10 Breakfast Recipes Under 200 Calories

Breakfast under 200 calories is a round up post for many recipes that I have found and tried.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and most of us falter at breakfast, consuming more calories. Consuming more calories during breakfast is a result of stressed mornings and not planning breakfast a day before. 

Why would you need only a 200 calorie breakfast? 

If you are planning to have 6 meals for the day, it is important to have a minimum of 200/250 calories per meal. How would you know which food has how many calories? Well, it is simple, once you count it you can easily keep it in mind.

Remember for weight loss the equation is Calories in minus the calories out. So we need to be specific about what we are consuming.

What should you have for breakfast?

Breakfast should be plated as all other meals in case you are not following intermittent fasting. It should have enough proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and adequate fiber. 

It is said that you should break your fast with fruit but instead of just having a fruit make sure you add some protein to it. 

Peanut butter or any nut butter is a good source of protein. 

Greek Yogurt or Hung curd or even normal yogurt is a good source of protein

Nut milk or Dairy Milk ( In case you are not vegan) should be added to your breakfast 

In case you are a fan of Indian Breakfast, you can opt for Millet Idli, Millet Dosa, Poha, Upma, and the likes.

Here are 30 options for breakfast which you can try, remember all these breakfast options are under 200 calories each. 

One handful of oats, with nut milk or dairy milk, topped with fruits and nuts. I find these recipes quite helpful.






Indian Breakfast Under 200 Calories including enough protein, fats, and carbohydrates 

Idli and Chutney ( Rice dumplings with a dip) have 40 calories per idli roughly. You can have 2 idlis with a good dose of chutney for breakfast. 

Dosa and chutney ( Rice pancakes with a dip) – A non-oily simple dosa accounts to 100 calories. You can have 2 dosas with a dip. Both idli and dosas are an amazing source of protein. These two delicacies are the go-to breakfast items in most of India.

Poha – Rice flakes that are seasoned with oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and green chilies with onion. One of the famous breakfasts in India. 100 gms of Poha has 40 calories, better than any other breakfast you see. You can add peanuts, onions, tomato toppings to make it more delicious. If you want to fill yourself for 2-3 hours post breakfast Poha is the best option. 

Broken wheat porridge: 100 gms of broken wheat porridge has approximately 100 calories. You can have two servings of it for making it a 200 calorie breakfast or accompany it with yogurt.


Though I am not a big fan of cold breakfasts, the smoothie bowl serves the best option for breakfast. You can toss all that you want to add in a ziplock bag in your refrigerator and blend it the next day. Top it with some berries and nuts to get a very nutrition-dense breakfast. 

Here are some smoothie recipes you can try as breakfast options.

Never miss breakfast. Plan diligently for your breakfast to not to exceed your calorie intake. It is always better to have some warm breakfast to start the day. I have given some warm and cold options, choose what you like, and be on the way to weight loss.

10 High Protein Vegetarian Foods

High protein Vegetarian Food is a question mark for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

You are what you eat! It is often assumed that if we strength train or have a vigorous exercise routine then we are non vegetarian fitness freak. Pause over this. As the strength training or exercise ritual has nothing to do with the non vegetarian food. We have been training hard since 9 years flat now, and yes we do not consume non vegetarian food. Then how do we get the energy from?

The Protein Theory:

Studies show that Dietary Reference intake of a person should be 0.80 grams per kg weight of the human body. It is mostly the same for women and men. Well, if I weigh 70 kgs, I need to have a minimum of 56gms of protein in my diet everyday.This is the thumb rule and when it comes to weight loss.

Indian Diet and Protein

It is also observed that Indians eat a very protein deficient diet.The quality and the quantity of proteins which Indians have is very low as compared to the other developed nations. Rural Indian diet is more of carbohydrates, the major energy sourcing food, than the proteinaceous food. And Urban Indian population has marginally more Protein incorporated in their diet than their rural people.

Protein and Meat:

Proteins are mostly considered analogous to non vegetarian food. And even though we can’t deny the fact that non vegetarian food is proteinaceous, there are amazing options in vegetarian food, you may consider before declaring it “useless”. Moreover you save a lot of time when you cook vegetarian food as compared to when you cook non vegetarian. Perishability of non vegetarian items is also a thing of concern.

What are proteins?

We all know that proteins are the building blocks of our bodies. They help in building up the entire cellular structure into the organs, the organs built into the body we live in. The Protein that we eat gets converted into amino acids. They help in the wear and tear of the body, the muscle recovery, and most importantly to make the hormones, to create the enzymes and other chemicals needed for running the human body.

