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Of Love, Life & Betrayal

Of Love, Life & Betrayal


Piping hot Maggi almost stuck Charudutta’s throat! He coughed and reached for the glass of water. What would he do when Radanika, a beautiful, fair, tall and educated girl of the class in the academy, had asked him something quite unexpectedly?

“Leave others, tell us how to impress boys like ‘you’”.

Charudutta was on the seventh heaven as any other boy would have been. But at the same moment, he looked intensely into Lily’s eyes, full of questions. Lily was shocked as her best friend was openly hitting on Charudutta. Days passed on only to make Lily realize that she was short of understanding her own clan of the “fairer” sex.

A Spoonful Of Sugar & Little More

A Spoonful Of Sugar & Little More

There were whispers in all corners of the office, today. Everyone had some idea of what would unfold for them. Simi was a smart, workaholic person who had high self-esteem. She dedicatedly finished her printing work and headed towards the meeting hall where the appraisals were going to be out.

The names of the promoted employees were called out. But Simi was nowhere in the list. Tears rolled down her eyes as she was extremely hopeful of the reward for the extraordinary work she had cloaked in. While she was sobbing in the restroom she heard a lady say,

” Work less, darling, but don’t forget to keep him sweet”!


The A of Social Media Marketing for Bloggers – Keywords

The A of Social Media Marketing for Bloggers – Keywords



Blogging is slowly becoming a full-time occupation with advent of Social Media for people who are good at writing and know how to market their skills. There are a couple of major aspects which are covered by blogging. The first one is that this occupation is geographically independent. You can very well be in your pajamas and work the whole day from your bed (Sounds Interesting?). The second one is that once you have a considerable amount of following you can actually amp up your blogging skills and become an influencer. This is the intangible benefit of blogging where you become popular among your internal and external circle. But there are downsides to it too. Blog traffic is generally a cause of concern and it actually takes a lot of efforts to bring a considerable amount of visitors on the blog organically. Organically meaning without any adverts or paid to boost.

Traffic Woes:

Blogging is fun when you get organic traffic on your blog without much hassle. Fortunately, there are many avenues where you can post and appreciate people’s work which might get reciprocated to you. There are exclusive platforms for blogging which bring you the steady stream of visitors but what when the life happens and you stop taking the effort to appreciate other bloggers, the traffic plunges and the next step could be a complete STOP to the process of conceiving a blog topic, researching over it, writing and publishing. How to overcome the traffic woes that a blog is going through? Well, the A of Social Media Marketing for Bloggers is KEYWORDS. (Looks complicated? Not really!!)


What are Keywords?

Keywords are the important words which define your content on the blog. As bloggers, we need keywords because they are the anchors to which the content gets attached to in the sea of search queries. Using simple words and phrases as keywords would simplify the search and it would rank your content on the first page of any search.

Easier Said Than Done? Yes, it indeed is..but we can get there slowly….

How to identify Keywords?

Keyword research is an activity which has to be conducted before writing blog posts. Knowing the ranking of the keyword in the search engine it is easy to know what is the competition for a particular keyword. So if there is not much competition for the keyword that means it is the less searched word on the search engine. You can realign your keyword to match the word which has more traction on social media.


  • Start with a topic, your idea or the main word which is called as “Seed”
  • Research about this word on a variety of websites. While researching you should look out for the way the website has used the keyword.
  • Create a list of keywords that are used by various websites and identify their popularity on Google’s keyword planner.

How to use keywords for Search Engine Optimisation?

Once the keyword is in place, you can write your blog post weaving 2 keywords in 100 words. As per the search engine guidelines, the keyword density in an article should be 2%.

If you do not want to dig further there are plugins which you can use to Optimise your blog post as per the keyword.


Yoast SEO

This plugin covers the basic Search Engine Optimisation for the websites and is by far the most downloaded plugin that is there for SEO.


WordPress Bloggers can easily download this plugin and start identifying the keywords through the Google Keyword Planner tool. Ranking on the first page of any web search is a hard work which pays. Blogging with a keyword is always a sound plan to keep those visitors coming.


