Book Review – Ranjan and His Many Lives – by  Prakash Balasubramanian

Book Review – Ranjan and His Many Lives – by Prakash Balasubramanian

It has been a while that I lay my hands on something which matches my mindset. To tell the truth, I have been brought up in a very orthodox brahmin household where God was everything. We literally grew up thinking that HE is our family member. For me it was not very clear till recently, but my sister was and is a staunch devotee of lord Vishnu. I wasn’t the bhakta of a type, but I used to read a lot and interpret books related to mythology my way. Ranjan and His Many Lives was a sort of an eye opener.

Ranjan and his many lives brought back my childhood and in a way adulthood too. Ranjan’s contemplation with god (or his own self) are something we go through everyday at every point in life. His understanding of Bharathi’s songs and mythological stories (especially Mahabharata and thus Geeta) is impeccable. Understanding is not enough sometimes; it is also important to pen it down for others to know. When they say Geeta, Bible or Quran, people step back and think before they could decode it. Prakash Balasubramanian has done his best while decoding many stories and instances in Mahabharata. His perception about different stories gives you a better outlook of the contemporary world.

Ranjan’s Contemplation and the ability to relate it to different situations in Mahabharata and other stories in Indian Mythology is a unique way to connect the ethos of ancient society to the modern world. As we go back with him, we also see that those values are still applicable at every step of our lives.
A well to do family and a poor but upcoming family is neatly portrayed by the author. Being in Chennai from the last 10 years I could see all the scenes as they were narrated in front of my eyes. Amma and Appa, Tara, her kids, Lekha, Kanagamma all of them are effortlessly portrayed.
I lost my Mom to cancer, so despite the will to live, I am not sure what happened to Ranjan. The author has wisely left the end of the story to be interpreted by the reader.
A very nice and easy read with italics for Ranjan’s Conversations.

I give the book 4/5.

You can get the book here.

Ranjan and His Many Lives

My Friends From Indian Mythology – Book Review

My Friends From Indian Mythology – Book Review

Mythology is my favorite subject. Mostly because of the environment that I grew in and are married to. From the central part of India to southern India, one thing remains the same which is the understanding of the mythological characters. Ramayana and Mahabharata was an essential element while growing up.

So, here I got this wonderful E-book written by Suhasini which is based on all the mythological characters that we know or may not know. Mythology for some is interesting and for others, it might sound boring. But Suhasini has kept every chapter crisp and short with some relevant images. Be it a well-known story of Bheema, where he feels it is easy to lift the tail of the Monkey ( Hanuman) or a story of Arjuna ( who is a devoted Sishya of his Guru), there is an ease with which Suhasini tells these tales. And this ease makes every story interesting for the reader.

The layout of the book is well thought and one can read it in an hour or so. I liked the font of the book and the letters are neatly spaced.

Aptly, Suhasini has put Golu (which has almost all gods) on the cover. In South India, during Navratri, Golu ( Nine steps adorned with various mythological characters and their stories) is celebrated. Before Navratri, we get idols of all characters and the stories behind them. When we visit other people’s Golu, we come to know about different stories which we have never heard of. I felt the same as I read Suhasini’s book. It is an amalgamation of stories woven with love. They aren’t just the stories but each of them has a moral behind it. The moral is explained in a very friendly manner and I am happy that the book does not sound preachy.


Suhasini’s book is just what we need for a weekend read or every night read for children and adults alike.

Loved the book and my rating for the book is 4.5/5

Thank you @Blogchatter for introducing me to Suhasini’s book.

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