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How are you all doing! Thanks for reading all the Navratri-Golu posts. The cross cultural exchange and your appreciation for the “Know your Golu” series is overwhelming. We are glad to have daily a whopping number of visitors on the blog. The response gives us the feed to bring you more and more interesting topics- now on exercise!

Today my husband( blogger & fitness freak) posted something really funny and at the same time brain-storming message on whatspp. Navratri -Golu is supposed to be an all ladies game. The message is thus:-

Weightloss Image

Well, with 87 days remaining for this year to end, it really brought me to retrospect about my fitness resolution & food resolution made this year on my blog. And I was gauging myself on the efforts put consistently throughout the year. Well, I don’t consider skinny as fit. And by now, all kids and dogs also understand that “Fit” doesn’t necessarily mean “thin”.I am a marathon runner mother of a two & half year old and a three year old furry tail. I run a busy schedule with my baby ,dog-walks,daily cooking, office-work,household work and many other mommy stuff. But one thing I never compromise is on my health/fitness and my health regime.Because those endorphins are a fuel to my daily well-being.

I thought I would share some important doable daily exercises for all. You must be wondering how to begin! Well! Start with 15 minutes of daily exercise and add 5 minutes on consecutive days when you feel comfortable with those 15 minutes. This way you make it more sustainable and consistent. Remember consistency is the key in life. So if you plan for 2 days of exercise a week then stick to it. Remember it is not about setting high goals and failing. BUT winning over small small goals and rewarding yourself for every achievement which builds your self esteem and you know “You can do it”! 

Walking:  It is a general form of cardiovascular exercise. We all walk. Walking comes natural to humans as sitting. Make sure you walk for at least 15 minutes to start with. And add 5 minutes to it as I mentioned earlier. Start with warming yourself up for 2-3 minutes and then add to the pace. Maintain a calendar and if you are doing it consistently according to your plan, bravo! You can add some strength training to your routine. Today you have so many fitness gears to count your steps. 10000 steps per day are recommended for a healthy human being. Today, mostly everyone (every second person) has a fitness watch. Why not make every second count!

Strength Training: Well, there is no exercise as simple and effective as strength training. No! that isn’t as hard as “ inventing the wheel”.I am a die-hard fan of strength training. Try the exercises with body weight and as you feel comfortable add weights to your exercise. “Oh! I  don’t want to look like a man”! You may exclaim. But believe me girl, a woman needs “IT” more than a man. 

Advantage of strength training is the most effective and long lasting “After-burn”. Start with warm up moves, working out specific group muscles and always stretch it out for maximum benefits. Examples are lunges, squats(deep and one more variation), bicep curls, triceps dips, wall push ups, floor push ups(most effective ones),shoulder press, rowing, planks and many others I shall bring to you in fitness posts.

Test yourself initially on these following parameters and then begin your fitness journey :-

  1. Cardiovascular endurance/stamina:- How much can you walk/run/swim/cycle?
  2. Muscular Strength:-– How much can you lift while doing the exercise?
  3. Muscular Endurance:-How many times can you perform the exercise? Repetitions!
  4. Flexibility:- How good is your range of motion?
  5. Body composition:- How much water content, fat mass, fat free mass and muscles are there in your body!

We are not talking about weight loss here. We WORKOUT on weight loss and overall good health!

This fitness series I will share my daily regime and the statistics.Join me on this for the next #87dayoffitnesschallenge. Are you ready?

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