How To Tone Your Arms Easily With These Arm Exercises without equipment

Who does not want Michelle Obama Arms? Well, yes that is the term and a keyword at that. One Ellen Degeneres Show, Ellen, the host, and Michelle Obama did a full set of 10 push-ups. Wonderful isn't it? Let me first tell you that Michelle Obama has a very good physique which is earned with some years of exercise. So what would tone your arms easily? Here are some workouts which would surely help you tone your arms if done regularly.

I believe in working out with someone even at home and I feel very grateful to all the online platforms available. Let us first understand the anatomy of the human arm:

Anatomy of Human Arm:


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These muscles are in between elbow and shoulder in layman terms, on the upper side.


These are the most talked-about muscles in the fitness circuit and are just next to the deltoid muscles in simple terms.


The lower part of biceps is called as triceps. These are the most difficult to train muscles in my personal experience, no muscle definition of triceps results in bat wings (sagging of the skin below the arm)

Tone Your Arms

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Extensors are the muscles on the forearm at the back of it. Slowly as the arms are toned, these muscles show up.


These are the muscles on the forearm, which you see when you see your arm with wrist up. These muscles also sag when they are not trained properly.

My arms were always nice and chubby. They were never muscular and when I started building the first body part which showed up in a bigger way were arms. Suddenly big looking arms were a showdown for me. But once a specific amount of weight is lost, the arms are back in shape and they are quite a bit toned. I cannot say I have bat wings but if the arms are left untrained, it will not take much time for the skin to sag.

Which exercises would help tone the arms?

There are some specific exercises that help tone upper arms specifically biceps and triceps. The shoulders should also be toned along with the arm. Remember, there is no ways we can spot reduce. Overall body has to tone down for the effect to be shown on arms.

Before starting any specific arm exercise, make sure that you do not have any shoulder or arm injury.

I am suffering from frozen shoulder from past many years. It is always difficult to tone my shoulder and arms. Here are some exercises which would definitely help you get some toned arms.

Push Ups:

Tone your arms

image courtesy:POPSUGAR Photography / Jenny Sugar

In my opinion, push-ups are a complete exercise.

It trains the following muscles:

  • Chest Muscles
  • Shoulders
  • Deltoids
  • Triceps
  • Abdominal muscles and
  • Muscles under the armpit.

If you cannot do pushups due to some injury try the push up progression like below:

Push Up Progression:

On the very first day it is simply not necessary to start doing push-ups in their full form. Start with wall push ups. Here is a nice infographic from Strength with sam

Triceps Dips:

One of my most favorite workouts which train triceps like a boss. The best part about these workouts is that you can do them anywhere. You do not need to go to the gym for the same.

POPSUGAR Photography / Jenny Sugar


When you are trying to work with muscles, progression is the name of the game. It is not so easy to pull off a triceps dip at one go. Here is the progression that you should think about before attempting a triceps dip.

Image from


Shoulder taps:

This is a progression of pushups. And can be done as you are holding a plank for pushups. Along with arm muscles it also involves your core and glutes.

POPSUGAR Photography / Jenny Sugar

Arm circles:

Simple arm circles whenever you feel like doing it is a great exercise to tone the arms. As the image shows it tones both upper arms and shoulders. Make sure you do them clockwise and anticlockwise.

Image from – Brightside

Pull ups:

Pull ups trains shoulders, biceps, triceps and core muscles. But it may need a bar to perform even a basic pull up. But we have an alternative here.

Pull ups and push ups are comprehensive full body exercises or so do I feel.

Apart from the above exercises, you can try these online workout programs which I have been following from the last many years.

Online Workouts:

Casey ho:

I am following Casey Ho from a long time and her workouts really work. She has been an inspiration. Please check her workouts on her channel called Blogilates.

Chloe Ting:

This is a lean arm challenge by Chloe Ting. Chloe is a kind of rage right now, you can join her Lean Arms Challenge on the following link.

