My Friends From Indian Mythology – Book Review

My Friends From Indian Mythology – Book Review

Mythology is my favorite subject. Mostly because of the environment that I grew in and are married to. From the central part of India to southern India, one thing remains the same which is the understanding of the mythological characters. Ramayana and Mahabharata was an essential element while growing up.

So, here I got this wonderful E-book written by Suhasini which is based on all the mythological characters that we know or may not know. Mythology for some is interesting and for others, it might sound boring. But Suhasini has kept every chapter crisp and short with some relevant images. Be it a well-known story of Bheema, where he feels it is easy to lift the tail of the Monkey ( Hanuman) or a story of Arjuna ( who is a devoted Sishya of his Guru), there is an ease with which Suhasini tells these tales. And this ease makes every story interesting for the reader.

The layout of the book is well thought and one can read it in an hour or so. I liked the font of the book and the letters are neatly spaced.

Aptly, Suhasini has put Golu (which has almost all gods) on the cover. In South India, during Navratri, Golu ( Nine steps adorned with various mythological characters and their stories) is celebrated. Before Navratri, we get idols of all characters and the stories behind them. When we visit other people’s Golu, we come to know about different stories which we have never heard of. I felt the same as I read Suhasini’s book. It is an amalgamation of stories woven with love. They aren’t just the stories but each of them has a moral behind it. The moral is explained in a very friendly manner and I am happy that the book does not sound preachy.


Suhasini’s book is just what we need for a weekend read or every night read for children and adults alike.

Loved the book and my rating for the book is 4.5/5

Thank you @Blogchatter for introducing me to Suhasini’s book.

This review is written as a part of The Blogchatter’s book review program. 

Know The Best From The Best In The Business – Creative Writing E-Course by The BlogChatter

Know The Best From The Best In The Business – Creative Writing E-Course by The BlogChatter

A new journey of a writer could not have been possible without some guidance from The BlogChatter. The creative writing program is what every writer needs to be sure of the creative process.

Creative writing is not a natural progression to blogging, but it can be so, if you bring in the right kind of people to guide you of the path they have already walked on.


What was the purpose of this creative writing program with The BlogChatter?

  • To help writers capitalize on their ideas of writing
  • To structure the book by developing interesting plots
  • To develop the characters

What was the process?

  • In today’s digitally advanced world we were blessed to have our creative writing mentors on IG live or FB live.
  • Anand Neelkantan, Chitra Divakarun, Dipankar Banerjee, Samarpita, Posham Pa,Kanchana Banerjee, Kiran Manral, Saumick Pal were the mentors and we were glad to ask them questions for strengthning our creative writing process.


Take away from The Creative Writing E-Course?

  • Creative writing is more about flow, one can not restrict it. We can condition most of it with the data available and research. Authenticity of creative material entirely depends on the data on which the author relies so, going ahead if there are any facts which need to be put in the book, research is necessary
  • Character development should happen in due course of time. One can not completely develop a character based on some ideas. The character has to live on in the mind of the author and the author has to bring it on paper.
  • The tone of the character can be defined with words. The best way to set the correct tone is to read the dialogues out. This was one of the best methods of setting up the tone of the character in the book.
  • If the book is based on Mythology then, it is necessary to back it up with necessary research also bringing in all the rasas from natyashastra would make it a complete package.
  • Self publishing and marketing are the toughest tasks that we have at hand as authors but those can be handled by smartly sharing on social media.
  • Sharing the excerpt, graphics on social media so that people get aware of the book is always welcome. One needs to check out whether the posts are getting repetitive.


These were our take aways from the Creative Writing E-Course. Hope to learn more.

Missed an important message from your Child’s school??

Missed an important message from your Child’s school??

Ramya is a diligent mother. She has two school going kids and she is a working woman too. The school usually communicates with her through emails and also through WhatsApp. But sometimes it so happens that in the day’s business, she misses many messages that float across the email and messenger service. Slowly she started getting written messages from the school administration asking for an explanation about not completing some well informed stipulated activities for the children. She was speechless and was in a deep shock of missing such a piece of valuable information from the school.
Ramya was a techie and missing the emails from school was something which she could not have imagined. She was very careful in checking messages that float every day.
But when she checked her email account, all the emails from the school had gone to the spam folder. With WhatsApp, it was a different story. Parents from the school group were interested in discussing the upcoming luncheon party than sharing this important information.

