Blogging is about writing but at the same time, it is more about spreading the word. In this age of social media, spreading a word about the blog and getting more traffic is not a difficult job unless you really do not know how to do it. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are some of the platforms that can be leveraged to the fullest to get new visitors and through subscriptions, you can get help retaining the readers. As a blogger, we usually struggle to choose between the platforms which are available. More deadly question is “Which platform works the best in bringing more traffic?” Here I am going to elaborate on how some steps can help your blog getting noticed on Pinterest. Because of late my favorite platform is Pinterest.

Business Account

  • It is important to set up a business account on Pinterest, mainly because with a personal account you may not get noticed as much. Once the form pops up, you can add your interests, which will be a piece of base information for Pinterest to populate your feed on the Pinterest home page.

Setting up your profile

  • Much as all other social platforms, setting up your profile true to your niche is critical for getting noticed. Unlike other platforms, you can also use hashtags on Pinterest. Hashtags help other people discover you like Instagram.

Following is a must

  • On other platforms, you can do without following other people but for Pinterest, you should be following the top bloggers of your niche.

Setting up boards

  • Setting Up boards is easy, but concentrate on your niche and then create neat board covers so that it looks professional.

Pinning other pins

  • As social media users, we should never forget the give and take the principle that it works on. Pinning pins from other boards is very very important for your pin to get noticed and to get repinned.

Rich Pins

  • Creating pins based on your article is crucial. New and original pin is called a Rich Pin and is the surest way to get more traffic from Pinterest. Creating rich pins is easy and there are many more platforms which help you do that.


  • Those who use Instagram must be knowing how it helps to get a new reader or a new follower. Using hashtags while adding your new pin is the way to reach more readers and potential pinners.


Creating pins which are true to your blog is crucial in getting traffic. Also pinning voraciously is the name of the game when it comes to Pinterest. I have not used the automated pinning tools like Mediavine or Tailwind and would not do in near future because they are paid and I feel once we use it there is a sudden surge in the traffic, which does not look organic, but that is my personal opinion. I also feel that Tailwind and Mediavine are great tools because they help you schedule your posts, this feature is not available in Pinterest as yet. So I have enlisted some important points for getting much from your presence on Pinterest..remember you are on it to WIN it 🙂 So give it a try and let me know in comments.

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