Waking Early Guide for Busy Moms


Being a morning person can be super overwhelming, I totally agree but being a mom we have to be in the bandwagon of waking up early people. And mind you it is just a habit that has to be created to be good at it. Just that? Yes. But how to set a habit you may ask. It is fairly simple. Just making up your mindset is the first step. I am sure you would say, what?? I do not want to wake up early ever and want to lie in my bed till afternoon. Yes, that also can be adjusted in your busiest routine, but if you are good at getting up early in the first place. But wouldn’t switch on and off hurt the whole process of creating a habit?

Let us check it out.


It is said that usually habits are formed as a result of wanting to achieve some goal. Let is keep our morning routine as our goal. It is said that it takes at least 21 days to form a routine. So that means we need to get up early for 21 days at a stretch for it to ingrain in our bodies. It sounds really tough but let us see how we can go about it.

What about the anxiety that I get when I lie down on my bed?

Anxiety is a conscious thought that has a deeper root. Instead of dwelling over that thought just push it out by writing some gratitude prompts. Also, thinking about the work that you might accomplish in the morning as compared to your earlier days will be a relief. Most of us always run out of time when we wake up late. It is like half of the day is already gone. When the anxiety strikes at night, I always try and think of a number of things that I would be able to accomplish if I wake up early.

How do I make my kids understand that I need to wake up early?


Waking up early

If you are a toddler mom and like me, if your toddler just wakes up the moment you wake up in case of co-sleeping, just talk to her/him. Talking it out and telling them why you are waking up early and how it would help you make them comfortable about the fact that you are not going anywhere. I used to wake up and sit just next to the bed working on my table. Some make shift tables would also do good. In case you are yet to set the timetable for the toddlers, do it right away. Being stringent with their timetable will get you the essential time which you need for yourself.

But I work out late at night and like to fall asleep after that.

Same here, I hear you. I worked out late night every single day and slept post-workout. I liked the routine, but even now with the early morning routine you can do the same. Just make sure you sleep a couple of hours early. I love my evening workout regime and do not want to change it for anything. Getting up early does not necessarily mean changing things you love. It is just about adding things that you might thank yourself later.

Will things get better if I wake up early.

I never liked to get up early believe me. I am still not a very morning person. I just like to finish much of my work in the morning so that I am not loaded in the evening. The clarity I get when I wake up early is a lifesaver, otherwise, the day literally runs you. Being the control freak that I am, I really feel that I have the control of my day when I get up early.

Can I get up just half an hour before my usual timing?

The whole thing of being a morning person is to accept yourself. Getting up early is subjective. It can be just getting up half an hour before your usual time and setting that as a benchmark to start with. The fantastic thing about body clock is that it takes its own time to kick in. You do not have to force it. Take it slow. Nobody becomes a morning person in a matter of a day. It is a continuous improvement that finally brings in a huge change.

Being busy:

All moms are busy. They do have a lot on their hands, but it is always good to share your load with people who care for you. Share your load and make yourself some time to embark on this new journey. Give yourself ample time to come out of that Business ( Busy-ness) Overwhelm. Believe me, waking up early is worth every effort, early is subjective and has a different meaning for different individuals. The first step is to decide what is your early and how are you going to set up your morning routine.


The Real Secret To Weight Loss Is Here


Hello all, I hope you are doing good. The real secret to weight loss is a topic that was on my mind for a long time. We all meal plan, some plan physically on pen and a paper and some do it intuitively with the stuff available in the pantry, let us take a deeper look at meal planning for weight loss. I have lost 40 lbs and I can personally tell you if you do not go for meal planning, there are many instances that we just eat whatever is available ( that includes cheerios, Doritos and the likes 😊)


To be honest, this is not my first weight loss cycle, I have been putting on and losing much weight in the past. But this time around, I was serious about losing weight and sustaining it. Every day I had decided to make a difference and change my habits. I was always planning my meals, but now it included more vegetables, fruits, and more raw produce. It was not intuitive. For a regular intake of fruits and veggies, I had to plan for grocery and vegetable shopping.  Here are some steps which make meal planning easier.

The Real Secret To Weight Loss



Check what you have in the pantry and in your refrigerator. List down things you want to include in your meal plan.

There is no specific step for starting the meal planning, but I feel the above step helps us stay on track and be specific about our needs and not waste food.


Actual meal planning is the next step. Check your weekly goal for weight loss or fitness. Usually one can lose around 1 pound in a week with proper food and workouts every day. So, for now let us keep that goal in front of us. For losing one pound a week, unless you are not doing Intermittent Fasting, you would need a small amount of food every two hours. That would include nuts, fruits, and a generous amount of vegetables.