Fitness Blender:

Fitness blender workouts are tried and tested by me at some point or the other. I like their workouts because they are carefully crafted. Here is upper body fitness blender workout for lean arms.

Killer Arms and Back  - Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels is a master of all moves when it comes to fitness. I love all her DVDs and here is a clip of her workouts which you can purchase as an app.

Heather Robertson:

I have not personally tried Heather Robertson’s workouts but have heard a lot about them. You can try this workout series for lean arms.

Recently, At the Superbowl, we saw Shakira and Jennifer Lopez rocking the stage post 40 years of age and our jaws dropped for sure. Yes, they have all the money in the world and many helpers to be in shape. But never forget, the self love that they have shown by being super fit at that age when most of the ladies are struggling with many issues including hormonal imbalances. Post 40 years of age we ladies grapple with many health concerns.

Let us always remember that we cannot pour from an empty cup. Let us get our task together. Use the above workouts to get along some 10 minutes workouts every day just for your arms. Slowly, you will find the body will respond and time will come when you get compliments.

The body is a wonderful machine; just give it the self-love it deserves. Today and always.

Home Gym Ideas – On Budget

A gym is a paradise for a person who loves to workout. Different types of equipment, the feel of strength that we get when we touch them, the energetic and strong vibe. Oh, all about it isn't it? The transformation stories which have made someone capable enough to take on that mental and physical transformation. Everything about Gym is special. It is a place where we spend that one hour out of the daily hustle of life.

It slowly becomes a place for worship quite literally.

The lockdowns have made it difficult for gym-goers across the world to actually go and do the workouts. It is a major roadblock for many of us especially those who love to workout in the gym and do not get the same feeling anywhere else. But, some type of types of equipment may surely make us feel good, if you have them at home. Something is always better than nothing isn't it??

What are the fitness goals?

Anybody who is looking forward to setting up a home gym first should assess what are their fitness goals.

Here are some goals that you may look into

Strength and Endurance

Developing strength needs a different type of exercise than bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight exercises also enhance strength but with some weights, the performance can be improved

Weight loss

Weight loss is a major fitness goal which you can achieve with either bodyweight workouts or weighted workouts 

Having appropriate cardio is also essential for weight loss


Achieving flexibility is one of the supreme goals for fitness lovers

Some people are naturally flexible, while some have to slowly achieve flexibility

Recovering from injury

If you have recently suffered from any injury, recovering from it can be one fitness goal.

Getting back to normal after an injury can happen with regular prescribed exercise.

Based on the above fitness goal you can decide what type of equipment you can have in your home gym.

Types of Equipment For Home Gym

Strength and Endurance

Start with dumbells of 2 up to 5 kgs if you are a beginner

Slowly build up with some basic barbells and 2.5 kg plates which can be increased to 5 kgs

A step board is the best addition to the above ensemble.

A good quality floor mat for basic stretches and floor exercises is a must.

Weight loss

Starting with just a floor mat and bodyweight exercises are good if you do not know what to expect.

Weight loss is overwhelming, and it is difficult to continue to efforts if you do not know where you are going

Choosing your workouts wisely is important

You can start with just a walk. Slowly add up some ankle weights.

Having 2-3 kgs dumbells and starting with strength training is important to prevent muscle atrophy (Degeneration of muscles in the long term)

Skipping rope is the best cardio equipment you can have for weight loss,


A comfortable yoga mat with some yoga props is the best way to go about Yoga which will in turn make you flexible.

It is indeed easier said than done but consistent practice will definitely help you with flexibility

Recovering from an injury

A good yoga mat for stretches and some floor workouts is the best thing if you are trying to recover from the injury.

Working out is not difficult if you have all the basics in place it becomes easier.

The above ideas for type of equipment are on a budget. Try it yourselves.




Home Gym Equipments

How To Integrate Fitness In Schedule? and how to make it a habit

How To Prioritize Fitness In Busy Schedule and Actually Make It a Habit?

