal so that the program doesn’t stop due to the want of funds. Sant Smaran literally means remembering all the saints. This can be best done by singing the Abhanga, Bharuda, and other devotional songs written by them. Thus, this program holds its importance in the light of “Ashadhi Ekadashi” Ashadhi Ekadashi is an annual festival celebrated in Maharashtra. It is believed that Lord Vishnu enters his state of Yoga Nidra on this day every year. Numerous Vitthal Devotees walk their way from far away to Pandharpur to get the divine glimpse of their dearest Lord. Vari, as it is called, can be a 

separate blog in itself. 

Know more about Bhaktidhara Group! 

This year also Maharashtra Mandal, Chennai celebrated “Sant Smaran” with great enthusiasm and fervor.” Bhaktidhara group” with its experienced and expert singers like Ms. Lata Karnad Rao, Ms. Uma Sheshashayee, Mrs. Kalpana Rao, Ms. Shraddha Thatte, Ms. Surekha Palekar, Mrs. Meghna Dandekar, Mrs. Snehalata Datar, and many others has been very instrumental in continuing the rich tradition of this Sant Smaran program since the year 1988. The seed of this 30-year-old group was sown by Mrs. Mayatai Joshi not knowing that the tree would grow up so wide and would accommodate many new people like Snehal and me. We, the 5 am mommies, joined this group and have learned a lot about music and devotion since then. We take this opportunity to thank everyone in this group who made us feel at home. 

Have a look at the program through my eyes! 

It was one such Sunday and we rushed to the Mandal with the enthusiasm of a small child. After all, this was one of the most awaited functions. Mrs. Joshi( Daughter-in-law) of Late Mayatai Joshi was offering garlands to the various saints. The photos of the various prominent saints like Sant Tukaram, Saint Dyaneshwar, Sant Namdeo, Sant Ramdas Swami, Saint Eknath Maharaj were beautifully decorated with flowers and amidst the arrangement stood the “Vithu Mauli” with its own grace. 

People from all over Chennai started coming for the program and after the mic testing, the program started with a small address from Secretary of Mandal, Mr. Ashutosh Apte. Lata Maushi started the anchoring and Bhaktidhara group sang “Ekdantam Umasutam” to invoke Lord Ganesha. The song was followed by an Abhang “Vitthal Geeti Gava, Vitthal Chitti Dhyava” which literally means we should always sing Vithhal songs and meditate on HIM. 

This year also marks the birth centenary of three stalwarts of Maharashtra namely 

Pu.La.Deshpande, Sudhir Phadke and G.D. Madgulkar. We celebrated the same in Chennai by singing the songs by these legends. “Utha Pandharicha Raja” by Devraj Patil won great applause from the audience. It literally created an atmosphere where the devotees are waking their God up. This was followed by “Nijrup Dakhava Ho” song from the movie “Zala Mahar Pandharinath” by Joshi Sisters. Any such celebration is incomplete without the famous “Majhe Maher Pandhari” song by Pt. Bhimsen Joshi. Mr. Pravin Vaidya with his deep devotion wonderfully justified the Abhang and took us down to the memories of Pt.Ji songs. Lata Maushi in her melodious voice rendered “Indrayani Kathi” song. It was surreal as we almost reached Alandi-the Samadhi place of Sant Dynaneshwar by listening to the song. 

It is magical to see the younger generation understand this culture and little Ikshika and Purav Sarode mesmerized us with “Hari Alla Rey”. Chokhamela and his abhang “Abir Gulal” is etched in our memories from years together. Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki has sung this song and Snehal Sham dared to attempt it. We could visualize the flare of Abir, Gulal(black and pink colors) being played by Lord Vitthal in the hall. 

A man with several hats, Ajit Joshi, showed us the picture of Lord Vitthala in his “Roope Sunder Savala Gey Maye” song. He was excellent at his play with Tabla. Shraddha Thatte, a Radio Jockey and a professional singer, gave the entire program a different shade by singing “RhunuZunu RhunuZunu Rey Bhramara”. This song is originally sung by Latadidi. She along with Lata Maushi made her mark in our hearts by singing “Kanada Raja Pandharicha” meticulously. Bhaktidhara group sang “Pandharisi Chalala Vaishnavancha Mela” and “Vithu Mauli Tu”

Mrs. Dandekar took over the stage and extemporaneously sang abhang “Teerth Vitthal” with great devotion and brilliance of a pro. The star of the entire program, of course, was Babu Sir. He accompanied us for all the songs on the harmonium mellifluously. His play of music was euphonious and soothing. Each Swara was hit directly from his heart and yes it reached the heart of every other person seated in the hall. Bhairavi,” Jani Namyachi Rangali Kirtani” summed up the entire program. Vitthal Arti was carried by Manju Joshi and Mrs. Joshi. 

