Non Scale Victory – A better way to weight loss

Is weight loss without a weighing scale possible? The answer to this question is Yes!! Say hello to Non Scale Victory. 

Are you wondering what is it?

There would be so many days when you are not motivated to workout just because the scale is not moving at all.

There might be many reasons for it but there is a usual tendency to blame it on the food we eat or you are not exercising enough to lose weight on a weighing scale. Let us walk you through some important aspects of weight loss that you are not seeing any change on your weighing scale. 

The weight loss industry is much more about that coveted number on the scale which fits our BMI ( Body Mass Index), but it is worth noting and remembering that our bodies are beyond that scale and the number. 

There are millions of functions that are run by our body every single day with a perfect balance of hormones and other bodily activities and the onus is on us to be kind to the body and appreciate what it does for us. What if the number does not resemble the one that is decided by the ” Weight loss industry”. 

So, let us understand what are the non scale victories that we must seek from your workouts and food regimen. If you score 3 out of these 5 non-scale victories you are definitely rocking your fitness regimen for sure.

You are waking fresh every morning 

Waking up fresh without any body pain in the morning is the first nonscale victory that you should be happy about. In case your mornings are tired and you do not want to be up for the day, there is something in your routines that you should address.

All your clothes are loose / You are able to wear those old jeans

Your clothes tell the story of your hard work and it is one of the biggest non-scale victories that you can have. If you find the clothes aren’t snugly fitting anymore you are on your right track. 

You do not crave sweets/chocolates or sugar anymore.

Most of us crave sugar often, this craving is more post 7.00 PM. If you do not crave sugar anymore, that is one of the good signs and can be called as a non-scale victory. 

You are rocking your push-ups and other workouts 

You look forward to everyday workouts and are doing things which seemed difficult some months before. Are you able to do that handstand or headstand flawlessly? you have a non-scale victory to count for.

You are energetic throughout the day 

This is definitely the best thing that can happen to anybody. All that hard work on fitness and food is all about feeling better about yourself, feeling energetic. If you are energetic throughout the day and feel good about yourself, you have an amazing non-scale victory on cards.

These are just some things that I could quickly sum up. Nonscale victories are very very special and can not be generalized for everyone.

Check how much did you score for the questions above and see if you need to change anything in your fitness regime or food regime. Trust your body and fall in love with it, your body will definitely show that love back.