Everyone wants to be really fit! Fitness is a currency that you can use throughout your life. Life is uncertain, but fitness can make it proof for any difficult situation. The rise of pollution and various pandemics spare people who are fit and have an unbeatable immune system to generate appropriate antibodies. Boosting your immune system is the first thing we all need to do for facing the pandemic bravely. But before that, let us take a look at what is stopping us from being fit?

Busy Schedules

Busy schedules are the ones to be blamed for not making time for a workout. Believe me, I usually get to hear so many people talking to me about how busy they were throughout the week and could not sneak in a single hour for a workout. They feel overwhelmed with the fitness talk going around. It is ok to feel overwhelmed but there is always a first step that everybody takes to change their lives. Putting yourself first on the schedule is the first and foremost important thing.

Your lifestyle can be changed in one simple step. 

Once you are there, it is easy to lap up. While climbing always pay attention to the first step instead of looking at the entire anticipated journey.

Taking Up Difficult  Workouts to Start With

If you have taken that first step towards lifestyle change and integrating fitness in your schedule, bravo! But just be a bit cautious about not choosing a daunting task to perform every day. Just choose some workout routine which is easy to do every single day. Assess your fitness before you start your workout regime. Take a look at the workouts that you can do comfortably and start with it, else you will lack motivation. Daunting workouts would make you hate the whole process and you would never make an effort to come back to fitness regime again.

Misjudging Nutrition Requirement

Nutrition is an important aspect of fitness. But you do not need to get overwhelmed with all the information that keeps floating across the social media and other websites. Do not suddenly bring about change in your lifestyle for weight loss. In my opinion, following a particular diet suddenly is like giving a jerk to your body. If you want to start intermittent fasting, just give yourself a day, try it out, and then slowly start your regime.

Bringing back basics on your plate is important. Being fit is about having nutritious food and nurturing your body. Here are some superfoods that you can bring back to your kitchen to make the most of your fitness regime.

Eating every two hours also help to boost metabolism, thus burning more fat. If you are very busy meal planning can help multifold. It is the only way you can eat on time and in a prescribed way.

Most people feel tired after working out as they misjudge the nutrition required for their body.

Signing up with workouts that don't match the body type

I have been working out for a while now, but I could never get into Yoga. I tried yoga here and there but it just does not suit me. There are thousands of workouts available online and on apps, but do they suit you? It is very important to find out what suits you and your body type. I could never go about workouts which were slow. They would simply discourage me with their pace. Post-pregnancy it was tough for me to continue my gym membership, so I took a call and diligently identified the program that suits me. I tried many home workouts and found something that I am sticking to for the last many years.

Choosing comfortable workout clothing and shoes

Wearing comfortable clothes during workouts is important without that you would not be able to stick to any regime. The same goes for shoes. There are different shoes for running, athletics, HIIT, and so on. Choosing the right shoes will keep you motivated.

Plan wisely and integrate the workouts in your daily schedule.

Being a morning person

For years together I have struggled to be a morning person. But here is how I found how to get back to the morning routine and believe me it helps. Being a morning person aids your plans. It helps you to achieve all possible tasks before noon. No more hassles for completing tasks. You can tick on your to-do list comfortably being a morning person. Setting up the body clock rightly before starting the fitness regime is important. Once you set it correctly, all other things become easy.

Integrate Fitness in your schedule

Getting a fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are all rage. I love Fitbit as it tracks exactly the amount of calories that we have burnt throughout the day. Apple Watch is also a good product. Garmin is the best brand when it comes to fitness trackers. There are numerous products available in the market, to keep you on track and build fitness as a habit, integrating fitness into your daily routine.

Make up a mindset

Integrating fitness in your schedule is more about mindset, once you are ready to make a change in your lifestyle, it is just a matter of doing. Once you set your mind on the fitness aspect of your life, it is easy. A body transformation mindset is important. Life changes but you need to give it a chance.

These are some of the real struggles, I have rounded up here for you. Let me know if you feel the same and are willing to incorporate fitness in your daily schedule.