Thank you for the immense response to our weight loss series. We are committed to bringing more articles related to health and wellness. Just as a next step, we thought it is important to talk about workout and recovery.

Workouts and Recovery: 

When we say it is good to workout 5 days a week, it is important to understand whether the body is recovering after 2 days of continuous workouts and whether that fatigue is causing you to hate the workouts.

Workout Recovery

Here are the signs of poor recovery:

  1. Constant Fatigue
    1. Some people often complain that working out makes them feel tired. The actual effect of working out should be the opposite of getting exhausted or tired. The endorphins which are released in the body after a workout makes the body feel good. So, the fatigue after a workout is a result of poor muscle recovery. If you are considering a workout after a long gap, check whether you have had enough rest the day earlier. This is to prevent unnecessary fatigue and tiredness. 
  2. Sore body
    1. Body pain is a common sign of fatigue induced by exercise. The sore body needs to be rested and given some time to recover. 
  3. Sleep issues
    1. If the body has not recovered, sleep is usually disturbed. Inadequate sleep may induce fatigue and muscle soreness. So, all the above things are interconnected. 
  4. Loss of Appetite:
    1. It is said that if you train more there may be an increase in hormones called epinephrine and norepinephrine which cause loss of appetite.

How to overcome poor recovery

  1. Proper sleep: 
    1. Exercise after you are recovered yields better results. You should try and sleep as per the needs of your body. Sleep is the best recovery pill. 
  2. Nutrition: 
    1. It is said that Magnesium aids sleep as it possesses the ability to relax muscles. It also helps to speed up the recovery. Incorporating Magnesium in the diet helps improve muscle function. Electrolyte balance can be achieved with magnesium. 
  3. Hydrating: 
    1. Keep drinking water post-workout and after workouts to break down the nutrients for the body to function at the optimal level. It helps the heart rate recovery too. 

Are you to overcome recovery issues through nutrition? Well, tune into our next post.

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