Yoga with Adriene – The 5 AM Mommy Experience – Day 1 Discern

Yoga with Adriene – The 5 AM Mommy Experience – Day 1 Discern

Being on the Yoga mat is an experience in itself. For me it is a huge responsibility but Yoga with Adriene walked me through effortlessly.

Off late, procrastination has become a part of my lifestyle. Approximately 4 months ago I fell in front of the ground while running and twisted my ankle, that was a kind of downfall to my fitness regime. As much as I should not blame that fall, I will, because that was something I still remember. Then started a series of injuries which has prevented me from being myself. Has it ever happened to you? You want to be yourself but some other power wants you not to be. Funny isn’t it?

So, not being myself is not my favourite game.

Not enjoying it but yes, I am also in the process of learning. Sometimes, being yourself also means posing limitations on the variety of things and emotions that you go through and feel. If you feel bad, and being yourself is not expressing it, then expressing your feelings may teach you something unique. That is my experience of these 4 months. Off course, I blame my depleted endorphin levels for all the emotional mess that I have been through.

And now, not being normal is my new normal 🙂

How did I come to terms to it? ( Well, I had no other option) I had to literally wrap my head around many many things happening at the same time.

For a hard core Taurean like me who loves being grounded for like eons, these small changes were like a huge life changing moments.

I dread for them everyday and they keep coming onto me. It looks like a huge red flag as they shake in front of a bull in bull flight. Do I fight? Yes I do and so far I am successful. In one such fight that I had, I have learnt to tackle it with yoga with Adriene. Those who know me know that I am not quite a Yoga person. Not at all. My patience levels are terribly low and I like some happening workout business ( outwardly), This was different though. I got to know about Adriene from a fitness community on FB. As my usual behaviour goes, I contemplated doing it for couple of weeks. But ultimately Adriene convinced me to take up her 30 day Yoga practice.

In this Ultimate Blogging Challenge I am going to write about how everyday is changing the way I process my thoughts.

Day 1: Discern

Adriene is all about calmness. She is so comfortable with herself that you feel like “Wow”. The first day of Yoga is Discern. She takes you through some simple moves which would help you find out why are you on the yoga mat ( that’s what she says). Being on the Yoga mat is an experience in itself. For me it is a huge responsibility but Adriene walked me through effortlessly.
I should brag here for a bit and tell that my 5 AM routine helps me the Yoga practice with calmer mind. Throughout the day it is simply not possible to walk through it. Though it is too early to say anything or tell anything about the practice that I am doing, creating a good space for your practice helps a lot. Find your own place in the house, terrace, gallery, garden anywhere for Yoga practice. One place dedicated to it makes a lot of difference. If you don’t have that place, then please try and create one.
After years of Jumping, skipping and doing umpteen hardcore exercise reps at 5.00 am in the morning, Yoga comes like a whiff of fresh air. I loved it to the core and I am looking forward for the next day Adriene. 🙂

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Food Resolution 2019 – The 5 AM Mommy

Food Resolution 2019 – The 5 AM Mommy

Hello everyone, here! Happy New Year 2019 to all of you. A fresh year starts and one can see 365 opportunities on 31st of December every year. A New year often ushers in a lot of positivity and  endless possibilities.Bidding goodbye to the last year and welcoming the new year has always been a moment of nostalgia. The year or years which are never going to come back. I get retrospective when the countdown to the new year starts. I suddenly realise the time which is passing by and which can’t be brought back. Time for me is more than a resource. It is a fourth dimension to my living existence. I have always been a time-conscious child and now a careful mother. Whiling away time or doing nothing given a lot of time  hurts me like nothing else. I respect people who spend their time meticulously.

About Planning And Time Management

The 5 AM Mommies believe in the miracle called planning and time management. It is an art as much as it is a science. Thus, new year is of immense importance to us. I am of the firm belief that not only a new year can change your life, but any fresh moment can transform your life and you will be like never before, only if you allow yourself the same.