We thank each and everyone who attended the event. Our warm regards to all the elders at the event and love for all others. We appreciate the efforts of our mike and sound system organizer Mr. Limaye. Let us meet next time for the same event. Till then, “Amcha Ram Ram Ghyava”. 

Monsoon Melody!!

Monsoon Melody!!

Be it any season, Summer, Rainy Season or Winter, Sensitive souls are always excited to welcome the new season. Those who love food, welcome different seasons with suitable food choices, the choice of clothing changes as per the season and  some people change their song preferences too. We are glad to be a part of Growing With Nemit and Tuggu and Mommy authors Neha and Gunjan. It has made us a part of their blogging journey with this birthday celebration. Monsoon and melodies have something in common. Both are soothing in their own way. Even if it is not monsoon, the rain songs are sure to make someone feel good. As you listen to these songs, they transcend you to a different world. Through songs we can relive the forgotten moments and what is the best occasion than the first shower of rains.

Sawan Barse Tarse Dil: 

One of the most iconic songs of 90s. It was in the list of most of us while we were in college. The movie is easily forgotten but the song stays relevant to date. Sonali Bendre and Akshaye Khanna have just set the screen on fire with their expressions. Sawan Barse Tarse Dil is my favourite monsoon song.

Tip Tip Barsa paani: 

Tip Tip Barsa paani has the true combination of everything Swag. Ravishing Ravina Tandon slays. Akshay Kumar is not a great sight in the song though. I love the way it is sung by Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan. This song can be considered as Epic song of Bollywood with all the quintessential Latkas and Jhatkas.

Megha Re Megha : 

Starts with melodious voice of Lata Mangeshkar, this song is packed with Sridevi’s expressions and her dance. She looks beautiful wearing maroon colour Ghagra Choli. This look is one of Sridevi’s iconic look in my opinion. Lamhe is Yash Chopra’s most underrated movie till date I feel.

Tal Se Taal Mila: 

Amazing backdrop of Chamba, Aishwarya in white chudidar and incessant rains..this is Tal se Taal mila song for you. AR Rahman’s music is the icing on the cake. These were the times when people were huge fans of Rahman’s music mixing and recording, usage of various instruments in one song to give the surround sound kind of feel. It was new to the industry then. The music was way ahead of its times.

Chham Chham Chham: 

I am not sure whether Baghi movie was hit or not, this song is a new time monsoon song for sure. Shraddha Kapoor and her dance moves wins hearts hands down. I felt the Barish dance moves little technical but never mind. We liked the music.

So grab your headphones and a cup of chai, if it is raining in your town…great..if it is not..never mind…tune in to the monsoon melody.

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My Friends From Indian Mythology – Book Review

My Friends From Indian Mythology – Book Review

Mythology is my favorite subject. Mostly because of the environment that I grew in and are married to. From the central part of India to southern India, one thing remains the same which is the understanding of the mythological characters. Ramayana and Mahabharata was an essential element while growing up.

So, here I got this wonderful E-book written by Suhasini which is based on all the mythological characters that we know or may not know. Mythology for some is interesting and for others, it might sound boring. But Suhasini has kept every chapter crisp and short with some relevant images. Be it a well-known story of Bheema, where he feels it is easy to lift the tail of the Monkey ( Hanuman) or a story of Arjuna ( who is a devoted Sishya of his Guru), there is an ease with which Suhasini tells these tales. And this ease makes every story interesting for the reader.

The layout of the book is well thought and one can read it in an hour or so. I liked the font of the book and the letters are neatly spaced.

Aptly, Suhasini has put Golu (which has almost all gods) on the cover. In South India, during Navratri, Golu ( Nine steps adorned with various mythological characters and their stories) is celebrated. Before Navratri, we get idols of all characters and the stories behind them. When we visit other people’s Golu, we come to know about different stories which we have never heard of. I felt the same as I read Suhasini’s book. It is an amalgamation of stories woven with love. They aren’t just the stories but each of them has a moral behind it. The moral is explained in a very friendly manner and I am happy that the book does not sound preachy.


Suhasini’s book is just what we need for a weekend read or every night read for children and adults alike.

Loved the book and my rating for the book is 4.5/5

Thank you @Blogchatter for introducing me to Suhasini’s book.

This review is written as a part of The Blogchatter’s book review program. 

Know The Best From The Best In The Business – Creative Writing E-Course by The BlogChatter

Know The Best From The Best In The Business – Creative Writing E-Course by The BlogChatter

A new journey of a writer could not have been possible without some guidance from The BlogChatter. The creative writing program is what every writer needs to be sure of the creative process.

Creative writing is not a natural progression to blogging, but it can be so, if you bring in the right kind of people to guide you of the path they have already walked on.


