Hypothyroid is one catastrophe that has hit many of us in the last decade. If you are the one having underactive thyroid I am sure you would agree with me. Hypothyroidism is a condition that is the most common and yet the most ignored condition in recent times. The best part about it is, even if you are following your food regime and workout properly, the numbers on the scale may skyrocket, leaving you surprised and appalled at the same time. Many times I feel, hypothyroidism is the test of patience for all those who are suffering from it.

Hypothyroid is a condition that occurs due to underactive thyroid gland. Let us see what are the basic functions of the thyroid gland. 

Regulates Basal Metabolic Rate ( BMR) 

BMR is the number of calories we burn even at rest for basic bodily functions. 

Helps to synthesize protein and carbohydrates

Regulates emotional stability of adults

Increases oxygen consumption by all the organs.

In short, it is a gland that secrets hormones that promote growth and development. We all know by now that Thyroid gland secrets T3, T4, Thyroxin Stimulating Hormone ( TSH). As per a report from Precise Nutrition nearly 2 percent of adult women, 2.5 percent of pregnant women, and nearly 5 to 12 percent of women are affected by this condition postpartum.

What are the strategies that you can use for weight management with hypothyroidism?

  • Elimination of processed food 
    • In case you haven’t been into clean eating, I suggest you consider it. 
    • Include more fruits, veggies, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.
  • Get Ample Sleep 
    • Getting in that short nap during the day is a game-changer 

Keep moving

Easier said than done but getting in those 10000 steps just on any day would help. 

Strength training 3 times a day would definitely help to boost metabolism.

Again, do not overdo any of the physical activity. Just find what makes you feel better. 

Stress management

Many of us are terrible at managing stress. Make journaling a habit and you would not regret it. 

Adding protein to each of your meals.

As per the Precise Nutrition guide referenced below having palm-size protein in each meal would increase satiety.

These are some simple things that we can incorporate in our daily schedule to get things on track. Many of us are jittery when we do not plan our food. We tend to overeat or eat whatever is available. Planning each meal just a day ahead would make a lot of difference. 

Having all meals handy would also reduce a lot of taking aways. Lockdown has contributed to the habit of home-cooked food, but the habit should continue. Home-cooked meals usually are rich in nutrients than takeaway food. Whip up that coffee at home instead of grabbing it from Starbucks.


How many of us really recover after having a grueling day? Most of us do not and we carry forward that fatigue for the rest of the day or week. Having a good night’s sleep is the answer to recovery. 

Make sure you have a proper nightly self-care routine to be on track. 

As long as you are healthy and cutting through those PRs on the barbell, Doing flawless yogasanas, or working on your squats, you are good to go, hypothyroid, or not. 🙂 


Reference: Precise Nutrition