Are you sabotaging your weight loss with lock down anxiety?

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Hello, I hope you are doing fine. Stay Home. Stay Indoors and Stay Safe. Most of us have disrupted life schedule due to Covid 19 pandemic and it is now bringing a lot of things in perspective. Many of us have would have experienced some unpleasant and pleasant things during this memorable lock down. Normal relationships may prove to be toxic and vice versa.

Relationship with body

The most important relationship of human being is with his/her own body. That relationship would also see some changes due to this pandemic. Those who are on the weight loss journey would find it difficult to maintain their regime due to closing of gyms and local places for workouts. It is disheartening and saddening. But is that pushing you to sabotage your weigh loss journey? Are you eating what you should not during the lock down? Whether the reason of your binge eating is purely emotional? These are the basic questions that should be asked in case you have been working hard to gain health in 2020.

Weight loss

Are you a emotional eater?

I am an emotional eater. I rely highly on my comfort foods when it comes to anxiety. But off late, I have shrugged that habit of seeking pleasure in eating. It is okay if you want to eat your comfort food due to the uncertainty looming over the world, it is absolutely fine. But it is important to know that comfort food is different than binge eating. Binge eating has a touch of emotional eating to it. Decide one day when you can binge eat, make sure you are consistent with your workouts for keeping your weight constant.

Couch potato or an active person

Your weight loss journey is unique to you and you should be proud of it. It takes unimaginable willpower to transform the body and mind. Be proud of it and feel good that you are strong today. Do not let the couch and the Netflix binge come in your way to workouts and being consistent with food. Keep moving inside home. Make everyday count. 🙂

Not sleeping and not recovering properly

Weight loss efforts are incomplete without proper recovery. Once your body recovers from the fatigue, it is ready to take on the further physical challenges. If the sleep is not complete, it takes a toll on immune system. In these challenging times, sleep is one of the thing which can boost our immunity. Recover well and exercise consistently.

Too much of news and media

Anxiety is built up by consuming too much of news and media. While constantly being at home, try not to feed yourself to these news channels from across the world. It is always better to listen to some news just to understand where the world is going. It is certainly not necessary to feed ourselves to the media and news, it creates unnecessary anxiety and hence sabotages any efforts towards the well being.

Hope you aren’t sabotaging your weight loss efforts because most of you know your why. 🙂


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