So, how much protein should we consume for optimum recovery?

As per ncbi ( National Center of Biotechnical Information, USA), the current international recommended daily allowance for protein is 0.8 grams of per kg of body weight regardless of age. This is a minimum amount which helps maintain nitrogen balance and definitely not optimized for physical activity level ( PAL) of an individual.

What should be the daily distribution of protein between our meals?

The study further shows that though it is important to check the total daily intake, per meal protein quantity is an important factor for preserving muscle mass.

Two to three meals per day with 25-30grams of protein is important for stimulating the muscle protein synthesis for at least 24 hours.

Is more protein the better?

Contrary to the popular belief of “more protein the better” seems to be a flawed approach as per NCBI's published paper ( link at the bottom of the article).
It says that the scientists have investigated the response in relation to body weight and age. It is said that the protein utilization plateaued after taking 0.24 g of whey and egg protein/kg/bw in young men ( Age group of 22 years) and in older men after 0.40 g/kg/bw ( age group of 71) years. It is said that there is no additional benefit of increased protein intake in the above age category. But for the ageing adults the estimated per meal threshold after consuming a plant protein rich meal is unknown, the research says.

Plant protein or animal protein?

There is so much discussion about whether to consume plant protein or animal protein. Plants and animals both are the sources of protein for sure. If you are a vegetarian by birth, you can always rely on vegetarian protein sources as follows.

10 Vegetarian Protein Sources:

Here are some proven best vegetarian protein sources for daily consumption. It has been a while that I have been ignoring protein, from the couple of days I have been tracking my protein intake using My fitness pal app.

Cottage Cheese or Paneer:

Homemade cottage cheese or paneer is the best way to consume protein with your meal
100 gms of paneer gets you 18 gms of protein.

Soya granules or Soya Chunks:

Soya granules or Soya Chunks are available in any store. Soya milk is also a good source of protein
30 gms of soya chunks gets you 15 gms of protein


Indian diet is not complete without legumes and sprouts.
200 gms of green gram sprouts gets you 14.2 gms of protein
100 gms of chickpeas gets you 6 gms of protein

Cheese cube

One cheese cube consists of 5 gm protein.

Curd ( Homemade yogurt)

Curd is my goto when it comes to completing my protein intake.
100 gms of homemade curd contains approximately 11 gms of protein

Horse Gram Sprouts

100 gms of horse gram sprouts gets you 22 gms of protein.


Normal milk is the best post workout drink if you are working out at night. 200 ml of milk gets you around 6 gms of protein.


If you are a dry fruit loving person then being on point for your protein requirement is no big thing.
23 almonds constitute around 6 gms of protein


100 gms of raw peanuts gets you 25 gms of protein.

Quinoa / Amaranth:

Quinoa is from amaranth family but is not native to India, amaranth gets you min of 15 gms of protein for one serving of 100 gms approximately.

You have to plan your food to incorporate protein carefully in the plan. You have to make that effort to consume atleast 15 gms of protein every time you eat as mentioned in the study by ncbi above.

What about Protein Shake?

If you are working out rigorously like an athlete you need to top up your protein requirement that too under supervision of a certified trainer or nutritionists.

For a person who does moderate workout 0.8 gm to 1 gm of protein should suffice.

Protein For Life

Protein intake would definitely boost your energies but it should not be eaten at the cost of carbohydrates. All the nutrients work best when consumed at a moderate level.


References: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5872778/

10 on the go breakfast recipes that are great for busy mornings

On the go breakfast recipes are sure to make your life a bit easier.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It has been proved time and again and we weight watchers can not agree more. It is recommended to eat three hours before the sleep time if it is followed, as a rule, one needs to break the fast after getting up. So, breakfast has to be sumptuous.

Breakfast has to have all nutrients to fuel you through the day but we hardly think about it while on the go. Avoiding breakfast is a common thing, mostly due to the busy schedules and the lethargy which most of us carry forward from the previous day. If you do not get up fresh in the morning, your body has not recovered well. You can check a post here about being constantly tired. 

What to include in on the go breakfast recipes?

Going traditional for breakfast is the best way. Our traditional recipes are always better to start the day with. Mostly, we are grown up with breakfast which is our favourite food served by mom. But those were elaborate breakfasts you would say. Yes! they were but we can always tweak them as per our convenience to include our favourite food with balance of all nutrients. Here are breakfast ideas in 10 minutes.

Fruits: Fruits are the best to break the fast. Any fruit or a fruit platter with different types of nuts/ seeds should be included in your breakfast.

