Les Mills Body Combat Workout Review

Introduction What are your go-to workout routines? well, I have quite a few. For some days now I have been running and on other days I am totally hooked onto the Les Mills On Demand Body Combat Workouts. I have already written the review for Les Mills On Demand App...

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How to stay in shape without any workouts?

Maximizing physical activity when you are in a sedentary job can be a challenge. This sounds pretty cliché but human beings are made for activity, we aren’t made for sitting long hours and doing nothing. Now, that there is a guideline for doing 10,000 steps a day...

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Tribhanga – concept, narrative and review

As I sat beside the window reminiscing my kathak classes with Guruji Jigyasa Giri, I fondly remembered the way pre covid classes were conducted. Looking at most of us madam had told candidly about Tribhanga posture, little did she know she had sown a seed of curiosity...

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Hi, This is The 5 AM Mommy

This blog is written by two mommies, Snehal and Shrilekha who are passionate about fitness. You will find answers to all your fitness and weight loss queries on this blog.