This can happen to any of us. In today’s fast paced life which is overloaded with unnecessary information, it would be great to have one source of information which is authentic and is delivered on time. ONNE has realized this and has brought you a simple and effective app for all your school communication-related issues.

ONNE is not a regular chatting app. It has its own management system in place so that you get the most updated information at one place at the right time. It reduces the chances of missing any of the messages.

Let us look at the features that ONNE offers:

Attendance Management
From a parent’s point of view, getting the attendance reports every month would certainly be a great thing. ONNE enables you to see the reports as they are posted on the apps.

Leave Application Form:
Online application form through an app is quite a revolution. Say bye bye to the clumsy paper notes and welcome ONNE – Leave application form.

Exam Schedules:
Sharing exam schedules on the app is one of the best features. You can track the exam dates effortlessly with this feature.

Having a timetable on your phone is so easy. You can fill in the books one day earlier just checking in the app.

One on one messaging:
Just because ONNE is not a regular chatting app, doesn’t mean it does not allow one to one messaging. It does allow and is a very efficient messenger.

With ONNE you can share photos, videos and important documents.

Sending invites:
Sending alerts and invites and receiving event RSVPs is easy with ONNE.

Daily reports:
One of the most important features for nurseries and small scale education institutions. Daily reports of your child help you to understand whether the child is getting used to the new environment of the school. These reports you can get on ONNE. One can also receive progress cards through ONNE app.

Fee Reminders and Collection:
Fee collection reminders are mostly lost in the ocean of emails and messages that we receive on an everyday basis. ONNE manages the fee reminders and you can also pay through the app.

What is in it for schools?

Sending updates is now easy, the school admins could actually save a lot of time which would otherwise be spent in writing every child’s diary. Printing paper and distributing the messages is not needed as everything is there on the app.
Sharing children’s progress, report cards and timetables would be super easy as it can all be done on the app. There is tremendous ease of use with the app. Admins can opt to send messages to an individual or the group of the class. The payment reminders can be sent to school and admins can easily track the incoming and missed payments for effective follow-ups.
The ONNE app is the blessing for school administrators as they can schedule posts, messages, and memos in case of any event. The app also enables the recipients to send the feedback as well as RSVP.

Do you know 73% of apps are deleted by users for reasons such as more loading time, non-functionality and various user experience issues? ONNE app can be customized as per your requirement. The details of the download are as follows

Never miss any message from your child’s school – ONNE is here

Note: blog post was sponsored by

a platform to connect parents to schools and much more.


Book Review – Silver Hair Sins

Book Review – Silver Hair Sins

It was my first time to review any book personally received from the Author, here, in this case, Saumick Pal. I was thrilled to read the book. Silver Hair Sins is the first ever Visual Fiction book released in India and I am grateful to have read it before many others.

Why did I like the book?

  • The book consists of 150 odd pages which is an easy read. Conveying the whole concept of AI as a religion in just 150 pages is no joke. Write has conveyed it very effectively without messing up with the language.
  • Language is easy and crystal clear which shows the merit of extra proofreading work that has gone in before publishing.
  • The writer takes the reader along with his thought process through his words and pictures.
  • Out of the box thinking in portraying the characters and the situation the characters are in.
  • Visual fiction works in favor of the author in Silver Hair Sins as it conveys the story in appealing pictures.

What Could have been added :

  • All pictures could have been in color. The gray color looks jarring and very monotonous.
  • The font could have been better. I am not sure which font could have been used but I felt it can be changed.

Overall I loved the book for its simple yet crisp narration and an out of the world plot.

My rating 4/5

Thank you Saumick for the read, I enjoyed it.


This review has been done as part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program


The “other” man-100 word short story

The “other” man-100 word short story


The “other” man

Hers was a love marriage. Radha married Rence after a long struggle with parents and society. They were living independently all by each other’s support. They had a baby and everything was just picture perfect. Until the storm hit her by when she found that her husband was bisexual. She didn’t want to hear about ‘the other man’ in her life but she knew clearly that other man meant life for her husband.
She was unable to tell anyone about this and parents were long left behind. She loved him and he loved her too. She was hurt deep down and frustrated. But she felt that at least he was being honest to her.
Days passed on and for the unconditional love she had for him, she accepted the tough fact about him. She hugged him and said,’ I love you and that is more important for me’. He also hugged her.
Tears rolled down her eyes when he took her close and gradually she started crying out her heart out to vent it out.
 She shouted loudly only to wake up and reach for the button to the lampshade. She gasped. She looked at him who was in deep sleep. The lamp lighted up his face. He was very much there. Calm cuddled with the blanket and yes with his All MANLY looks.
Meaningful Blog Posts – One Step At A Time

