Fitness occupies at least 40% of our day. Here I also would like to mention my co-author Shrilekha Arun, who is a fitness enthusiast and an amateur runner. Out of 40%, 20% goes into planning the timings for our workouts and food. We are having different goals for fitness. She loves running, and I love lifting. We both workout at least five days a week.

We are excited to be a part of A2Z Challenge by BlogChatter. And the theme is 

“Barbell before breakfast” i.e Fitness.

In these 26 posts, we plan to elaborate on different exercises that a person can quickly do at home in a matter of 20 minutes with the basic setup of dumbells and a mat. There is no standard way of working out; it is about loving what you do, who knows you may find your love while seeing us working out or reading our posts.

A month is a long time in the life of bodybuilding enthusiast or a runner or a fitness enthusiast. A workout which is evenly spaced throughout the week would be immensely beneficial. We hope to create a difference in your lives by our small posts.

In case you have any specific preference or would like to know more about exercise and workouts let us know. We will surely get you the most authentic information on the planet 🙂

-The 5 AM Mommy