Missed an important message from your Child’s school??

Missed an important message from your Child’s school??

Ramya is a diligent mother. She has two school going kids and she is a working woman too. The school usually communicates with her through emails and also through WhatsApp. But sometimes it so happens that in the day’s business, she misses many messages that float across the email and messenger service. Slowly she started getting written messages from the school administration asking for an explanation about not completing some well informed stipulated activities for the children. She was speechless and was in a deep shock of missing such a piece of valuable information from the school.
Ramya was a techie and missing the emails from school was something which she could not have imagined. She was very careful in checking messages that float every day.
But when she checked her email account, all the emails from the school had gone to the spam folder. With WhatsApp, it was a different story. Parents from the school group were interested in discussing the upcoming luncheon party than sharing this important information.

This can happen to any of us. In today’s fast paced life which is overloaded with unnecessary information, it would be great to have one source of information which is authentic and is delivered on time. ONNE has realized this and has brought you a simple and effective app for all your school communication-related issues.

ONNE is not a regular chatting app. It has its own management system in place so that you get the most updated information at one place at the right time. It reduces the chances of missing any of the messages.

Let us look at the features that ONNE offers:

Attendance Management
From a parent’s point of view, getting the attendance reports every month would certainly be a great thing. ONNE enables you to see the reports as they are posted on the apps.

Leave Application Form:
Online application form through an app is quite a revolution. Say bye bye to the clumsy paper notes and welcome ONNE – Leave application form.

Exam Schedules:
Sharing exam schedules on the app is one of the best features. You can track the exam dates effortlessly with this feature.

Having a timetable on your phone is so easy. You can fill in the books one day earlier just checking in the app.

One on one messaging:
Just because ONNE is not a regular chatting app, doesn’t mean it does not allow one to one messaging. It does allow and is a very efficient messenger.

With ONNE you can share photos, videos and important documents.

Sending invites:
Sending alerts and invites and receiving event RSVPs is easy with ONNE.

Daily reports:
One of the most important features for nurseries and small scale education institutions. Daily reports of your child help you to understand whether the child is getting used to the new environment of the school. These reports you can get on ONNE. One can also receive progress cards through ONNE app.

Fee Reminders and Collection:
Fee collection reminders are mostly lost in the ocean of emails and messages that we receive on an everyday basis. ONNE manages the fee reminders and you can also pay through the app.

What is in it for schools?

Sending updates is now easy, the school admins could actually save a lot of time which would otherwise be spent in writing every child’s diary. Printing paper and distributing the messages is not needed as everything is there on the app.
Sharing children’s progress, report cards and timetables would be super easy as it can all be done on the app. There is tremendous ease of use with the app. Admins can opt to send messages to an individual or the group of the class. The payment reminders can be sent to school and admins can easily track the incoming and missed payments for effective follow-ups.
The ONNE app is the blessing for school administrators as they can schedule posts, messages, and memos in case of any event. The app also enables the recipients to send the feedback as well as RSVP.

Do you know 73% of apps are deleted by users for reasons such as more loading time, non-functionality and various user experience issues? ONNE app can be customized as per your requirement. The details of the download are as follows


Never miss any message from your child’s school – ONNE is here

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a platform to connect parents to schools and much more.


Elephant who had a wish!

Elephant who had a wish!

Once upon a time, there was a huge elephant Lakshmi who lived in a temple.All her life, Lakshmi had been at the service of God,far away from where it belonged. Lakshmi took the processions of God around the city and stayed in the temple. She wished for a baby elephant and thought that once the baby was born she would send it to the wild so that he would have a different life.

Lakshmi was taken care by Bhumi and her family. Bhumi was yearning for a son from years. She wished for a son and also promised Lord that once a boy is born,she would offer him as a priest to the temple.

Years later ,Lakshmi and Bhumi ,each got a baby. Lakshmi offered her son to the temple and he renunciated his life to become a priest.The baby elephant,though, was caught in the clutches of the temple.
Lakshmi had closed her eyes for ever immediately after giving birth to the calf.

