Weightloss For Beginners

Weightloss For Beginners

We at The 5 AM Mommy have been running a theme of weight loss. There have been many theories about how we gain weight and what are the ways to reduce the same. But the real thing is every body’s weight loss journey is unique. It starts only when someone wants to come out of their comfort zone, do something for themselves. None of the diet or food habits are “ One Size Fits All”. But there are many guidelines which you can look at before embarking on this journey. We are already in the second month of the year and we still have 10 months to make a difference.


What is weight loss?

Weight loss is a simple calculation which happens inside the body. The formula is

Calories in – Calories out = Negative Calories

For example, if you are eating 1600 calories a day and expending 2000 calories then you care creating a deficit of 400 calories which is good for weight loss. The answer to Calories in – Calories out should be in negative calories for weight loss.

What is a healthy weight?

Well, here attaching an ideal weight chart as per the height. It also has Body Mass Index which has the following formula

BMI =  (Weight/ Height2)

Your Body Mass Index brings you in the category of Healthy/ Overweight/ Obese. This is one specific measure where you can understand what your body requires, whether it needs to lose the weight, or it needs maintenance. Body weight maintenance has the following formula

Calories in – Calories out = 0

If you eat as much as you expend, you will maintain your body weight.

What maintenance and workouts does to the body?

I was a chubby child after 3-4 months of birth as everybody recalls. Born into an orthodox brahmin family, my comfort was food. All ladies in my home were great cooks. As I grew up, I kept dropping some kilos and then putting on when life was easy. I am a fussy eater and do not like to eat many vegetables per se. I was also reluctant to workouts but around 2008 I started training myself seriously into the gym. Since, then as the body changes happened according to age, I have been putting on and then shedding weight at regular intervals. Around 2017 when I was bitten by the bug of developing some muscles, I worked out and ate equally, which incidentally put on 20 kgs. I was regular in my work outs and was eating at the maintenance threshold.

What calorie deficit does to the body?

As the muscles started developing, I was looking all big without losing the fat which was already there. I still could pull off a grueling 60 min HIIT session with ease, that was the plus point, I knew my endurance is great and so is the stamina. But, unless I lower my BMI, my efforts were not showing up. Slowly, I started eating in the calorie deficit window to shed some weight and now, to this date I have lost around 15 kgs of weight. It just takes that one feeling of not enough. One feeling of “this is not done” and you are off to a great trajectory.

What helped the weight loss?

As I always say, there is no substitute for work  out and breaking a sweat. 30 mins a day is the mantra, no matter what. Also, though it sounds cliché but ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN, no matter how many crunches you do, if you eat unhealthy, it would show up.

  • Increased intensity and lowering the pace of the workouts helped immensely for weight loss
  • Switching from simple carbs to complex carbs was a game changer
  • Refraining from refined sugar also helped.
  • Going gluten free also reduces inflammation and gives boost to weight loss
  • Reducing dairy was a major breakthrough too.

Little more information on Complex Carbs in the next post 😊


Advaita-YOU are me, I am YOU!


Anklets worn for kathak

Advaita got up to a fresh filter cappi. She knew that this brew will make her sail throughout the day. After all, Saturdays weren’t easy for her. A small conflict with maid servant, a not-so-great report card in Parents- teachers meet, a not so fruitful client meet in her office had already made her heart sunk throughout the day.  She looked at her fitness gear for time. Those hardly any 2000 steps further added to the disappointment. She realized she hasn’t had her lunch due to the chaotic day. And had no further time to eat. She looked in the side mirror,parked the car off and went for her dance practice scheduled at 5.00 p.m. A quick call to her home for knowing the how about. She parked the car and stepped in the Sabha by doing Namaskarams/prostating to the floor. She tied the ghunghroo and there started the Taal. Once she entered the trance, she was no mother no MD no wife but “Advaita” her own self,oblivious to the heavy peak traffic moving outside the sabha and  inside her own chaotic mind.Being Advaita, wasn’t that difficult, she exclaimed!
Want Natural Childbirth?How to say “No-epidural”!

Want Natural Childbirth?How to say “No-epidural”!

My childbirth story:

As I sit here and wait for her to come from the school gate, I remember my child birth story and how did I say “No-epidural”. I can’t believe this school going girl now was once a tiny  2.9 kg beautiful looking new born.I had terrible morning sickness all through my first trimester. I got my appointments with #Seethapathy Clinic ,Chennai and my Obstetrician was none other than Mrs Uma Ram. I went through all the check ups and everything was just fine.Thanks God!

