Blogging is slowly becoming a full-time occupation with advent of Social Media for people who are good at writing and know how to market their skills. There are a couple of major aspects which are covered by blogging. The first one is that this occupation is geographically independent. You can very well be in your pajamas and work the whole day from your bed (Sounds Interesting?). The second one is that once you have a considerable amount of following you can actually amp up your blogging skills and become an influencer. This is the intangible benefit of blogging where you become popular among your internal and external circle. But there are downsides to it too. Blog traffic is generally a cause of concern and it actually takes a lot of efforts to bring a considerable amount of visitors on the blog organically. Organically meaning without any adverts or paid to boost.

Traffic Woes:

Blogging is fun when you get organic traffic on your blog without much hassle. Fortunately, there are many avenues where you can post and appreciate people’s work which might get reciprocated to you. There are exclusive platforms for blogging which bring you the steady stream of visitors but what when the life happens and you stop taking the effort to appreciate other bloggers, the traffic plunges and the next step could be a complete STOP to the process of conceiving a blog topic, researching over it, writing and publishing. How to overcome the traffic woes that a blog is going through? Well, the A of Social Media Marketing for Bloggers is KEYWORDS. (Looks complicated? Not really!!)


What are Keywords?

Keywords are the important words which define your content on the blog. As bloggers, we need keywords because they are the anchors to which the content gets attached to in the sea of search queries. Using simple words and phrases as keywords would simplify the search and it would rank your content on the first page of any search.

Easier Said Than Done? Yes, it indeed is..but we can get there slowly….

How to identify Keywords?

Keyword research is an activity which has to be conducted before writing blog posts. Knowing the ranking of the keyword in the search engine it is easy to know what is the competition for a particular keyword. So if there is not much competition for the keyword that means it is the less searched word on the search engine. You can realign your keyword to match the word which has more traction on social media.


  • Start with a topic, your idea or the main word which is called as “Seed”
  • Research about this word on a variety of websites. While researching you should look out for the way the website has used the keyword.
  • Create a list of keywords that are used by various websites and identify their popularity on Google’s keyword planner.

How to use keywords for Search Engine Optimisation?

Once the keyword is in place, you can write your blog post weaving 2 keywords in 100 words. As per the search engine guidelines, the keyword density in an article should be 2%.

If you do not want to dig further there are plugins which you can use to Optimise your blog post as per the keyword.


Yoast SEO

This plugin covers the basic Search Engine Optimisation for the websites and is by far the most downloaded plugin that is there for SEO.


WordPress Bloggers can easily download this plugin and start identifying the keywords through the Google Keyword Planner tool. Ranking on the first page of any web search is a hard work which pays. Blogging with a keyword is always a sound plan to keep those visitors coming.