Periods are such a bummer when you are following a regular regime of workouts. If you are PMSing 4-5 days earlier, normal workouts also become difficult. Many people do not prefer to workout during periods. But there are many people including athletes who prefer working out. 

I just thought to visit this topic to end the confusion. 

I am sure there is half the female population that would say it is ok to take rest and there would be half of the ladies that would say working out during periods would make them feel better. So here is the verdict. 

It is absolutely about what are you feeling on the first day of your periods.

Severe cramping during periods is a common reason why we do not work out. Let us take a look at how can the cramping be reduced. Though the cramps can not be generalized, using the following tips may help alleviate them:

Warm Compress

A warm bath or a warm compress: With years of experience 😉 I can tell warm compress or a warm water bag helps reduce period cramps. In case you are commuting to your office, just take a warm water bag and fill it with water and sit for your work. 

Massaging with essential oils

Massaging the lower belly and back with eucalyptus oil helps alleviate the pain. I have tried it first hand and believe me it does work. 

Take Rest

My personal strategy for reducing the period pain is taking rest when I am in pain. A lot of standing can increase the pain.  The tummy pain may radiate through the body. Some ladies also experience light increase in body temperature. So the only way to reduce these symptoms is taking rest through the time. It usually takes a day to subside. 

Workout during period, is it worth it? 

I have been working out from last 12 years, but I have always taken a break  on the first day because physically I know what my body can do and what it can not pull off. But working out for me is also giving an hour to myself, to make myself feel better in all the chaos which usually go on the whole day. 

If you HAVE to workout during period then choose something which does not involve any kind of inversion as it may restrict the natural flow. 

Meditation for 10-15 minutes is a good way to bring yourself back together and get ready for the next day. 

In gym, my trainer used to tell, it is good to workout during periods as it will reduce the pain. You can always try doing some upper body workouts to get yourself going. But again, listen to your body.

When the cramps aren’t really bothersome, I liked doing some shoulder and bicep workouts. Choose wisely if you want to workout.

Foam rolling is also one of the best options to reduce leg and back pain. 


Period pain can be daunting, just listening to your body is the best decision you can make. If you want to workout, just moving around also would help. Planning your workout is the key for not sabotaging your efforts with all the binge eating.