Hello All! Now that we have come to an end of “KnowYourGolu” series, I feel it is important to let our readers know the blogging regime for the next 22 days. We owe you interesting posts and life experiences too. I have divided these 22 days into 7 types of blogs for 3 days each. I thought this would also trigger some ideas for the fellow bloggers of the Challenge .As we have exhausted the “culture” blogs with “KnowYourGolu”, I bring to you these blogs for the rest of the days.

  1. Health & Fitness blogs
  2. Book Reviews
  3. Movie Reviews
  4. Recipes(Indian and Vegetarian)
  5. Relationship stories
  6. Pet blogs
  7. And Some Interview blogs.

This is just a rough outline which is subject to changes

That sounds lot of home work!Only this, for today. Hope we all bang on our targets! Till the next post..Have a happy reading!