How to avoid weight loss overwhelm?


Hello all, how are you? I hope you are safe and sound. The restrictions in India have been eased out a little but it is still a lockdown and it is getting tougher. Most of us are facing weight loss overwhelm. Lockdown or not? any journey of transformation can be overwhelming because you are inviting a lot of changes in your body and your overall environment. Let us see how to avoid getting overwhelmed with the weight loss process.

Trust your body:

Usually people hate their bodies when they attempt weight loss or inch loss, it is always good and sends a positive sign to the body if you appreciate it. Have a positive conversation with your body, it will yield great results. Body listens to the self talk, so we better have a good conversation. Trust the process that body goes through, support its different functions by eating well to amplify the results.


Mindfulness is the toughest thing to follow but once you acquire it, it is going to change your life forever. Understanding your body and knowing its signals is a very very important step. They say the body speaks to us, tells if it is under a distress. By being mindful you can understand your body better.

Stop Comparison:

Social media can be too much at times. There are umpteen transformation stories, people sharing across the mediums. But we need to understand that many of it might not be true. It is just a medium through which people need instant gratification. We do not need that gratification but we need the lifestyle change which is way more sustainable and daunting at the same time. Navigate through comparison and understand that your journey is unique to your body.

Love and gratitude:

Loving your body unconditionally and being grateful for the work that it does for you is the key to reduce stress. Practice gratitude every day and see the changes that the body brings in. It will respond better.

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Easy Dinner Recipes For Weight loss

Dinner is extremely tricky at times when it comes to weight loss. Most people complain that they can keep themselves away from junk food but when it is dinner time, they can seldom keep the promise of having healthy food. It is so natural to have such feelings. Here are Easy Dinner Recipes for Weight loss which you can bank on. Just prepare your meal plan ahead and you are good to go. Having a plan in place helps in the following way.

Benefits of Meal Planning for Effective Weight Loss

  • You are sure about your meals
  • Meal plans avoid the uncertainty around food
  • In the times of lock-down, it is easy to estimate the supplies
  • You can be consistent with workout because your meals are planned and assured

How to plan meals?

  • Meals should be planned around your activities.
  • It is necessary to understand the timings of your workout and your other chores to plan meals effectively.
  • It is better to have your meals freshly prepared so while planning you will have to take that time out.
  • If you are preparing meals on the weekend, you will have to make sure that the food pattern is interesting and you do not get bored along the way through the week.
  • If possible count macros that are required for your activity every day. If you are working out regularly plan your pre and post-workout meals.
  • Divide your meals into 6 portions.
    • Breakfast ( 1 hour after waking up)
    • Mid Morning Snack (2-3 hours after BF)
    • Lunch ( 2 hours after MM Snack)
    • Mid Noon Snack ( 2 hours after lunch)
    • Dinner ( 2 hours after Snack)
    • Token Dinner ( If needed )
  • Make sure your dinner is 2-3 hours before bed time.
Easy Dinner Recipes

Here we are first emphasizing on Easy Dinner Recipes because that is the most tricky part.

  • The dinner should be done around 6.30 to 7.00 pm. Preferably should be having some complex carbs. Token dinner can be a nice soup or a cooked salad. If you already had enough food till dinner time, you can have soups here as well.
  • Dinner options:
    • Porridge ( Oats, broken wheat, semolina)
    • Paneer ( Cottage Cheese ) bhurjee
    • Stir-fried vegetables
    • Multigrain dosa/pancake with chutney
    • Multigrain tortila/ roti
    • Corn and Carrot Salad
    • Corn peas soup.
    • Beetroot tomato soup
    • Apple spinach soup
    • Whole wheat upma

These are Easy Dinner Recipes which never fail. If you are achieving your goals with the existing plan, great but in case you have some issue with it, try the above pointers and let us know.

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Losing Weight As Beginner

Losing Weight As Beginner

We at The 5 AM Mommy have been running a theme of Losing Weight. There have been many theories about how we gain weight and what are the ways to reduce the same. But the real thing is every body’s weight loss journey is unique. It starts only when someone wants to come out of their comfort zone, do something for themselves. None of the diet or food habits are “ One Size Fits All”. But there are many guidelines which you can look at before embarking on this journey. We are already in the second month of the year and we still have 10 months to make a difference.


What happens in the process of Losing Weight?

Weight loss is a simple calculation which happens inside the body. The formula is

Calories in – Calories out = Negative Calories

For example, if you are eating 1600 calories a day and expending 2000 calories then you care creating a deficit of 400 calories which is good for weight loss. The answer to Calories in – Calories out should be in negative calories for weight loss.

What is a healthy weight?

Well, here attaching an ideal weight chart as per the height. It also has Body Mass Index which has the following formula

BMI =  (Weight/ Height2)

Your Body Mass Index brings you in the category of Healthy/ Overweight/ Obese. This is one specific measure where you can understand what your body requires, whether it needs to lose the weight, or it needs maintenance. Body weight maintenance has the following formula

Calories in – Calories out = 0

If you eat as much as you expend, you will maintain your body weight.

What maintenance and workouts does to the body?

I was a chubby child after 3-4 months of birth as everybody recalls. Born into an orthodox brahmin family, my comfort was food. All ladies in my home were great cooks. As I grew up, I kept dropping some kilos and then putting on when life was easy. I am a fussy eater and do not like to eat many vegetables per se. I was also reluctant to workouts but around 2008 I started training myself seriously into the gym. Since, then as the body changes happened according to age, I have been putting on and then shedding weight at regular intervals. Around 2017 when I was bitten by the bug of developing some muscles, I worked out and ate equally, which incidentally put on 20 kgs. I was regular in my work outs and was eating at the maintenance threshold.

What calorie deficit does to the body?

As the muscles started developing, I was looking all big without losing the fat which was already there. I still could pull off a grueling 60 min HIIT session with ease, that was the plus point, I knew my endurance is great and so is the stamina. But, unless I lower my BMI, my efforts were not showing up. Slowly, I started eating in the calorie deficit window to shed some weight and now, to this date I have lost around 15 kgs of weight. It just takes that one feeling of not enough. One feeling of “this is not done” and you are off to a great trajectory.

What helped losing weight ?

As I always say, there is no substitute for work  out and breaking a sweat. 30 mins a day is the mantra, no matter what. Also, though it sounds cliché but ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN, no matter how many crunches you do, if you eat unhealthy, it would show up.

  • Increased intensity and lowering the pace of the workouts helped immensely for weight loss
  • Switching from simple carbs to complex carbs was a game changer
  • Refraining from refined sugar also helped.
  • Going gluten free also reduces inflammation and gives boost to weight loss
  • Reducing dairy was a major breakthrough too.

Little more information on Complex Carbs in the next post 😊

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