How to Overcome Weight loss Plateau One Step At A Time

Are you over 30? Did you just deliver a baby? Or you are a person who always struggles to overcome weight loss plateau?

I have written in the blog posts several times that I was an obese child. All my efforts towards fitness and weight loss have started after the age of 25 years. I wonder what I was doing before that. Well, maybe I was just creating good memories of the food which my mom made and served me with a lot of love and happiness.

But, soon I realized that Food Is Strictly Not For Emotional Needs.

But that was a lesson learned the hard way. 

Have you ever faced weight loss plateau in your weight loss or fitness journey?

You are doing everything absolutely right. Your food is on point ( mostly I am on point when it comes to food. Thanks to meal planning) you are working out with a regime every 4-5 days a week, still, the scale does not budge. Well,  this happens to everyone but for most of us, there is some weight loss plateau going on in our body. 

1Weight Loss Plateau

Why does weight loss plateau occur?

Hormonal Imbalance

Our body functions on a range of hormones and it is very important that they work in accordance with the body. When there are irregularities in body routine, diet, and overall lifestyle, hormonal imbalance occurs.

Here is a detailed post on hormonal imbalance and how to deal with it with food which is always available in your kitchen pantry. But is it that easy? Nope. Hormonal imbalance takes time to reverse but it is always good to stick to a healthy lifestyle. 


We live in a terribly stressful environment where our mostly our cortisol ( hormone that releases when the body is stressed) levels are always high, which interferes with our hunger signals. That is the reason when you are stressed you feel like eating more. Stress interferes with weight loss as well.

Having to reduce weight in a specific period of time is stressful. Sticking to low calorie, fad diet, and working out with unreasonable fitness challenges are some of the causes of stress and therefore stress eating :).  

Calorie Deficit

It is not a reason for weight loss plateau but can be a factor for it. I have personal experience of working out every single day but not seeing any progress on the scale. Some people say progress on scale is not important, it is not important when you are already there at your ideal weight.

It is important when you are still obese like I was. I was whopping 185lbs and was working out every single day without any calorie deficit.

We have to understand that weight loss can not happen without a calorie deficit. While eating with deficit does not mean reducing your calorie intake to the lowest level.

Identify how much food you actually need. Eat mindfully to know the exact needs of your body. Check for calorie deficit first thing if you feel that you have weight loss resistance.


Understanding your body type and working out accordingly is a huge step towards overcoming weight loss resistance. In my experience, I have been a victim of social media (self-proclaimed) which said workout like a beast with huge weights and barbells, eat well, and the body tones. It did not happen to me. I had a personal trainer and I did everything possible to reduce my weight in terms of workouts. But because food habits were not proper, I put on a lot.

How to overcome weight loss plateau?

The point is, just don't fall prey to the information you get without testing it. Take any workout, give it a 15 day period, and check how does it react with your body. Now, when I have switched onto workouts which are faster and HIIT, I could get back to my ideal weight ( +5 kgs though) but never mind. 

Final Thoughts:

Weight loss plateau is not a myth. It is a situation which most of us experience. I have had a first-hand experience of the same and my workouts resulted in body toning. So there is always a win-win.

If the weight does not budge concentrate on your food and think that it is for better health.

Check your form while working out and feel good about it. 

Your clothes would not lie if you have been dropping sizes but the scale would not really budge. That is okay. 

Stop criticizing the body and at once start loving, it will respond better. 

Do not go on crash diets and keep the body in starvation mode. 

Weight Loss Plateau is daunting, but you can manage it well with the above tips. 

How to avoid weight loss overwhelm?


Hello all, how are you? I hope you are safe and sound. The restrictions in India have been eased out a little but it is still a lockdown and it is getting tougher. Most of us are facing weight loss overwhelm. Lockdown or not? any journey of transformation can be overwhelming because you are inviting a lot of changes in your body and your overall environment. Let us see how to avoid getting overwhelmed with the weight loss process.