A Spoonful Of Sugar & Little More

A Spoonful Of Sugar & Little More

There were whispers in all corners of the office, today. Everyone had some idea of what would unfold for them. Simi was a smart, workaholic person who had high self-esteem. She dedicatedly finished her printing work and headed towards the meeting hall where the appraisals were going to be out.

The names of the promoted employees were called out. But Simi was nowhere in the list. Tears rolled down her eyes as she was extremely hopeful of the reward for the extraordinary work she had cloaked in. While she was sobbing in the restroom she heard a lady say,

” Work less, darling, but don’t forget to keep him sweet”!


Book Review – The Forest Of Enchantments

Book Review – The Forest Of Enchantments

Kandarpa Aganeeta Ameeta Chabi

Nava Neela Neeraja Sundaram

Patapeeta Maanahum Tarita Ruchi-Suchi

Navmi Janaka Sutaavaram

Shree Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhaju Mana

Harana Bhavabhaya Daarunam



I was humming this Bhajan from the last couple of weeks, we have been practicing it in our Kathak Class and the words somehow weren’t leaving me alone..as much as I heard them they were digging deep and sitting in a different deeper place in my heart which I wasn’t ready to unravel. That place in my heart was kept untouched for a couple of decades and I was totally into the whirlwind of the worldly charms which had already engulfed me consciously and unconsciously.

I bought “The Forest Of Enchantments” by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni on a whim and could find that the way Saint Tulasidas has described Lord Ram in his Bhajan is what Sita and everybody who loves Ram would be feeling about him. Since childhood, I was not very fond of Sita. I never thought that she was weak to protest but somehow I could not relate to her.

There have been many books on Sita. But I could not get myself to read them because I always felt that Sita endured too much for her being. Her story was always heartbreaking and I never wanted to touch that part of my heart.

It is usually said that what you sing or what you do from the bottom of your heart shows you the way further. All that hemming and doing classical moves on the tune of “Shri Rama Chandra Kripalu Bhajaman” had brought me to read a bit about Ram and more about Sita through this book “The Forest Of Enchantments”  


Why you should read the book?




Valmiki Ramayan, Ramacharitmanas, Kamba Ramayan and all the contemporary Ramayan and Sitayans have been told in different ways focussing on the different aspect of the epic and never any of these storytellers have looked at Sita from a perspective I was looking for. This book is amazingly relevant to today’s times.



The author is a great storyteller which is apparent as the scenes and the settings are quite vivid.

The author has introduced Sita’s internal beauty and not much is said about Sita’s appearance as such. I felt it as a welcome change. It is very smart to portray Sita purely based on her thoughts and her natural being.



When it comes to managing and handling relationships, the author has succeeded in giving all the girls a new idol to look up to.

Relationships of a new, coy bride and her way of settling in the Palace of Her Beloved have been interestingly portrayed. As a new bride when you are just understanding the ways of new life and you have nobody to look out for, Sita and her story of settling at her in-laws’ place is something to learn from.

Treta Yug or Kaliyug, Sita’s story emphasizes the fact that when it comes to relationships not much has changed.


Approach to situations

This is the most important part of the book. Sita is very objective in her approach to life. She does not go by the book like her husband but follows her heart in every situation. There the author truly won over me.

She is a thinker who thinks rationally about every situation that she faces and is not afraid to be forgiving or to be sorry if she has taken any wrong move.


A great insight on confrontations and negotiation

Not a fan of Confrontations, Sita is a great negotiator. She does not speak her mind but acts as per her mind and makes others do so when the time demands.  Sita does not regret but owns her mistakes on her sleeves and marches ahead with dignity. The author has bowled me over by showing me what I could not see ever in Sita.  


What I longed for in the book?

The portrayal of women of strength throughout Sita’s life was great but I would have loved to know more about each of them.

Her relationship with her father could also have been portrayed in detail.

The bond which she shared with Lakshman could have been detailed a bit too.


What I truly loved and I am happy about?