Book Review – The Forest Of Enchantments

Book Review – The Forest Of Enchantments

Kandarpa Aganeeta Ameeta Chabi

Nava Neela Neeraja Sundaram

Patapeeta Maanahum Tarita Ruchi-Suchi

Navmi Janaka Sutaavaram

Shree Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhaju Mana

Harana Bhavabhaya Daarunam



I was humming this Bhajan from the last couple of weeks, we have been practicing it in our Kathak Class and the words somehow weren’t leaving me much as I heard them they were digging deep and sitting in a different deeper place in my heart which I wasn’t ready to unravel. That place in my heart was kept untouched for a couple of decades and I was totally into the whirlwind of the worldly charms which had already engulfed me consciously and unconsciously.

I bought “The Forest Of Enchantments” by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni on a whim and could find that the way Saint Tulasidas has described Lord Ram in his Bhajan is what Sita and everybody who loves Ram would be feeling about him. Since childhood, I was not very fond of Sita. I never thought that she was weak to protest but somehow I could not relate to her.

There have been many books on Sita. But I could not get myself to read them because I always felt that Sita endured too much for her being. Her story was always heartbreaking and I never wanted to touch that part of my heart.

It is usually said that what you sing or what you do from the bottom of your heart shows you the way further. All that hemming and doing classical moves on the tune of “Shri Rama Chandra Kripalu Bhajaman” had brought me to read a bit about Ram and more about Sita through this book “The Forest Of Enchantments”  


Why you should read the book?




Valmiki Ramayan, Ramacharitmanas, Kamba Ramayan and all the contemporary Ramayan and Sitayans have been told in different ways focussing on the different aspect of the epic and never any of these storytellers have looked at Sita from a perspective I was looking for. This book is amazingly relevant to today’s times.



The author is a great storyteller which is apparent as the scenes and the settings are quite vivid.

The author has introduced Sita’s internal beauty and not much is said about Sita’s appearance as such. I felt it as a welcome change. It is very smart to portray Sita purely based on her thoughts and her natural being.



When it comes to managing and handling relationships, the author has succeeded in giving all the girls a new idol to look up to.

Relationships of a new, coy bride and her way of settling in the Palace of Her Beloved have been interestingly portrayed. As a new bride when you are just understanding the ways of new life and you have nobody to look out for, Sita and her story of settling at her in-laws’ place is something to learn from.

Treta Yug or Kaliyug, Sita’s story emphasizes the fact that when it comes to relationships not much has changed.


Approach to situations

This is the most important part of the book. Sita is very objective in her approach to life. She does not go by the book like her husband but follows her heart in every situation. There the author truly won over me.

She is a thinker who thinks rationally about every situation that she faces and is not afraid to be forgiving or to be sorry if she has taken any wrong move.


A great insight on confrontations and negotiation

Not a fan of Confrontations, Sita is a great negotiator. She does not speak her mind but acts as per her mind and makes others do so when the time demands.  Sita does not regret but owns her mistakes on her sleeves and marches ahead with dignity. The author has bowled me over by showing me what I could not see ever in Sita.  


What I longed for in the book?

The portrayal of women of strength throughout Sita’s life was great but I would have loved to know more about each of them.

Her relationship with her father could also have been portrayed in detail.

The bond which she shared with Lakshman could have been detailed a bit too.


What I truly loved and I am happy about?

That Sita spent most of her life with Ram. She had an amazing married life which I was very happy to read.


How much Time did it take to read?

365 pages in total, it took 8 hours for me to read. I am a very slow reader and like to live every moment and every scene portrayed in the book.

The book was so enticing that I could not put it down and I think the whole credit goes to the author for making it such a fantastic read. Easy and flowing words made it more interesting.


Tips for slow readers like me.

Go with the flow, not all the books can be read fast as per my experience, especially the books like these which have many hidden messages and meanings

If you want to complete it soon, just read it like a glance, no need to go deep and understand every bit. But I am sure you would have to revisit it again.

Keep reading 2-3 pages when you get time. You might amp up the speed in some time.

Judging the book on the scale of 5

Book Cover: 4/5

Storytelling: 4.5/5

Book Length :4/5

I am glad Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, the author of “The Forests Of Enchantments” has written the book in such a way that any person despite the gender can draw a lot of strength from Sita.

