The “other” man

Hers was a love marriage. Radha married Rence after a long struggle with parents and society. They were living independently all by each other’s support. They had a baby and everything was just picture perfect. Until the storm hit her by when she found that her husband was bisexual. She didn’t want to hear about ‘the other man’ in her life but she knew clearly that other man meant life for her husband.
She was unable to tell anyone about this and parents were long left behind. She loved him and he loved her too. She was hurt deep down and frustrated. But she felt that at least he was being honest to her.
Days passed on and for the unconditional love she had for him, she accepted the tough fact about him. She hugged him and said,’ I love you and that is more important for me’. He also hugged her.
Tears rolled down her eyes when he took her close and gradually she started crying out her heart out to vent it out.
 She shouted loudly only to wake up and reach for the button to the lampshade. She gasped. She looked at him who was in deep sleep. The lamp lighted up his face. He was very much there. Calm cuddled with the blanket and yes with his All MANLY looks.