How to avoid weight loss overwhelm?


Hello all, how are you? I hope you are safe and sound. The restrictions in India have been eased out a little but it is still a lockdown and it is getting tougher. Most of us are facing weight loss overwhelm. Lockdown or not? any journey of transformation can be overwhelming because you are inviting a lot of changes in your body and your overall environment. Let us see how to avoid getting overwhelmed with the weight loss process.

Trust your body:

Usually people hate their bodies when they attempt weight loss or inch loss, it is always good and sends a positive sign to the body if you appreciate it. Have a positive conversation with your body, it will yield great results. Body listens to the self talk, so we better have a good conversation. Trust the process that body goes through, support its different functions by eating well to amplify the results.


Mindfulness is the toughest thing to follow but once you acquire it, it is going to change your life forever. Understanding your body and knowing its signals is a very very important step. They say the body speaks to us, tells if it is under a distress. By being mindful you can understand your body better.

Stop Comparison:

Social media can be too much at times. There are umpteen transformation stories, people sharing across the mediums. But we need to understand that many of it might not be true. It is just a medium through which people need instant gratification. We do not need that gratification but we need the lifestyle change which is way more sustainable and daunting at the same time. Navigate through comparison and understand that your journey is unique to your body.

Love and gratitude:

Loving your body unconditionally and being grateful for the work that it does for you is the key to reduce stress. Practice gratitude every day and see the changes that the body brings in. It will respond better.

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Easy Dinner Recipes For Weight loss

Dinner is extremely tricky at times when it comes to weight loss. Most people complain that they can keep themselves away from junk food but when it is dinner time, they can seldom keep the promise of having healthy food. It is so natural to have such feelings. Here are Easy Dinner Recipes for Weight loss which you can bank on. Just prepare your meal plan ahead and you are good to go. Having a plan in place helps in the following way.

Benefits of Meal Planning for Effective Weight Loss

  • You are sure about your meals
  • Meal plans avoid the uncertainty around food
  • In the times of lock-down, it is easy to estimate the supplies
  • You can be consistent with workout because your meals are planned and assured

How to plan meals?

  • Meals should be planned around your activities.
  • It is necessary to understand the timings of your workout and your other chores to plan meals effectively.
  • It is better to have your meals freshly prepared so while planning you will have to take that time out.
  • If you are preparing meals on the weekend, you will have to make sure that the food pattern is interesting and you do not get bored along the way through the week.
  • If possible count macros that are required for your activity every day. If you are working out regularly plan your pre and post-workout meals.
  • Divide your meals into 6 portions.
    • Breakfast ( 1 hour after waking up)
    • Mid Morning Snack (2-3 hours after BF)
    • Lunch ( 2 hours after MM Snack)
    • Mid Noon Snack ( 2 hours after lunch)
    • Dinner ( 2 hours after Snack)
    • Token Dinner ( If needed )
  • Make sure your dinner is 2-3 hours before bed time.
Easy Dinner Recipes

Here we are first emphasizing on Easy Dinner Recipes because that is the most tricky part.

  • The dinner should be done around 6.30 to 7.00 pm. Preferably should be having some complex carbs. Token dinner can be a nice soup or a cooked salad. If you already had enough food till dinner time, you can have soups here as well.
  • Dinner options:
    • Porridge ( Oats, broken wheat, semolina)
    • Paneer ( Cottage Cheese ) bhurjee
    • Stir-fried vegetables
    • Multigrain dosa/pancake with chutney
    • Multigrain tortila/ roti
    • Corn and Carrot Salad
    • Corn peas soup.
    • Beetroot tomato soup
    • Apple spinach soup
    • Whole wheat upma

These are Easy Dinner Recipes which never fail. If you are achieving your goals with the existing plan, great but in case you have some issue with it, try the above pointers and let us know.

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How to use Chia Seeds for weight loss


Chia seeds are all rage around the world. Let’s take a sneak peek into their weight loss properties.