Trust your body:

Usually people hate their bodies when they attempt weight loss or inch loss, it is always good and sends a positive sign to the body if you appreciate it. Have a positive conversation with your body, it will yield great results. Body listens to the self talk, so we better have a good conversation. Trust the process that body goes through, support its different functions by eating well to amplify the results.


Mindfulness is the toughest thing to follow but once you acquire it, it is going to change your life forever. Understanding your body and knowing its signals is a very very important step. They say the body speaks to us, tells if it is under a distress. By being mindful you can understand your body better.

Stop Comparison:

Social media can be too much at times. There are umpteen transformation stories, people sharing across the mediums. But we need to understand that many of it might not be true. It is just a medium through which people need instant gratification. We do not need that gratification but we need the lifestyle change which is way more sustainable and daunting at the same time. Navigate through comparison and understand that your journey is unique to your body.

Love and gratitude:

Loving your body unconditionally and being grateful for the work that it does for you is the key to reduce stress. Practice gratitude every day and see the changes that the body brings in. It will respond better.

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How to tune into a body transformation mindset?

Why do we speak about body transformation constantly? Is the world running with it? Why it is so important in anyone’s life? Well, it is important because when you are stronger in one facet of life, you are stronger in every facet of life. You display the same resilience, patience, and tenacity in all aspects of life and emerge as a winner. Do you want to be a winner? or keep working with the status quo that is surrounding you and your daily activities? The choice is yours.

What is Body Transformation Mindset?

Stepping out of the comfort zone and doing something different takes a lot of effort. Taking that first step is very important and it is all about mindset when you take that first step. Here are some steps that you need to take to get into a body transformation mindset.

  • Shrugging off the status quo
    • Doing the same thing constantly without getting any result is discouraging. But once you realize that you are undergoing a status quo it is easy to move away from it. Let us understand that this is a very first step for tuning into a body transformation mindset
  • Loving your body
    • Your body is your temple. For undergoing weight loss, it is not appropriate to abuse your body. Some people follow crash diets just to pull down those 5 or 10 kgs. We should first ask ourselves a question, whether the abuse is necessary? Loving your body, understanding the cues and signals that the body shows us is very important.
  • Understanding the long term hazards of crash diets
    • Crash diets impact our hormone system. It lowers immunity and depletes the natural mineral and vitamin absorption by the body in the long term. Adopting a lifestyle that is sustainable and then working towards body transformation is a better way of going about ut.
  • Body transformation through sustainable lifestyle
    • Just because someone has lost oodles of weight does not mean you should lose. Knowing your way before jumping into the transformation is always good. Make an informed decision of what you would like to do and see yourself as in the long run. Creating a sustainable lifestyle around your transformation is the way to make the transformation real and this would make it last forever.
  • Taking yourself and the mistakes you made all along lightly.
    • Ultimately, we are all humans. We do make mistakes but we need to understand it and move forward along the way. At the same time, we should learn from our mistakes. It is a very good mental exercise. It does keep us grounded.

Last but not the least, respecting your body, working in tandem with the body’s requirements is necessary. Life is good when the mind and body are in equilibrium. Try and let me know. If you want to read a complete weight loss guide check the following post.

Hormone Balancing Food For Weightloss During Lockdown

Lockdown can be stressful, anxiety, and also depression, thus, leading to the secretion of various hormones by various glands. Hormones play a vital role when it comes to mental health and physical health of a person. Weight loss could be either aided or delayed because of the different hormones which control our body and mind. These are the chemical messengers that run across the body and send signals to the brain. So the question arises on how to make the hormone system work in favor of weight loss especially when we are in uncertain lockdown?


hormone balancing food

How to regulate hormones?


Good Food: Remember! Food be thy Medicine!

Exercise: The importance of workouts during lockdown can’t be more emphasized on

Meditation: This connects the mind with your soul.

What are the different hormones regulating your body?


Let us also get acquainted with various hormones in our body and the role they play.No, we aren’t bringing you the biological lessons here. But the few hormones which are related to your weightloss.


Thyroid-stimulating hormone:- This one is the most crucial of all when it comes to reducing your weight. This one is responsible for a sluggish or an overactive metabolism.