Ante-Natal classes and my health regime:

Well, I took the 3 ante-natal classes which were conducted by #Rekha Sudarsan. Little Anusuya inside had taken classes more seriously than me. I have always been working out,from my twenties. And when I was pregnant, I was even more cautious. I ate what I craved for but of course in moderation. And I was determined to deliver a baby normally.Every mother wants a normal birth,right? Long walks, Long dog walks(with extreme pulls by my dog(pup then) formed a norm. Climbing stairs to home was a routine as we don’t have a lift/elevator to it.

I joined ante- natal classes and I was taught exercises which I incorporated as  my routine. Kegels,lunges,squats,yoga(prenatal )and many more. I thought the moment I sit comfortably I wouldn’t be able to hit the goal .To my surprise not many encouraged me. Some people also told me that odds for normal delivery are more as I am a short person. But I didn’t give up. It was final trimester and I was already nesting it up.

The Alarms,Contractions and the fight with Epidural:

Series of false alarms followed a week before my due date. I got admitted to hospital one or two times eagerly waiting for some good news only to return without the baby to my dismay. Every time amma would give me ample vibhuti/sacred ashes to be applied on forehead before going to the hospital.

God couldn’t be present everywhere and so they sent mothers and mothers-in-law.

On one such Friday evening I got hell of contractions. I downloaded an app to quantify the same. Numerous trips to bathroom. A sudden irritability. Vomits and more.  I thought this is also a false alarm. Without panicking my husband drove me to hospital along with my sister. Doctor checked and confirmed that I was in the process of delivering a baby. But they said the contractions were mild and they would expedite the process when I get strong contractions. I felt like hitting the face of the doctor who came to check me every single hour.Well, I was dying of pain. Of huge inexplicable pain. I resorted to all the tips shared by Rekha Sudarsan at her prenatal classes. Every time a contraction came I would breathe in and breathe out, diligently.

Visitors came and couldn’t help me but just empathize with my pain. My sister was with me all through. She held my hands and told me to breathe in,in case I forgot to succumbing to pain. It was 11.30 pm that night. We lay down with lights off and hands held together. Me and my sister. As the night set its mood, baby tricked me more. Suddenly my water broke the moment we slipped in some silence and were passing each contraction.

Lady doctor came in for examination. ‘She is dilated….but a long way to go!’ she exclaimed.
What!? I am dying here, don’t you have heart? Do something. Move things fast I told.

And thereon every contraction was a humongous mountain to pass. Amidst everything, my co-blogger Snehal took to every thing which would meant to make us both calmer. I knew if I panic now, the battle would be lost. I also resorted to japam…repeating a mantra for several times. And one  Lord Rama shloka was getting reverberating my mind.

The next 3 hours from  the time I got dilated.

  1. A lady doctor came with a proposal of getting epidural. I knew what it was and I was of the opinion, that I would bear the pain until I could. I rejected the proposal. Thanks to my ante-natal classes and labor classes.Everything was happening as I had pictured during the class.
  2. In the next hour another stronger proposal came knocking my pain. Making me little softer for the epidural injection. But I have worked for sales of a reputed bank. I knew the power of second try.I didn’t budge and refused politely.Next hour saw more dilation and more contractions.We were worried as what to do now! 
  3. “Knock knock” said epidural. This time I vented out my entire pain and blasted at the lady doctor. In a stern voice I told her not to insist on it, else she may have to bear the severe complain.

Within next 15 min I was shifted to the main room and I was put on the table. It meant I won’t be with Snehal. Snehal thought as it was excruciating pain, I may opt for C-Section. But I was only strongly experiencing pain,mindfully. I breathed whoosh when I saw my husband Arun walk into the labor room. It was a rule of Seethapathy Clinic to let husband be with the mother delivering the baby.

It was the time  to push the baby and to breathe out instead of shouting. I tried my level best. All the literature I had read prepared me to visualize what could happen and how to battle it out.My husband was standing behind me and helped me push the baby. Until we heard,’Beautiful baby girl for you, congratulations!’They showed me the baby and took her inside. my husband kissed me.

People take advantage of your problems. Pray God. Seek blessings. Prayers and meditation bring in the internal strength.Stand strong when you can. Ask for support. Read more. Understand more. I wouldn’t know what is delivering a baby until I attended ante-natal classes and the labor classes. Exercise. Bond with your partner or your mother, sister. Speak to your doctor frankly. I had also registered myself on online community of mothers, called www.babycentre.in. After all, I had no mom to tell me what can I expect at my delivery.Hope you have a smooth sail too. Every birth story is different and every mom is different. I believe you must have a great story too. Share with us the same and if you are a new-would be mom then share with us later.

Stories help healing. Happy parenting till next post!

Review of the famous web series -This is Us

Review of the famous web series -This is Us

Why should I watch “This is Us”?

