Must Try Belly Blasting Workouts


Belly Blasting workouts are the way to go for mothers who want to tone down their belly bulge.

Bulging belly is the cause of concern for many mothers. Post pregnancy and delivery, it is difficult to bring back the toned abs like the pre-delivery times. There are many reasons for bulging belly, the most important reason can be diastasis recti in which large abdominal muscles separate. It can be treated with some exercises. Apart from Diastasis recti, there can be weight gain, increase in fat percentage and loose muscles around the belly which are tough to tone.

Bulging belly is the cause of concern for many mothers. Post pregnancy and delivery, it is difficult to bring back the toned abs like the pre-delivery times. There are many reasons for bulging belly, the most important reason can be diastasis recti in which large abdominal muscles separate. It can be treated with some exercises. Apart from Diastasis recti, there can be weight gain, increase in fat percentage and loose muscles around the belly which are tough to tone.

Here are some ultimate belly blasting workout videos and links that you can try. Let us know your experience of the same.

Six Week Six Pack:

My absolute favourite is Jillian Michaels as I have mentioned in most of the blog posts. Her Six Week Six Pack program is the answer to all bulging bellies across the world. I personally have experienced her program and got results. I find this is the most comprehensive program for ab work.

Where to find it? You can get her app Jillian Michaels on Android and iOS.

Belly Blasting Power Walk

If you are not into hard core workouts, no worries, you can walk your way into fabulous abs with Leslie Sansone. Leslie Sansone has Belly Blasting Walk for 2 miles. Walk and get that belly blasted.

Floor Session For Abs

Leslie also has Floor Session for ABS! Check It out here.

Belly Bloat Blaster Workouts

Sometimes, belly is just bloated but we feel that it is too big for comfort. Hormones play a vital role too. If you are PMSng, belly bulge happens, it is natural. In my list of good workouts which give results, there are Cassey Ho’s Blogilates. Here is her Belly Bloat Blaster Workout.

The Eight Minutes At Home Abs Workout

Bowflex has this wonderful 8 Mins ab trainer which you can give a try when you do not have time. It is an amazing ab workout.

10 Minutes Standing Ab Workout – Heather Robertson.

If you are thinking that Ab workouts are essentially floor workouts? Heather Robertson has Standing Ab Workouts. Check here.

Flaunting abs is more than what we think. It is about the efforts that go in the gym/home and in the kitchen. It is important to stay consistent in your workouts and start eating clean for those washboard abs.

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Clean Eating Hacks You Don’t Know


Clean eating is a science of living and more specifically eating which leads to a healthy physical, mental,emotional, psychological and ecological well being.It is very rightly said that “ We are, what we eat”!Human mind succumbs to pressure. There are various kinds of human beings. Some eat more when they are stressed and some keep away from food when they are depressed or anxious. Clean eating is a way of mindful eating where we know what can be consumed, how much can be consumed, when can it be consumed and why should we eat so. It is an easy method to prevent many food related diseases, obesity, heart related diseases and much more.

clean eating

Clean Eating Principles

The basic principles of clean eating are as follows. Following most of them with 100 percent dedication can work wonders in your health related journey.

  1. Real foods. What? I thought food can never be imaginary! Yes, real food meaning whole foods like cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, milk and not taking comfort in opening a pack of readily available chips. This can be achieved through a perfect meal-planner sheet.Avoid processed and refined foods.
  2. Well balanced diet against crash dieting : The importance of which can’t be emphasized more. A nutritious diet can take you places in the long run. Remember it is a marathon and not a sprint.
  3. Check up for your sugar intake: Sugar only adds to the empty calories. It has no great nutritional profile. Keep away from this temptation.Watch out for labels when it comes to cold drinks, and the alcoholic beverages.
  4. Drinking enough water: It is very natural to avoid water especially when seated in chilled Air conditioned room or at the comfort couch. But keep a reminder to drink a glass of water before you pick up a snack or any food to eat.
  5. Portion control: This ability to portion your food comes with the practice of mindful eating.

Remember Clean eating is not only about food but your thoughts,feelings and emotions. Happy clean eating, then!
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How To Have Sustainable Workout Routine For WeightLoss


Fitness freak that adhere to the rule of sustainable workouts have increased chances of successful results. We all have workout plans. Workout freaks always wish to stick to the workout plans. But what stops us from achieving success? It is very important to understand “Why does one fail to workout daily, twice a week, or as planned by him/her?

If your workout is boring or too much for your body to withhold, chances are that your body will refuse to pick up the same activity again. Please note that while deciding on a sustainable workout routine it is equally important to understand your likes and dislikes. It is also seen that results are better when a person sticks to a physical activity which he likes. The results are even better when he trysts with the activity he loves.

Sustainable Workout

Tips for Sustainable Workout Routine:

Few steps to understand what workout routine suits you the best are as follows:

  1. Understand yourself and your daily routine well and then take up and activity.
    • For e.g.:- Alex has a sedentary job for 12 hours. It would be advisable for him to take up walking as a workout activity and add few anaerobic exercises to that.
    • If your job is to keep on toes for most of the day, you may want some deep breathing exercises, some fun Zumba or some more of stretches.
  2. Turn on your favorite music channels or TV serials while you are doing some treadmill or repetitive exercises. Workout is indeed a mind game.
  3. What interest you the most? Are you a walk person or you love the endorphins when you are at HIIT?
  4. Start gradually. Don’t fire up the very first day, even if you feel like. That one set can be saved for the next day.
  5. Re-evaluate your workout routine frequently.