That Sita spent most of her life with Ram. She had an amazing married life which I was very happy to read.


How much Time did it take to read?

365 pages in total, it took 8 hours for me to read. I am a very slow reader and like to live every moment and every scene portrayed in the book.

The book was so enticing that I could not put it down and I think the whole credit goes to the author for making it such a fantastic read. Easy and flowing words made it more interesting.


Tips for slow readers like me.

Go with the flow, not all the books can be read fast as per my experience, especially the books like these which have many hidden messages and meanings

If you want to complete it soon, just read it like a glance, no need to go deep and understand every bit. But I am sure you would have to revisit it again.

Keep reading 2-3 pages when you get time. You might amp up the speed in some time.

Judging the book on the scale of 5

Book Cover: 4/5

Storytelling: 4.5/5

Book Length :4/5

I am glad Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, the author of “The Forests Of Enchantments” has written the book in such a way that any person despite the gender can draw a lot of strength from Sita.

Epics are the stories which are retold by different storytellers through the centuries. It is about how the story is being told and how creative is the storyteller. The plot of the epic is the same, but the delivery of that plot and the take away from it is in hands of the storyteller.

The author wins over me hands down and I send a lot of power to her for creating a new idol for many women like me who need to be inspired, motivated from time to time.

You can buy the book here:

The Forest of Enchantments 


13 Tips For Making Your Homemade Cookies Even Better

13 Tips For Making Your Homemade Cookies Even Better

Of course, we know that your homemade cookies are probably the best ever, but sometimes a few tips & tricks really do not hurt. We put the best for you in a row. https://bakedcomfortfood.com Baked Comfort Food will give you the useful tips for Baked Food.

Tip-1: Read the recipe at least once and measure all your ingredients well in advance.

Tip-2: Allow your ingredients to reach room temperature before you use them.

Tip-3: But: prevent your butter from becoming too soft. This will cause your cookies to run out and lose the desired shape.

Tip-4: Know which ingredients have which effect so that you can send the baking process and ultimately the result to your preference.

Sugar:  More sugar combined with the absence of acids such as lemon juice provides thin, crunchy biscuits. This is because the sugar melts in the oven causing the cookies to run out.

Brown sugar:  Brown sugar absorbs moisture, making the cookies more tough. Do you like that? Then replace all white sugar in the recipe for brown sugar and fry them a few minutes shorter if necessary.

Eggs:  More eggs provide a more cake-like structure. The proteins ensure that they will turn off and dry out, the egg yolk ensures a rich taste. Do you like crispy cookies? Then use protein instead of (a few of) the whole eggs.

Baking soda:  Baking soda reacts very strongly with acids (like brown sugar) and creates gas bubbles, causing the cookies to rise. It creates a crumbly, open and broken top.

Baking powder:  Baking powder works less quickly than baking soda, resulting in a more equal proofing process with a smooth and fine top.

Tip-5: Use the correct size of eggs. Is the desired size not indicated in the recipe? Then use large. Cold eggs split the easiest, but make sure they are at room temperature afterwards.

Tip-6: Use Fresh Baking Powder And Baking Soda

Test the freshness of your baking powder and baking soda by adding a little baking soda to vinegar, and baking powder to hot water. Is it bubbling? Then it is still fresh and good to use.

Tip-7: Sieve Your Nuts

By sieving your nuts, the coarse and fine pieces are separated and your dough does not discolour unnecessarily.

Tip-8: Never Beat Your Butter And Sugar For Too Long

Never beat the mixture for more than a minute and never place your mixer at a higher level than ‘medium’. Do you do this? Then air bubbles are created between the fat cells so you get dry cookies.

Tip-9: Never Mix Your Dry Ingredients Too Long

When you have to add the dry ingredients to the wet, you only have to mix the dry for a short time. Are you going on too long? Then too many glutens are developed, which changes the texture of your cookies.