Insulin:- This hormone acts like a switchboard to fat loss. It is secreted by the organs called the pancreas. It helps in regulating the blood sugar levels which are directly related to the fats storage system in the body.

Glucagon:- Glucagon and insulin are inversely proportional to each other. If levels of insulin are high, then the glucagon will be less. This is a fat-burning hormone.

Cortisol:- This is a stress hormone that increases the level of insulin secreted in the body.

Ghrelin:- This is a hunger hormone. This is also related to hunger pangs. So if you take a balanced diet, chances of this hormone making you dance to its tunes are really less.

Now we know what makes us stressed? And what makes us run to the fridge after a full square meal.


What food would help balancing the hormones?

These are hormones that can be turned into a demon or our friend. Some foods are mentioned here. Clean proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and healthy fat.


Avocadoes:- A high source of monounsaturated fats. This also helps ladies with Polycystic ovary syndrome. This superfood can balance low estrogen levels, thus, helping weight loss.

Butter:- You can get clarified butter/peanut butter/almond butter. This wonder food is a powerhouse of vitamins.  Butter or ghee (clarified butter) has a chain of fatty acids that helps in mobilizing the fats.

Nuts and Seeds:- Walnuts, Almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds are the good food which has again taken the food industry with their miraculous omega 3 fatty acids and high fibre. This helps in keeping the insulin in control.

Vegetables:- Especially cruciferous veggies are rockstars with antioxidants and fiber content in them. The fiber breaks down slowly thus regulating your blood sugar levels and controlling your weight loss.

Fatty Fish:- Mind it, Fatty fish ! Tuna, salmon are some of the examples. Eating this gives you the same harmonizing effect as that after eating walnuts. A rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, this sea food will definitely is your friend during weightloss.

Hormone balance is all about calm

Hope you stay calm during the lockdown and enjoy your weight loss journey with these essential, easy to have hormone-balancing foods.


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Energy Bites for Quick Weightloss

Weight Loss is about how do you manage your energy. Premade, home-made energy bites is the answer to managing your energy.

Breakfast is one of the most important food to start the day. Sometimes, it is not possible to get healthy breakfast. So, usually we resort to cereals and other sugar loaded food. Is eating cereals healthy? yes, it is! If and only if the cereals are home-made. Your body craves sugar in the morning for all the bodily functions that it has to endure for the day. Considering food is fuel philosophy, morning is the best time to have nutritious meal. Having breakfast in the morning aids weight loss kick starting the metabolism of the body.

Nutritious or Loaded with calories:

Native breakfast is the best option to go for if you are on maintenance calories. In India, native breakfast includes  Poha, Upma, Idli, Dosa, Uttapam, Puri aloo etc. These recipes are ingrained in Indian culture but due to the Simple nature of carbs in these recipes, people have started loading them with veggies or some fiber. Apart from Indian breakfast , there are always a range of hyper local fruits available.

Here is a list of breakfast recipes which you can try for quick weightloss and easy to carry:

Two Ingredients Energy Bites:

  • Combine Dates and Grated Coconut in mixer, add cardamom for flavor and your energy balls are ready.

Mixed Flour Balls

  • Dry Roast Ragi or Little Millet Flour and any other millet flour, add country sugar to it when it is warm and roll balls out of it. These balls are super nutritious and healthy.

Mixed Nuts Balls

  • Nuts and seeds are underrated for weight loss. In fact, all the nuts and seeds provide vitamins which we can not get from any other food source. Nuts, seeds and dates are the best combination to roll into balls or into a bar.

Oats, Seeds and Dates Balls

  • Dry roast oats and pumpkin, sunflower and other seeds of your choice, mix with dates or any other nut butter and roll it into a ball. You get the goodness of all the ingredients with sweetness of dates which would satisfy your cravings.


  • You can add Vanilla, Peanut Butter or Almond butter or cardamom or saffron for flavor. Rolling the balls into grated coconut would give it a tempting look.

So why wait, just go ahead and make a batch. Let me know whether you like it.

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