Clean eating is a science of living and more specifically eating which leads to a healthy physical, mental,emotional, psychological and ecological well being.It is very rightly said that “ We are, what we eat”!Human mind succumbs to pressure. There are various kinds of human beings. Some eat more when they are stressed and some keep away from food when they are depressed or anxious. Clean eating is a way of mindful eating where we know what can be consumed, how much can be consumed, when can it be consumed and why should we eat so. It is an easy method to prevent many food related diseases, obesity, heart related diseases and much more.

clean eating

Clean Eating Principles

The basic principles of clean eating are as follows. Following most of them with 100 percent dedication can work wonders in your health related journey.

  1. Real foods. What? I thought food can never be imaginary! Yes, real food meaning whole foods like cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, milk and not taking comfort in opening a pack of readily available chips. This can be achieved through a perfect meal-planner sheet.Avoid processed and refined foods.
  2. Well balanced diet against crash dieting : The importance of which can’t be emphasized more. A nutritious diet can take you places in the long run. Remember it is a marathon and not a sprint.
  3. Check up for your sugar intake: Sugar only adds to the empty calories. It has no great nutritional profile. Keep away from this temptation.Watch out for labels when it comes to cold drinks, and the alcoholic beverages.
  4. Drinking enough water: It is very natural to avoid water especially when seated in chilled Air conditioned room or at the comfort couch. But keep a reminder to drink a glass of water before you pick up a snack or any food to eat.
  5. Portion control: This ability to portion your food comes with the practice of mindful eating.

Remember Clean eating is not only about food but your thoughts,feelings and emotions. Happy clean eating, then!
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