Tip-10: Cool Your Dough For At Least Half An Hour Before Use

Ever baked cookies with dough that was lukewarm? Then you know exactly what we mean. When the butter is too hot, or even melted, your cookies run out in the oven and nothing remains of your beautiful shapes. In addition, cooling helps equip the gluten, resulting in <a href=”https://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/crunchy-bottomed-biscuits”>crunchy biscuits</a> instead of tough ones.

Even better is when you let your cookies rest for a day. This means that the ingredients absorb the wet parts (eggs) and your cookies get a better texture.

Tip-11: Resting Is Very Important For Mixed Cookies

Make your cookies with two types of dough? Make sure that the dough can rest for at least 3 hours in the refrigerator and wrap it in plastic foil or baking paper.

Tip-12: Bake Cookies With The Same Shape And Thickness

A melon or ice cream scoop works perfectly when making the same biscuits. Bake your cookies with different thicknesses, then the chances are that half is burned when the other half needs a few minutes. To avoid surprises we advise you to roll out your dough neatly and to bake the biscuits in several portions if necessary.

Tip-13: Check The Temperature Of Your Oven In Advance

Not every oven is equally good and certainly not of the same year. Therefore, check the actual temperature of your oven with a (core) thermometer in advance. That way you know exactly at what height he has to stand in order to be able to bake the perfect cookies. Note: leave your thermometer in your oven for 10-15 minutes to reach the correct temperature.


Slowing Down To Win – Superblogger Challenge 2019

Slowing Down To Win – Superblogger Challenge 2019

Super blogger Challenge Week 3 is here and we are all excited. The excitement is at its peak which is natural. Reading around 50 blogs, commenting on them, sharing them is no mean task. It takes a huge amount of time and energy. Some of us are full-time bloggers and some of us are also juggling with full-time jobs and are accountable for many things at the workplace. So how do you get the best of both worlds? By slowing down.

Why slow down when we can accomplish everything well within time?

A very legit question. Slowing down means not reducing the pace of the fantastic work that you are doing but to enhance the detail of what you are doing. Sometimes we complete a task because it is necessary to complete and not because we would learn from it. Let us learn to learn from every task than merely completing it. That will help us move a few more steps closer to the win.

Slowing down means letting others go ahead in this highly competitive environment

Every blog has its own niche and a reader base. Working towards getting more readers is all about engagement. Your engagement on their blog posts and their social media handles. Instead of commenting on 10 blog posts a day, you can try and get only 5 blog posts commented, but be sure to read the post fully and the comment. A heartfelt and thoughtful comment would certainly gain you more followers. Share tweets that you really mean and do not do it just for the sake of it. Slowing down does not means falling behind, it means doing better work. Better work means better rewards.

Slowing down is boring

I am sure you would agree with me, but slowing down is more of a mentality. You need quality or quantity on your blog is also one question you can answer before deciding the approach. Fast pace may get you more readers for some time but quality content would certainly bring some faithful readers who would remember your each blog post. Life is sorted when your message reaches to those chosen someones instead of reaching to a herd of people who do not even care what is on the blog post. Slowing down is boring but also would give you ample time to think about your blog niche and help you get the most out of your creative process.

Ok, I have decided to slow down now what?

  • Think about your blog niche
  • Highlight your strong areas and write posts accordingly
  • Get your social media engagement right on all platforms
  • Complete weekly activity assignment
  • Check out Super Blogger Academy for more information about SEO, Keywords
  • Create your blogging calendar as per the niche

What are the platforms that would get me more engagement

  • Indiblogger
    • This is the best platform to highlight your best posts
  • The Blog chatter
    • Second best platform to get good readership
  • Ultimate Blog Challenge
    • One of the international platform to get some quality backlinks and some really good friends 🙂
  • The Write Tribe
    • A very good platform to share your blog posts. Yet to explore it fully but worth it.
  • Momspresso
    • Lovely place to share your blog posts. It may not bring a lot of traffic on your blog but yes you get a huge readership.

Super Blogger Challenge is an yearly opportunity to shine on. Do your best but do not let it take a toll on your mind and soul. These challenges should be nurturing the blogger in you not to exhaust you..What do you think?

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