Weight loss journey comes up with many challenges. Scale is going down but inches loss is not seen. Inches go down but the scale doesn’t move. There are situations when you want to give up. Give up on the workouts. Eat that ham burger/ or that pie which you feel will comfort you. But there are some tricks and tips which can be included in your diet and which really
aids in further shredding of those stubborn extra pounds mostly around your belly. Fibrous diet wins most of the brownie points when it comes to weight loss. Ideally a person should have 25-30 grams of fiber intake on a daily basis. Fiber makes you feel fuller and thus keeps you satiated for longer hours than the other food.
Now there are some super foods which can aid weight loss. Chia Seeds have taken the world by its miraculous nutritional profile.

chia seeds for weightloss

Important facts about Chia seeds

  1. 100 grams of Chia seeds get you a 34 grams of fiber intake. And has many other micro nutrients.
  2. Excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids.
  3. Rich in antioxidants
  4. Loaded with vitamins,minerals,essential fats,calcium,manganese,zinc etc.

Ways and methods to incorporate Chia seeds in your diet

  1. Sprinkle a few seeds to any food
  2. Add a spoon to smoothies
  3. Soak them a night before and eat it in the overnight soaked and refrigerated oatmeal

Some other benefits of Chia seeds are

  1. Increases your energy levels and stamina
  2. Stronger immune system
  3. Cleanses the colon
  4. Reduces inflammation and arthritis
  5. Helps in prevention of cancer
    So, why wait? Get your pack of Chia seeds now!!

Hormone balancing food guide is just here..

Hormone Balancing Food For Weightloss During Lockdown

Hormone Balancing food for aiding weightloss

Lockdown can be stressful, anxiety, and also depression, thus, leading to the secretion of various hormones by various glands. Hormones play a vital role when it comes to mental health and physical health of a person. Weight loss could be either aided or delayed because of the different hormones which control our body and mind. These are the chemical messengers that run across the body and send signals to the brain. So the question arises on how to make the hormone system work in favor of weight loss especially when we are in uncertain lockdown?


hormone balancing food

How to regulate hormones?


Good Food: Remember! Food be thy Medicine!

Exercise: The importance of workouts during lockdown can’t be more emphasized on

Meditation: This connects the mind with your soul.

What are the different hormones regulating your body?


Let us also get acquainted with various hormones in our body and the role they play.No, we aren’t bringing you the biological lessons here. But the few hormones which are related to your weightloss.


Thyroid-stimulating hormone:- This one is the most crucial of all when it comes to reducing your weight. This one is responsible for a sluggish or an overactive metabolism.

Insulin:- This hormone acts like a switchboard to fat loss. It is secreted by the organs called the pancreas. It helps in regulating the blood sugar levels which are directly related to the fats storage system in the body.

Glucagon:- Glucagon and insulin are inversely proportional to each other. If levels of insulin are high, then the glucagon will be less. This is a fat-burning hormone.

Cortisol:- This is a stress hormone that increases the level of insulin secreted in the body.

Ghrelin:- This is a hunger hormone. This is also related to hunger pangs. So if you take a balanced diet, chances of this hormone making you dance to its tunes are really less.

Now we know what makes us stressed? And what makes us run to the fridge after a full square meal.


What food would help balancing the hormones?

These are hormones that can be turned into a demon or our friend. Some foods are mentioned here. Clean proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and healthy fat.


Avocadoes:- A high source of monounsaturated fats. This also helps ladies with Polycystic ovary syndrome. This superfood can balance low estrogen levels, thus, helping weight loss.

Butter:- You can get clarified butter/peanut butter/almond butter. This wonder food is a powerhouse of vitamins.  Butter or ghee (clarified butter) has a chain of fatty acids that helps in mobilizing the fats.

Nuts and Seeds:- Walnuts, Almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds are the good food which has again taken the food industry with their miraculous omega 3 fatty acids and high fibre. This helps in keeping the insulin in control.