I am a huge fan of resolutions. Getting new journals, life size planners at the beginning of any new year and planning the day, week and months has been a favourite affair of The 5 AM Mommies and now slowly the children also seen to imbibe it.

You can read our love for this all the time through our blogs. We second the thought that ,”If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Planning doesn’t assure success, but if we don’t plan we are left in a bewilderment which only few can relate to.

The 5 AM Mommies are health conscious. We are fitness freaks. We are marathon mommies and wish to handover/pass on  the torch of healthy eating to the coming generations.

This year I have made a few small improvisations when it comes to my food habits. Even if they are small changes they require 200 percent willpower to bring into practice.Please note that I am a vegetarian.

Here we go:-

Mindful eating:–  

Yes, we eat as per plan. But, the most important habit I want to cultivate this year is to sit calm while eating, recite a prayer and then eat every bite consciously. I have a habit of planning my food quantity as well,pre-hand. But sometimes when I need more energy, by eating consciously, I am going to listen to the need of my body and give it the fuel and the amount of fuel which is required at that point of time. It sounds simple but is a big task in itself.

Intermittent fasting:-

This is a growing and upcoming fad diet as you may call. I have followed  it in the month of December and found it very much useful to keep my mind away from food(which is the only comfort for me). So, when my body doesn’t need food, I am not going to load the calories just because I planned or because I am on a high or my mood is real low. Basically, I am not going to be an emotional eater.

Amp up my Hb, Calcium and Vit D levels:-  

As a mother, we often tend to ignore ourselves, grab whatever is available to eat. We mostly operate on low battery levels, thanks to running errands at our home. I have a resolution to have a tab on my daily intake of iron rich sources,( dates, spinach, pomegranate, apples, and beetroot) and also have a rich serving of calcium( ragi, tomatoes and many others).I take an oath to bring in the goodness of nuts and fruits to my plate. Dairy shall be given its due importance and it will find a way to my diet through a bowl of yogurt, curd or paneer.As I hate drinking milk. I am also going to bask in the Sun every 10 minutes  of the day.

Swap Green tea with the regular sugar tea or the masala chai:

Basking in the early morning rays of the Sun while sipping on fresh green tea, charges you for the day like anything. I am slowly getting into this habit and mind it, I have started to cultivate some harder ones from the last year.The purpose is to skip the empty calories the very thing in the morning.

Eating sweets and desserts guilt-free:-  

I have been brought up in a household where sweets (homemade) formed a meal at least twice a week. Celebrations meant sweets from Mom’s Kitchen. If I scored well in any exam, I could see the lovely bowl of Rasgoollas in the fridge the very next day. Growing up, every sweet bite felt criminal. But, indeed, sweets played a big role in making us feel loved, and also served a much needed pat. I have decided to incorporate 2 servings of sweet to my diet plan. And if someone offers me sweet, I will accept wholeheartedly without giving my diet excuses.

Good thoughts, Good relationships and good Times:-

Good food also means good time.Good time with family and friends. Good food also means good thoughts. I am going to nurture quality thoughts while preparing food for the family. Strong relationships bond over great food. Thus, I resolve to put more than 100 % while cooking thus, welcoming new times. Please note that we also run a food catering businessFood is medicine. I am going to stick to these resolutions at least for an year. I wish it becomes a habit by this 21st January, itself. I dare to make a wish! Do you?

