With so much happening in the country, I had lost my heart to post my food plate on Instagram.The Instagram handle and The Blog - The 5 am mommy are niched for Health and fitness. As the people suffer across India, post covid stress is one REAL thing. That actually has wrecked havoc in my life ( read tummy). For those who know me, I have suffered from IBS some years ago and was managing it with proper food and exercise regime. But post covid it has erupted like any dormant volcano. The only place I feel good is the potty seat 🤪 from past few days. Getting back is going to be a huge task. But wanted to share this with all of you. Still trying to find my normal! What can you expect from this page?? #ibsawareness #lowfodmapdiet #myibslife #myibsjourney and my #fitnessjourney I have realised that #fitness doesn’t look like #instastories. It is real. :)
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