Deciding your fitness goal is very important for the health and fitness journey. Weight loss, Strength, Fat loss, Endurance, Stamina and lot more can be your goals. But how to go about deciding a goal and slowly planning for it is a great challenge as we lead very busy lives with the commute, calls, meetings, discussions and especially junk. I have written about the circadian clock which our body works on. This circadian clock is a body clock. Our current lifestyle has tampered our body clock in such a way that it leads the body to FAIL. I am no doctor but I know it by experience. My body started giving me red signals when I had acute IBS. I understood the importance of good food and better exercise only when I faced a serious problem. I never knew how to set up a goal for my body which it will be able to take up.

Here we discuss these different goals which body can set and also the way to measure them.

    • Weight loss:
      • Most common of all and drives the fitness industry.
      • Healthy weight loss for a month can be around 2-3 kgs depending on the workout and food that is being eaten
      • Anything beyond it is unhealthy weight loss
      • A normal weighing scale would help measure it
    • Fat Loss
      • This is a kind of a tricky thing
      • Fat loss is something which is the most desired outcome of the workout
      • Would not show up on the weighing scale but you can see that your inches are dropping down with fat loss.
      • So it is absolutely possible to get lean without losing your weight.
      • Can be monitored with Body Fat Calipers
    • Strength
      • Strength training results in fat loss
      • You can gauge your strength using the weights that you can lift easily
      • If you are lifting 5 kg dumbbell and after some days you are lifting 10kg without compromising on your form then your strength has definitely increased.
    • Endurance
      • Endurance is the way you push yourself for any cardio or aerobic activity which uses oxygen in the body immediately
      • Athletes train for endurance while performing sports.
      • If you plan to be a runner, instead of working on the muscles you should do endurance workouts.
    • Flexibility
      • I find flexibility very alluring
      • Flexibility training helps to reduce injury and improve posture.
      • It also relaxes mind and body
      • Yoga is the best way to go about Flexibility training.

My goal is to work on Strength and Endurance so I couple both workouts accordingly. What is your workout goal?