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Bring Smartness To Your Lives With Smart Technology Solutions

The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.  Bill Gates

The above quote shows us the place technology has created in our lives. Whenever there is a technology advancement, people regard it either as good or evil. But we must certainly remember that technology has no character, how do we use it matters. Smart phones, smart devices have become integral part of our lives in last 10 years. Gone are the days when you used to sit for hours together chatting without even knowing that your day has been sedentary. Today you have smart wearable fitness conscious (pun intended) devices which buzz you every hour telling that you should move and take some steps just to be active. Being active was a revolution for the last 10 years. All it took is 10000 steps a day for a person to be active and healthy, claimed WHO( The World Health Organization). All doctors recommended that every patient walks a bit, fitness experts started endorsing the importance of 10k steps a day but what will measure the exact number of steps? Well, then we had these smart solution makers coming to rescue and giving us pedometers to track our steps throughout the day. But really? Pedometer did not help. We needed something amazingly smart to count our steps. Fitbit brought in the huge revolution in the league of Smart Wearables.

Are you fit at least a bit?

To be fit is the norm today. Completing 10k steps a day is a necessity to reinforce the belief in being active throughout the day. It is fun being active. You don’t sit much, you keep moving and keep doing something or the other just to be on track. Mainly, you accomplish a lot of work throughout the day. Fitbit worked on the same concept and brought in wonderful devices and apps which could be synced together to get you the perfect data. Data analytics was easy and could be done just on the touch.

Life of 10kers and others was made amazingly easy by this device which is an extension of many people’s lives today apart from the smartphone.

There have been instances when people have lost considerable amount of weight just by completing 10k steps a day. Many of them lost inches around their abdomen area and are happy just by completing the required number of steps. Fitness was never so easy. Many other brands came forward to deliver low cost but effective solutions and there is a whole new range of smart fitness wearables available in the market. How cool is that?

Lift your wrist to take the call

One of the wonderful piece of technology is – Apple Watch. It is a maverick device which works like your watch, your smartphone, your fitness tracker, your heartbeat monitor and so forth. All in one device which helps you to quickly go through your calls, messages and social media update.

In this age, cool has the new name and that name is “Apple Watch” definitely.

I am watching you

The growing security issues in India is a matter of concern for all of us. Installing smart security solutions has improved the monitoring by multifold.

Comparing the manual monitoring with security guards to the automated security cameras, the technology wins hands down.

You can be in the office monitoring what is happening at home just at one click. Such a boon.

Lively Home

In his famous show “Koffee with Karan” Karan Johar promptly tells his Google Assistant to switch on the Rapid Fire Lights. Well, yes, smart tech assistants help you do that too..

Be it lighting up your living room in a pattern, or unfolding the upholstery at the click, smart home solutions are in vogue and bring a kind of liveliness to the home.

They also bring in the feeling of being a sophisticated user of this upcoming and well appreciated technology.

Brought home the smartness:

Bringing home the smartness is the need of the hour. Let us see how:

  • Smart TVs
      • Watching your favourite apps on TV is a new thing that all children like.
        • Less screen time on phone
        • Family shows and movies can be enjoyed together
      • Recording Feature / Reminder
        • We can record the TV shows, missed matches and so on to watch later
        • Reminders for favorite shows is the next best thing .
      • Create playlists
        • If you want your kids to go through a specific playlist everyday you can take charge and save it for them.
      • Browse Internet on TV
        • You can browse internet on TV, check emails, send emails and also work on your TV.
  • Smart Phones
      • Plan your day on phone and get reminders of your appointments
      • Install fitness apps to stay up to date with your fitness goals
      • Get messages from schools and latest updates from different activity centers.
      • Install shopping app to get the groceries and other stuff delivered at home
      • Book a cab using a smartphone
      • Order food using your favourite app and many more
  • Smart Home security system
    • Keeping a constant vigil inside as well as outside home thus saving many man hours.
    • Identify any suspicious activity just through a click.
    • If you leave a pet at home, checking on it has become easy with indoor cameras.
  • Smart Home Solutions
    • Managing electricity is now on your fingertips, smart home solutions for electric devices has become increasingly essential.
  • Smartness all over
    • Apart from all the above we have Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant all standing at your doorstep to take your orders and make it happen?


Now the question remains…Are you a doer??? Get Smart and make it happen with Smart technology solutions on Flipkart.

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