What was the purpose of this creative writing program with The BlogChatter?

  • To help writers capitalize on their ideas of writing
  • To structure the book by developing interesting plots
  • To develop the characters

What was the process?

  • In today’s digitally advanced world we were blessed to have our creative writing mentors on IG live or FB live.
  • Anand Neelkantan, Chitra Divakarun, Dipankar Banerjee, Samarpita, Posham Pa,Kanchana Banerjee, Kiran Manral, Saumick Pal were the mentors and we were glad to ask them questions for strengthning our creative writing process.


Take away from The Creative Writing E-Course?

  • Creative writing is more about flow, one can not restrict it. We can condition most of it with the data available and research. Authenticity of creative material entirely depends on the data on which the author relies so, going ahead if there are any facts which need to be put in the book, research is necessary
  • Character development should happen in due course of time. One can not completely develop a character based on some ideas. The character has to live on in the mind of the author and the author has to bring it on paper.
  • The tone of the character can be defined with words. The best way to set the correct tone is to read the dialogues out. This was one of the best methods of setting up the tone of the character in the book.
  • If the book is based on Mythology then, it is necessary to back it up with necessary research also bringing in all the rasas from natyashastra would make it a complete package.
  • Self publishing and marketing are the toughest tasks that we have at hand as authors but those can be handled by smartly sharing on social media.
  • Sharing the excerpt, graphics on social media so that people get aware of the book is always welcome. One needs to check out whether the posts are getting repetitive.


These were our take aways from the Creative Writing E-Course. Hope to learn more.

Missed an important message from your Child’s school??

Missed an important message from your Child’s school??

Ramya is a diligent mother. She has two school going kids and she is a working woman too. The school usually communicates with her through emails and also through WhatsApp. But sometimes it so happens that in the day’s business, she misses many messages that float across the email and messenger service. Slowly she started getting written messages from the school administration asking for an explanation about not completing some well informed stipulated activities for the children. She was speechless and was in a deep shock of missing such a piece of valuable information from the school.
Ramya was a techie and missing the emails from school was something which she could not have imagined. She was very careful in checking messages that float every day.
But when she checked her email account, all the emails from the school had gone to the spam folder. With WhatsApp, it was a different story. Parents from the school group were interested in discussing the upcoming luncheon party than sharing this important information.

This can happen to any of us. In today’s fast paced life which is overloaded with unnecessary information, it would be great to have one source of information which is authentic and is delivered on time. ONNE has realized this and has brought you a simple and effective app for all your school communication-related issues.

ONNE is not a regular chatting app. It has its own management system in place so that you get the most updated information at one place at the right time. It reduces the chances of missing any of the messages.

Let us look at the features that ONNE offers:

Attendance Management
From a parent’s point of view, getting the attendance reports every month would certainly be a great thing. ONNE enables you to see the reports as they are posted on the apps.

Leave Application Form:
Online application form through an app is quite a revolution. Say bye bye to the clumsy paper notes and welcome ONNE – Leave application form.

Exam Schedules:
Sharing exam schedules on the app is one of the best features. You can track the exam dates effortlessly with this feature.

Having a timetable on your phone is so easy. You can fill in the books one day earlier just checking in the app.

One on one messaging:
Just because ONNE is not a regular chatting app, doesn’t mean it does not allow one to one messaging. It does allow and is a very efficient messenger.

With ONNE you can share photos, videos and important documents.

Sending invites:
Sending alerts and invites and receiving event RSVPs is easy with ONNE.

Daily reports:
One of the most important features for nurseries and small scale education institutions. Daily reports of your child help you to understand whether the child is getting used to the new environment of the school. These reports you can get on ONNE. One can also receive progress cards through ONNE app.

Fee Reminders and Collection:
Fee collection reminders are mostly lost in the ocean of emails and messages that we receive on an everyday basis. ONNE manages the fee reminders and you can also pay through the app.

What is in it for schools?

Sending updates is now easy, the school admins could actually save a lot of time which would otherwise be spent in writing every child’s diary. Printing paper and distributing the messages is not needed as everything is there on the app.
Sharing children’s progress, report cards and timetables would be super easy as it can all be done on the app. There is tremendous ease of use with the app. Admins can opt to send messages to an individual or the group of the class. The payment reminders can be sent to school and admins can easily track the incoming and missed payments for effective follow-ups.
The ONNE app is the blessing for school administrators as they can schedule posts, messages, and memos in case of any event. The app also enables the recipients to send the feedback as well as RSVP.

Do you know 73% of apps are deleted by users for reasons such as more loading time, non-functionality and various user experience issues? ONNE app can be customized as per your requirement. The details of the download are as follows

Never miss any message from your child’s school – ONNE is here

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a platform to connect parents to schools and much more.