Meaningful Blog Posts – One Step At A Time

Getting more visitors on the blog should be the first aim of any blogger. The main aim of the blog is to reach to as many people as you can. And with social media that is absolutely possible. But creating blog posts applicable to all social media platform is still a trivial aspect of blogging. I am sure you would agree. So what are some things which needs to be thought about before conceptualising the blog post?

Identify your niche

Identify your niche and writing about it is the first step towards the successful blog. On Facebook, these type of posts in series garner more attention, as you are giving information about a specific topic.

Write Topics in Series

You can deduce a timeline. May be 8 posts or 10 posts of 500 words. This would help being relevant to the topic and people can find similar posts together.

Write helpful posts

Your posts should be insightful and should elaborate on something which people can try. In short create posts which are helpful to others.

Detailed and Data Centric Approach

It is easy to write something based on data. Posts which you write should be based on data and should be detailed. Doing research before writing a post would help multi folds.

Underline or Italicise important points

This is more of a formatting tip but goes a long way to enhance the reading experience. Underlining, quoting or Italicising will help your readers skim through the content when they are in hurry.

Write Content Outline if the post is too long

Having a content outline is a must if your content is too long. Your readers should be able to hop onto the content that they want to read.

For great content, it is highly necessary to keep it crisp and clear. Hope these tips will help you. In the next post, we should see about how detailed a post should be…

Simi and her window

Simi went home that day very disappointed. She was lost and came by this window by her table at home. The window which she loved the most. She stayed alone in a flat and she felt that she belonged to this little corner of her house. Not that it was aesthetic or something great but she felt a sense of warmth here.

The window offered so many things to her she thought to herself sipping on a cup of tea and started to count them.
” Morning sunlight which entered through this window and the sea breeze which soothed her in the evening.The crows who came crowing to her and the other friends like pigeons and squirrels. The sight of abundance with the tall coconut trees and the sense of gratitude which the mango tree left her filled up with. The discipline of the office goers and the enthusiasm of the children playing gully cricket.”

She loved watching the seasons change through the window. The spring, the gentle winters and the pitter-patter of the rains which was a sigh of relief after the summer. Simi exchanged glances with the full moon and starry nights. No moon days would leave her gloomy.

She had now made window friends and would signal to them if she caught sight of them.

Simi sensed how the passage of time. It was 5 years that she had worked hard for the organization, now, and it was the time to take a call. A call to quit the organization which meant life for her. She also weighed down the option to start something of her own.

This window had not only given her a perspective of the outside world but also the connection to her inner self.

Elephant who had a wish!

Elephant who had a wish!

Once upon a time, there was a huge elephant Lakshmi who lived in a temple.All her life, Lakshmi had been at the service of God,far away from where it belonged. Lakshmi took the processions of God around the city and stayed in the temple. She wished for a baby elephant and thought that once the baby was born she would send it to the wild so that he would have a different life.

Lakshmi was taken care by Bhumi and her family. Bhumi was yearning for a son from years. She wished for a son and also promised Lord that once a boy is born,she would offer him as a priest to the temple.

Years later ,Lakshmi and Bhumi ,each got a baby. Lakshmi offered her son to the temple and he renunciated his life to become a priest.The baby elephant,though, was caught in the clutches of the temple.
Lakshmi had closed her eyes for ever immediately after giving birth to the calf.

The Mysterious Cat

The Mysterious Cat

Simi continued that day at her office with a heavy heart. All her colleagues took turns to console her in her cabin. Some cheered her up. One of them said, “I am shocked that you didn’t get promoted,Simi”!

At 4 o’clock a huddle was called in to ask if anyone had a different opinion regarding appraisals. No-one raised their hands. Simi was in a different world and remembered the story of a cat which her niece Shriya had once made up. The cat which turned in to a dog when it was alone in the room with Shriya. But showed her catty self when surrounded by people.

Simi had ridiculously laughed at the story then, but today, she could relate to it.