Epics are the stories which are retold by different storytellers through the centuries. It is about how the story is being told and how creative is the storyteller. The plot of the epic is the same, but the delivery of that plot and the take away from it is in hands of the storyteller.

The author wins over me hands down and I send a lot of power to her for creating a new idol for many women like me who need to be inspired, motivated from time to time.

You can buy the book here:

The Forest of Enchantments 


Important Facts about Down Syndrome You Should Know

Important Facts about Down Syndrome You Should Know

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day, on the occasion of the same we thought to spread the awareness about it and to present some facts…

He is 14 but goes to class 5! He has a different facial structure. A little longer tongue, big head, small and peculiarly shaped ears, and chubby unusual fingers. He can’t speak fast leave aside walking and running. He speaks slow. No! He isn’t mentally retarded. Krishna is smart. He is compassionate. He is fun to be around and yes, he loves unconditionally!

He is a little slow but just uniquely gifted as all other kids. Only that he has inherited a genetic anomaly which makes him a labeled as a child with Down-Syndrome. There are many other Down-Syndrome children who are misconstrued for being mentally retarded when they are not. Lack of awareness about
this syndrome in Indian society is the primary reason for such misconception.

Down-Syndrome in lay-man language means that the child is slow in reaching developmental milestones in its life. Science says that this syndrome is caused when a child has 3 copies of the 21st chromosome than the usual 2 copies. This state where there is an error in cell-division before or at conception leaves the cell with an extra chromosome-21 and this condition is also known as Trisomy 21. This may lead to some level of intellectual disability in the child but doesn’t certainly make the child mentally challenged. Statistics say that this genetic condition is very common with a ratio of 1 in 800 live births getting affected by it every year,in the US.
Is it a curse in the family or the wrath of the Goddess? Why does this happen?Are these children abnormal? When do we get to know this? Is it fatal? How to raise these children? Is there a cure for this condition?
These are a few panic questions which are faced immediately by a doctor after a child is diagnosed with this Syndrome. The disappointment which a parent undergoes on realizing and understanding the question initially exhibits itself in the form of denial. There are parents who denied the condition for years and lost their time which could have otherwise been used for a happy, healthy and loving co-existence with the child.

It is important to understand and accept that life comes in many shapes, sizes,colors,and dimensions! Life is uncertain and that is what makes it more beautiful. Isn’t it?
“Acceptance of the condition and the child is the first and foremost important step to raise a child with Down Syndrome”!

  • A Down Syndrome child is a perfectly normal child, but the imperfect society makes it abnormal to have a special child with special needs. Yes! The syndrome is neither fatal and nor is it the wrath of the Goddess. It is a simple condition which makes the child way different than the regular flocks of doctors, engineers, and other rat-racers.
  • Sadly, there exists no cure for this genetical disorder but it can be diagnosed in prenatal diagnosis when the mothers are 14-18 week pregnant. Nowadays diagnostic tests and screening tests are recommended to all mothers irrespective of their age. In case, the fetus is diagnosed with this medical condition, then it is left to the decision of the parents to abort the child or let the child be born and accept the anomaly.
  • There are more myths than proper information associated with this syndrome. Another popular myth is that older women (age > 35) are prone to give birth to a child with Down Syndrome. People also feel that
  • Down-Syndrome is not a contagious Disease. It is mandatory to understand that children are born with this syndrome.It is a chromosomal abnormality and cannot be caught by others like any infection.There doesn’t exist any vaccine or medicine which can prevent the occurrence of this syndrome. This syndrome may be inherited by a child from its parents but mostly it is due to the chromosomal addition to the cell.
  • It is utmost important for a parent and others in society to understand the syndrome and to accept the child born with it. Children need love and affection to grow. They thrive on positive reinforcement and special children are no different. The only factor which changes the ball game is a parent’s confident approach to raise a special child. Easier said than done, unconditional love and living life in the given moment can pave a successful path ahead for the child.

In our next blog post, we will bring to you more about parenting special children and also share some first-hand success stories.