Remember, don’t always side by motivation. Sometimes you will be motivated and at other times you may not. Befriend discipline. It helps in the long run. Have a sustainable workout ahead!

Quick Workouts Available:

Here are some of the workouts which you can try at home:

10 mins workout for weight-loss


Must Eat Foods To Boost Immunity

Consuming immunity boosting food is the need of the day.

Hope you are doing good. As we take a look at the numbers of patients with COVID19, it feels that we should protect ourselves by staying at home and also eating food which is immunity boosting.

What is immunity?

Immunity is nothing but an ability of an organism to resist a particular infection. Boosted immunity can help in protecting anybody from the infections. As of now, we all are battling the spread of COVID19. The lockdown has also posed some restrictions on the food that we have. So, here is a simple list of foods which you can try while in lockdown.

Immunity Boosting

  • Citrus Fruits
    • Known for increasing the production of White Blood Cells, Citrus fruits are available widely across the market. They are native to some countries and some places. You can stock them for a couple of weeks.
      • Orange
      • Lemon
      • Lime
      • Grapefruit
  • Red Bell Peppers
    • Keep up your dose of Vitamin C along with Beta Carotene, by including Red bell peppers in your diet. Apart from boosting immunity, it keeps the skin and eyes healthy.
  • Broccoli
    • Loaded with many vitamins and minerals, broccoli has vitamins C, Vitamin A and E. It is rich with Antioxidants and fiber. But it is important not to overcook broccoli.
  • Garlic
    • Used in many food preparations across the world, Garlic is known for its immunity boosting properties. Some sulfur containing compounds bring all the goodness to Garlic in terms of immunity.
  • Ginger
    • A sure shot medicine for sore throat, ginger is known for its anti inflammatory property. It also helps to lower the chronic pain and reduces cholesterol.

So far, we have been able to stay indoors to prevent the spread of infection. Usage of the above immunity boosting food is harmless. It in fact, has innumerable benefits. Are you going to try these 5 foods to boost your immunity?

Google Classroom – New Age Learning in Lockdown

21 days lockdown? Now how are you studying? You are in 10 th standard,board exams? No school?
Abinaya with her headset on :Chitti, We use Google classroom.

Me: Wow! That is cool! How is it going? New for me, please tell me more about it!

Abinaya: We log in via our school gmail IDs.
Me: Go ahead, I am listening. I am already awed by the technology and how we are putting it for use.

Abinaya: And we have too make sure were ready our web cams and head phones and books. We can see our teachers and they can see us.

Me: Really? It sounds interesting.

Abi: Yes, chitti!It’s just like a normal school day we have our lunch and short breaks.Like school they do screen sharing and teach us via presentations etc.

Me: And what if I have a doubt?
Abi: chitti, nothing to worry, questionnaire, doubt clearing are all done very effectively
It is very productive infact more productive than school. It is a zero disturbance learning.

Abi:We get work sheets and study materials and tests also conducted via Google classroom. It is indeed very nice.

Me: Awed by the confidence of this little girl of our life I ask her if any troubles, tech glitches or other difficulties she faces in Google classroom.

Abi:Well, technical difficulties are rare but they do happen! One more thing chitti, Teachers teach from their homes. Isn’t it amazing.

After listening to this, I am happy that we are headed confidently to a wonderland. Man is giving a stupendous fight to the calamity. I respect it and admire the new generation for quick adaptability.

How I Stocked My Pantry for Emergency

Well, Corona Virus is here and we are all home bound. There is a scare all over the world and we can not do much about it other than just being. Hope this all subsides soon.But as we deal with this pandemic, are our kitchens ready to provide us what we need the most? Food and Nutrition? In Chennai, this is the second time in the last 10 years that we are facing such situation. 2017 floods also bring back some scary memories. What did we do then? We did keep a stock of many important items which lasted for a week.

All schools have been closed for 15 days, so this time is surely going to last for couple of weeks. I have been instrumental in informing people to work out no matter what. It relieves any additional stress that may occur as a result of being constantly under a threat or a scare. There are many free, without equipment workouts which every one of us can try. Also, for people who have been working out and eating for weight loss, it is important not to leave the guard under stress. Because, it is very easy to succumb to the situation and embrace the junk food lifestyle. For being fit and healthy, all you need is to plan a bit ahead of the emergency situation. Here is how to stock your pantry.

Stocked up

  • Non Perishable Items
    • It is important to stock non perishables items like Rice, Wheat ( Wheat Flour), Legumes and Pulses.
    • Sugar ( Palm Jagger, Country Sugar), Salt ( Rock Salt, Pink Salt, Himalayan Salt)
    • Tea/ Coffee and other health drinks
    • MILK POWDER ( Just because you do not know how many days it is going to last)
  • Perishables
    • Vegetables and Fruits
  • Frozen Food
    • It is better to stock up some berries and frozen fruits. In times of distress frozen fruits would come handy.
  • Medical Supplies
    • Paracetamol
    • On the counter cough syrups
    • Pain Balms
    • Sanitary Pads
  • Sanitizing and Cleaning Materials
    • Toilet Cleaners
    • Sanitizers
    • Kitchen cleaners/ Dishwashing liquids

While stocking up it is extremely important to NOT TO HOARD. Just get your essential supplies. Do not sabotage your weight loss effort. At the same time, it is important to act responsibly. Responsibility Towards Your Efforts/ Responsibility towards society and fellow humans.