Vegetables:- Especially cruciferous veggies are rockstars with antioxidants and fiber content in them. The fiber breaks down slowly thus regulating your blood sugar levels and controlling your weight loss.

Fatty Fish:- Mind it, Fatty fish ! Tuna, salmon are some of the examples. Eating this gives you the same harmonizing effect as that after eating walnuts. A rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, this sea food will definitely is your friend during weightloss.

Hormone balance is all about calm

Hope you stay calm during the lockdown and enjoy your weight loss journey with these essential, easy to have hormone-balancing foods.


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How to Prevent Weight Gain During Lockdown

Hello, I hope all of you are doing great in the times of Covid19. India has extended the lockdown for another 19 odd days and I am sitting at my window writing yet another post on the lockdown period. Most of us have seen the memes which have been floated over social media, mostly about how thin you would be at the start of lockdown and how much would you gain weight at the end of it. Weight gain is super subjective. For some people suffering from pre-existing conditions, it is absolutely ok to be on the higher side of the ideal weight. People who are under medications also tend to put on more than usual. That is okay and we should be able to accept it wholeheartedly thanking our body to help us go through those physical conditions. But other than that if it is for your boredom that you are snacking around, this post is a good check.

Weight Gain

Today we are not talking about weight loss, here are some of our posts for weight loss

Here are some reasons for weight gain during the lockdown.

  • Emotional eating is one of the major reasons for weight gain during the lockdown. The feeling of confinement is overwhelming. Being at one place not moving much around hence binge eating is a pattern that needs to be broken. You have to train your mind out of emotional eating.
  • Anxiety may cause occasional panic attacks that may subside with some snacks at hand. It is always good to eat some low-calorie snacks to keep up the goal weight.
  • With no maids or household help at hand, Indian people are on their own for the first time in their lives in terms of household chores. Some people may take it easily but some may find it as a burden, in that case just make a schedule and get busy to avoid unnecessary snacking.
  • Too many restrictions in terms of food may result in binge eating. It is always good to know that we are human beings and it is quite natural to have cravings. Giving in those cravings and treating yourself a couple of times in a week is good. That will keep you from unnecessary calorie load.
  • When we are confined at home, it is very natural to feel alone. Remember, we are together in this. Spend every day with a lot of positivity and make way to better health by exercising at least 30 mins a day. The rush of endorphins is all we need sometimes.

Have you gained weight during the lockdown? Well, don’t let the next lockdown take a toll on you.

3 tips to sustain the weight loss in times of lockdown

I hope you all are doing good. Praying for your health, wellness and sustained weight loss :). In India, the lockdown has been extended for another 15 days. Though it is for our good, it is a little difficult to endure more than 15 days, to be honest.

We have written in our “Mental Health” series about how to endure the situation and make yourself strong during this difficult time. While thinking about the lockdown, one thing looks very common among the world’s weight watchers. Sustaining weight loss. For weight loss which demand a special type of food regimen, the limited supply of resources will make it difficult to sustain.


Here are some of the tips that one can follow to sustain the diet that you are observing.

  • Intermittent fasting:
    • When there are optimal supplies it is always better to resort to intermittent fasting for weight loss. Intermittent fasting allows you to eat twice a day at specific intervals. This eating regime eventually leads to limited consumption of calories hence, helps you sustain the weight loss.
  • Working out every day
    • Now, as we are homebound, we have ample time to workout. If your weight loss regime had 4 days of workout, now it is time to amp it up to 6 days keeping one day for active recovery where you can still burn calories.
  • Keeping active throughout the day
    • Most of us are working out from home, where it is utmost easy to avoid being sedentary. In India, we are left with no house help so we have to do all household chores by ourselves. That leaves a lot of room for movement. Keeping active throughout the day is a boon for weight loss and in this lockdown gladly we would be able to consciously implement that.

Weight loss is all about calories out minus calories in. Weight watchers should be able to achieve the same as the above three tips. If there is anything else apart from the above three tips that you can think of. Let us know.