Workouts are one of the best ways out for lockdown. It has been 19 days that I have been following a workout regime which is simply doable at home. We are currently using the 21dayworkoutathome hashtag. 19 days past, my body has adapted to changes and looks, fitter. I would say I used these 21 days at my full potential and worked out every single day. But for those who are up for a little challenge, there are so many workouts on the block which you can use to burn 1000 calories.

What are 1000 calories?

1000 calories are your two meals. If you are consuming 1500-1800 calories everyday based on your goal, 1000 calories would comprise your two meals. It is not always good to burn 1000 calories for a workout because it may exhaust the body, put the body in unnecessary stress. 1000 calorie workouts are good to challenge yourself in case you want to change your workout routine. It would also help you to test your max effort and ability to withstand the same.

What do I eat?

In terms of food, keep it simple and sober. Do not go for any fancy items as the resources in lockdown are super limited. Eat a balanced meal. I would suggest a good pre and post-workout meal for this 1000 calorie workout. Having pre-workout meal and post-workout meal is important to maximize the workout performance.

What online workouts are available?

Bob Harper:

The first and the foremost workout that I feel can burn 1000 calories is Bob Harper's workout

This is a complete workout that would surely burn 1000 calories at a stretch. It looks challenging with all those variations.

Fitness Blender:

The second in the game is Fitness Blender's 1000 calorie workout

It is a comprehensive workout that includes HIIT, Total Body Strength, Cardio Kickboxing, Pilates, and core strength along with warm-up and cool-down sessions.

Joanna Soh

Joanna Soh has a comprehensive 1000 calorie workout. It includes

1) Jumping Jacks 2) Squats 3) Skaters 4) Push-ups 5) Mountain Climbers 6) Plank Jacks 7) Hip Thrust 8) Crunches 9) Flutter Kicks 10) In & Out Squats

4 sets of the above exercises. Also, she says to slowly adapt to the pace of 4 sets from 1 set of exercises performed in a week. I found this is a very measured approach to workouts. Somebody doing only a 200 calorie workout can not climb to 1000 calories in a day.

If you really want to stretch your limit to 1000 calories, I would suggest you do Body combat workout with Les Mills on demand for 1 hour or body pump which is anywhere between 600 - 750 calories. If you want to add up, try, and do some cardio with RPM.

Here is some round-up for 1000 calorie workout when in lockdown. What are you planning to work on today?