If you feel it is too much to be had in one go, just split your breakfast in two different meals.  Have one portion as soon as you get up and the second after an hour. Having fruits in the morning helps to bring the blood sugar level back in check. 

On The Go Breakfast


There have been many theories which say that oats are the healthiest option for breakfast. Oats are a form of complex carbohydrates which does not lead to a sharp sugar spike in the blood.

You would not get that slump after having oats in the morning. It also takes a while to get digested and is filling. Keeps you full for a while till your next meal.

If you are going low carbs oats is the best option to include in your breakfast. Have a jar of overnight oats as the best on the go breakfast.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds have many micronutrients which we otherwise tend to ignore.

A regular dose of micronutrients is the best way to avoid common issues such as hairloss and skin issues. 

Ghee or clarified butter

People on Keto diet swear by Bullet proof coffee which has clarified butter but you can include a spoonful of ghee or clarified butter in your normal breakfast options.


Breakfast is the right time to take multivitamin tablets.

No fail - On The Go Breakfast Recipes

Muesli and milk

Home made muesli and granola is the best way, when you have muesli with milk, you can add fruits and nuts to it. Please be sure not to add sugar over the top. You can replace sugar with honey or any other supplement.

Fruit bowl with nuts and seeds

Mixture of fruits like apple, banana, blueberries, mango ( if in season), orange ( if in season) with nuts like cashews, almonds and raisins is the best for the breakfast.

The burst of colors and the freshness of fruits is something you would get addicted to in some days.

Sprinkle some pumpkin, watermelon seeds. You can also get sunflower seeds, flax seeds once you are used to eating seeds. It surely takes a bit of time to get used to the raw taste of seeds. Fruits like Banana can serve as the best on the go breakfast

Fermented food / Sourdough bread with condiments

In India, we have fermented rice cake ( Idli ) and Dosa ( fermented rice batter crepe) as staples. Fermented foodstuff is healthy for gut bacteria and many nutritionists swear by the benefits it has for curing hormonal imbalance.

Fermented foodstuff is highly recommended for people suffering with PCOD and thyroid.

You can comfortably eat sourdough bread for breakfast. It would be a great start for the day. Sourdough breads are available in bakeries. You can use butter on sourdough bread for breakfast.

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Though in India Ayurveda does not approve of the smoothies due to their nature of mixing many fruits which are sometimes incompatible, Smoothies for breakfast is the best option for people who are very busy. You can also freeze your smoothie ingredients a day before to just whip it up around your breakfast time.  People who love cold breakfast in the morning, this is your go to.

Add oats, fruits ( banana, strawberries, blueberries or berries of your choice) with honey and whip it up.

This is one of the breakfast option which can be put together in flat 10 minutes. Green smoothie is also a better option if you want to add some greens to your food routine.

Eggs with sourdough bread

Eggs are the best tried and tested breakfast option. Make it as you please and it is sure to start your protein intake for the day. Versatile and healthy add eggs to your breakfast routine, you will fall in love with it.


Porridges made from the native grain flours is a traditional breakfast in South Asia. But it takes time to develop appropriate taste before you get hooked onto it. Little millet porridge, barley porridge, mix millet porridge with jaggery is the most nutritious breakfast of all times.

Just boiling some water, adding the millet flour till it mixes thoroughly and adding jaggery or salt and cumin powder is the way to go about it.


On the go breakfast recipe of Pancakes is mandatory here. Unless it is too sugary, pancakes are loved by one and all. You get those pancake mixes but it is extremely easy to make pancakes from scratch even when you do not have time.

Here are some options for basic ingredients:

Oats/ banana

Oats/ banana/ eggs

Oats/ Banana/ Cacao powder

Though the old fashioned pancakes use all purpose flour, for weight watchers it is better to replace it with oats powder or almond meal/ almond flour Once you start experimenting sky is the limit. 

Broken Wheat Recipes

Broken bulgur wheat has many recipes sweet and savoury. You can whip up a quick porridge cooking broken wheat in milk and adding jaggery,topping it up with cinnamon powder or nutmeg powder. You can cook it and stir fry it with boiled and sauteed veggies. It is a complete breakfast with a lot of roughage, ample protein and carbohydrates. This is a little heavier option as compared to other breakfast suggested above.

Chia Pudding

This is one of the most popular on the go breakfast recipe. We have written a complete post on chia and its usage. Check it out here. 

Greek Yogurt With fruits

Simple and easy, greek yogurt combined with fruits is a breakfast that you can put together in 10 minutes and take away anywhere. It is healthy and would also ensure weightloss.

These are 10 On The Go Breakfast recipes for you. You can certainly explore and create variety if you please

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On the Go Breakfast

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