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The Art of Doing – Nothing

The past week has been tremendously busy. Family gatherings, celebrations, functions and the overdose of love and affection from all sides. Sometimes I crave for such time as it is immensely satisfying. With a lot of parties come a lot of food, late night dinners, zero workouts and I often land in a Topsy Turvy Land which is not very familiar at all. I have said many times in my posts that routine is my paradise, how so ever boring it sounds it is the truth. So how do I get back to my routine is the real key to better productivity. I feel everything happens as a part of a cycle and to start, we certainly need to halt at some point. For me, that point is La Dolce Far Niente, which literally means the sweetness of doing NOTHING in Italian. Doing nothing certainly helps dealing with stress. If you are battling with stress and anxiety, the art of doing nothing is meant for you.


Recently I read a book called “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert and for the love of “Julia Roberts” watched the movie with all my heart where “La Dolce Far Niente” term is pretty elaborated when she travels to Italy as a part of her expedition. Since childhood, doing nothing is my fantasy. Being a child I practiced it very well and was being called lazy many a times. But they never knew the real bliss of a person like me who knows how to do NOTHING. 🙂

Have you ever wondered how your day would be if you take time out for “La Dolce Far Niente”?

Doing nothing needs equal efforts as running on the treadmill because it requires a great determination to stop the urge which makes us do something or the other all the time.

We usually crave for weekends and small gateways to relax, what if we infuse these moments of “La Dolce Far Niente” in our routines just to sit back and stare out of that window, with zero intention and zero thoughts…that way it would certainly become a meditation of sorts where you connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Workouts make me happy, but doing nothing makes me happier so I am going to infuse my time of sweet nothings into my routine and see whether that scale really budges 🙂

What would you do to do nothing? Would love to know.

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  1. Amanda

    Really cool input- I love working out too and I am getting better at doing nothing. As an enterpreneur the art of La Dolce Far Niente is what we do crave but then feel guilty for it because the mind takes you to soooo many places.

    This was a cool perspective. I love Elizabeth Gilbert!

  2. Elaine

    I guess it defines what doing nothing is. I think it would be hard for me to do absolutely nothing! But maybe my definition of doing nothing is sitting reclined in a chair and reading a book or watching a triology movie from start to finish. Lol, does that count as doing nothing?

    1. admin

      Doing nothing is doing something which makes you enjoy the moment. Looking at a flower is as good as reading a book. so I think that counts. Love your blog posts Elaine. Following it up..

  3. Jen Nipps

    Sometimes I have to make myself do nothing. I use at least one weekend day a month to do that. Usually, I always have something going, so doing nothing feels decadent.

    1. admin

      That is so me..but after seeing eat pray love and reading the book, I have started taking these little breaks throughout the day..It helps…Thank you Jen

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