WeightlossIt is the last day of the First Month of the year 2020, it’s the time when the resolutions would have fizzled out and the routine must have started for most of the people. It is interesting to notice that about 55% of resolutions are health related and 85% resolutions fail by February.

Well, we believe in the power of resolutions. It is important to find your own “Why” for the resolutions as for the good habits. Also, while finding your “why” it is also important to understand what is sustainable. Here is some preamble to the new “Back to Health Series” that we are starting on the “The 5 AM Mommy” blog.

Me and Shrilekha have been working out for more than a decade now. Those who know us personally know our quest for working out and thus feeling fit.

Back to Roots:

We have been working on our better self since we have realized that there is nothing better than being fit. Fortunately, we realized it very early in our life and I thank my father for that. He has worked out a lot in his adolescence and youth. He has passed on those genes to us. When we ask him about it, he says I always ate what was available (that time there was scarcity of food), they used to walk in farms and eat raw veggies or smoked veggies. So, we realized that going back to roots was certainly the answer to this diet chaos which exist all along in the new modern world.

Indians have a palette which is exposed to varied tastes, though we love fusion food and tasty food from all over the world, it is said that the most “here to stay” food trend is “SIMPLE FOOD”. With alarming obesity rate, this is the right time to move in that direction.

Intermittent Fasting:

A lot has been said about Intermittent Fasting and the west is literally going gaga over the same. But I know only one thing, when my grandmother who passed away recently at 89 can do it all her life without attracting any ailment, I can do it. She observed OMAD ( One meal a day) and many days of fasting religiously. She worked hard and was never known to be a lazy person. 😉 So, we all should just take a step back from the modern world and go back to ourselves. I am sure you would find so many examples of Intermittent Fasting folks in your families.

Diet vs Lifetime Swaps:

Dieting is nothing but a change in your food habits to reset the system. There are number of diets and every diet has its own result. A diet which causes deprivation is going to bring back many ailments in future. So, we must carefully choose something which suits us, which helps our gut bacteria and which aids digestion. Weight-loss is not seasonal or can not be done only for some functions. It is a change in lifestyle. Whenever you feel like losing those stubborn 5 kgs which are there on your waist, just embrace some lifetime swaps.

  • Staircase instead of lift
  • Walk instead of a two-wheeler
  • Country sugar or no sugar instead of refined white sugar
  • Chekku ( Ghanicha ) oil instead of refined oil
  • Sea Salt or Rock Salt instead of Normal Table Salt
  • Handpounded rice or Matta Rice or Kavni Arisi instead of Normal Rice
  • Warm water instead of normal water throughout the day

We all know these swaps, but we are conditioned in such a way that we would not like to take that first step towards our own health. Setting resolutions on paper is easy, but to make them happen you must take that first step. In my opinion we have a huge number of readers who have already done these swaps. Those who haven’t done, let’s do it.

But I don’t like working out ☹ :

Nobody likes to workout and nobody likes to eat vegetables. But more than that we hate eating medicines, So… the choice is ours.

The best way to go about work out is

Attract your tribe – Find out people who are on the same boat. Their consistency will bring you to doing things you have never imagined.

Get a fitness tracker – This is a best way to keep track of your steps and thus knowing the calorie burnt.

Follow people (Trainers) who inspire you – I like to be inspired by fit people. There are huge number of trainers across the world whom you can follow and feel inspired.

Use social media as your fitness ally – You can create an environment on social media which makes you workout regularly. There are umpteen fitness groups available which would prompt you to work out and to eat healthy. Just find one for yourself and you are ready to go.

Weight-loss or fitness is a journey. After a point of time, it is the journey that matters, and weight-loss or fitness is just a biproduct. But till such time arrives, every single day is struggle. Let us know what you think about it.