Rebecca and Jack, a couple is going to deliver triplets. Yes! I know I have included the father and why not! As he is the one who wants the kids more than anything in life. The story is all about their life, and their kids Kevin,Kate and Randall. Oh No! It is another boring show. We have seen many family serials. Well, hold on! The web series has a lot more to it than what could be expressed and could be said in words. The truth with which the sensitive characters speak their heart out in such a touching way just takes us on an emotional ride. We, as audience tend to reflect on various relationships the characters have with themselves and with others.The family is the focus of all its members. Name it all , the writer has well trapped all the strong values in one drama. 


Every episode has a distinct parenthood story with a strong message which is interwoven with the beautiful characters played by such powerful actors. The story moves every point of time. It transits us smoothly to the previous years/ flashback and brings you back to the present without even a single jerk. A thick weave of relationships is what I look for daily in “This is Us”. With “no-time-4-everything” generation, this is a web series which grabs our attention and we are glued to something which isn’t “using the f*** word any often”. I would also call it a no-nonsense drama. 


I like it when each of the character goes through multiple emotions at various times. The writer has excelled at bringing out the struggles which each of the characters undergo within themselves. You will cry with the characters, be embarrassed with them, be guilty when they do and also celebrate when “this is US” celebrates. We learn the art of building each other up and standing up for the family we live in with the Superbowl lovers. Amidst a number of web series which thrive mainly on sexuality, and the cuss words, here it is a family drama which has already moved mountains with emotions.


The music which takes the story back and forward with classics like “Catch a boat to England Baby”, and “Time after Time” is amazing. 

What is in the family?

So as I was saying Kevin is the eldest of the triplets. Kevin is a handsome successful actor of a small series called “The Manny”. He encounters a struggle for his own integrity and has to put his foot down off the well-acclaimed show. His journey then starts to find out his purpose and he kind of gradually evolves as a Man. 

Kevin is close to Kate. She is this big fat lady who has this huge never ending battle with Bulge that involves many physical and psychological issues. Her boy friend Toby another fat guy on the show , who loves her very much , tries to ease her angst and pain with his humor. He succeeds at many such moments and of course fails at other times.

Randall is the adopted son of the couple.He is the most successful, no vice, all perfect husband, son,dad and brother of the entire family. Born to black family and raised by whites, this guy has seen an entirely different life and struggles. 

Go watch it now!

The show is about how the children remember their own parents while living their own lives. Even if they are practically gone.

We can relate with the show. There is life to every moment of the poignant writing.Everyone’s life has frequent but subtle twists . This is what makes it even more desirable to watch. Trivial confrontations and meaningful conversations are the strongholds of the drama. “This is Us” is etched in my memory and has made a mark in my heart. Kudos team “This Is Us”.

About The5ammommy & Prolyfis Consulting works

About The5ammommy & Prolyfis Consulting works

Hello Everyone! 

#Day15 of the challenge and I feel we have bonded well. More than the names of the fellow bloggers at this challenge,I know you all with the work you do, with the blogs you write and with the thoughts you live by. I am glad at the exchange of ideas and the quality of work that is put in by each on Ultimate Blog challenge. I do miss my other blogger friends. Well, I think now that you all must have known about www.the5ammommy.com. If not, let me take you to a quick introduction of the mommies that we are and what we do! 

Snehal Sham, is my co-blogger. An entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast and a mom to an 8 years old. She is a trained Indian Classical dancer and a trained Hindustani singer. She is also founder and director of a five year old startup turned grown up Prolyfis consulting works Pvt Ltd. 

My name is Shrilekha and I am a mother to a 2.5 years old toddler and a furry tail. I run Marathons when not running errands at home and I am also a family member of Prolyfis.

About Prolyfis:-

Content Writing, Website designing & Digital Marketing Solutions

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Four major cities, 124 clients & various industries :

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Our Story book Publication:

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Looking out eagerly for Win-Win Collaborations. The journey with Prolyfis is challenging and exciting at the same time. The best part of our job is to help people get brand identity and make them reach our customers to the larger audience at a click of a button. The best take away from the job is self-satisfaction and the trust with which customers hand over the marketing to us.

Moon, Sand & Play

Moon, Sand & Play

We two had a special evening!
and a fun-filled  day…..
The moon in its full bloom!
In the nearby park
Sand and engaging play
Slides and Swings
With sea and saw
Life is a game
With many ups downs
the park teaches it all
Let them run in open
Barefoot if you may
To feel the texture of the ground
And to let them breathe in the open air
She meets new people
She meets new pets
She knows how to play in a park
Get social & carry herself well
We two had a special evening!
and a fun-filled day…..
The moon in its full bloom!
In the nearby park
Sand and engaging play