Jillian Michaels
The more I speak about her, Is less I feel. Yes, I am writing this post after a great workout. I have already mentioned my love and dedication towards her workouts. My sister was kind enough to introduce me to her. Not getting into her personal details, which I really don’t know. I am in awe of this storm since an year.

My love affair with her and her workouts started a year back, precisely in the month of April 2019. I was earlier a die hard fan of running. Marathons excited me. Madras Boat club road and many other parks have witnessed my love for this cardiovascular activity. I loved to hear my own heartbeat. Running gave me a kick start to the day. It increased my metabolism. and yes helped me shred my post pregnancy weight to an extent . Well, I am happy I ran Marathon with my sister, with my husband, and with my Father-in -law. My husband and me ran a marathon during our courting times too. It gave a different high.

Days passed on and I felt my body isnt responding to the general run,jog,,recover run and occasional sprints at times. I was worried about my weight.gym equipments were readily available welcoming me for each workout. I loved romancing the dumbbells. But still I felt it was not the best workout for me. This is when my sister introduced me to this storm called JM.

Started with Her basic program of ’30 days shred’. Diligently finished all the 3 levels in a month and a little more. It took me time to adjust to her rhythm. To her style of HIIT. It was new. Today I am an year old of JM workouts. So I bring to you three easy steps to get eased with her workouts

  1. If you can’t do the entire workout with her, given her high fitness level and agility, try doing one or two circuits in the beginning. Take time to adjust and accustom your self with her plan, with her timing and most importantly understand how your body is responding to it. It takes 21 days to see results for any workout. You may take 31 but you will see results.
  2. Building your mental and physical strength together- Possibility is that you may not join her for second workout. Stumped! Yes! But believe me if you meet her for the second time and get along with the modified version
    Atleast, then victory is all waiting for you.
  3. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day: Everything takes time and patience in life. Here key is to keep going. If you eat meat, then stick to her meal plans.

Well, as she rightly says, ‘tranformation is not a future event. it is a present day activity’.

Try her workouts. Strength training, cardio and abs all will be taken care of.