Jot down your requirements and get it from the store. Stock it based on their expiry date or the perishable nature. I like to plan my meals based on the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits like Banana and Mango which have high perishability should be quickly consumed. Plan to eat them in the first two days of your meal plan. If you are making any batters plan them in the first four days of your meal plan.  Cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli, Cauliflower stay for a bit long time so plan to eat them in the last leg of the week. Spinach and all other green leafy vegetables should be consumed quickly in one or two days.


Put it all on paper when you have a mind map. Many ladies do it intuitively but people like me write it down and then make the meals as per the plan. It is good to have the meal plan on hand to prevent eating junk food which may sabotage the weight loss.


Remember, though you have planned for your meals, there might be some other hindrances to follow the exact plan. Just accept it and be on track for the next meal, or the next day. Do not feel bad about not adhering to the plan, just stick to it as much as possible.

Final Words:

Meal planning is worth every effort if you do it diligently. But it must be done with a little preparation. Meal planning for weight loss is a boon and I am going to plan my meal for this week right away. I have been slacking for a long time. 😊




Bed Time Care Rituals To Sleep Better

The lock down has been overwhelming, for all of us. Nights are usually more anxious in the lock down. Our health is paramount at this time and we are doing what we can to stay sane. From boosting immunity to working out, most of us are making the most of these days. But the anxiety still looms making it hard to sleep at night. Here are some simple tips which are tried and tested in Ayurveda.

  • Bath:
    • It is always good to take a nice hot water bath before sleep. You can add eucalyptus oil to water to relieve body pain. Oil massage before bathing is also a good idea. But if you do not like the oily skin post-bath, it is ok to skip.
  • Turmeric Milk:
    • Keep a nice warm cup of turmeric milk once you are done with a bath. Turmeric is a healer, it relieves any throat pain and milk is a complete food. Adding pepper to turmeric milk enhances its properties.
  • Ghee/ Clarified butter on feet:
    • Massaging your soles with clarified butter, coconut oil or ghee is a noted practice in Ayurveda, known as Pada- Feet Abhyangam ( Cleansing). It soothes and relaxes the sensory system. The benefits of Foot Massage before bed are amazing.
  • Putting some oil/ ghee in the naval
    • This is an age-old method that helps to boost all vital organs of the body.
  • Prayers
    • Usually, journalling helps during bedtime but in case you do not want to write, saying a prayer that you like is a good practice as it takes off unnecessary anxiety from the mind and relaxes the body.

With the above ritual, you will fall asleep like a baby and without any anxiety. Milk will make sure that you wake up fresh in the morning without any lethargy.

Let us know if you try…

Easy Weight loss Drinks To Try In Summer

Hello there, I hope you all are doing great. We are just on the brink of the end of lockdown in India. The weather is getting warmer in most parts of India. The lockdown was quite a journey. Most of us have been instrumental in improving immunity while we are given the privilege to take care of our health.

Those who aim at weight loss here are some simple summer drinks that you can try. You can add sugar or skip it, you can also add little salt because most of these drinks can be sweet or savory. These are very very simple recipes you can try.

  • Lemon honey drink:
    • Squeeze half a lemon in water, add honey as per taste, mix it well. Lemon is known for its detox properties along with honey it acts as a diuretic, is great for hair. If you drink it warm, it soothes the sore throat.
    • Adding cinnamon will enhance the taste and boost the insulin function aiding weight loss.
  • Cumin and water drink
    • A very commonly used to drink in India for summers but you can also try this for weight loss because Cumin boosts metabolism aiding weight loss. Mix cumin powder with cold water, add lemon, black salt. Whisk with some mint leaves. Your Jaljeera or Cumin Drink is ready.
  • Buttermilk
    • If you are using dairy, take some curd or yogurt, add some cumin powder, black salt, and whisk it in a blender with some water. You can also add some finely chopped cilantro, raw mango, and mint. Your cooler is ready which can also serve as a simple mid-noon snack.
  • Raw Mango Drink
    • Eating seasonal fruits is never out of fashion. Raw mango drink is quite popular as a cooler and if you add some cumin, cilantro, and mint it becomes a weightloss drink. Take a raw mango, boil and take out the pulp, mix the pulp with black salt, cumin, and some water, whisk it. Top it with cumin and cilantro to give a tasty boost.
  • Triphala Drink
    • We have already written enough about how Triphala helps weight loss, improves your gut bacteria, and helps digestion. It is also good for the eyes. Mix Triphala powder with water and some lemon and your drink is ready. Little pungent in taste but it is good for health.

Weight loss or not these drinks can be taken during summers for their cooling properties. If you are adding sugar, have them as your post workout drink. If it is savory, then use it as a snack in the afternoon. You will not regret. 🙂

Here is our Triphala post

Weight loss Breakfast Recipes You Can Try During Lockdown

Weight loss Breakfast Recipes can be tricky, especially during these lockdown days when we do not move out and do not feel comfortable all day inside home. But that is the order of the day so stay home and stay safe. Weight loss can be daunting if you do not plan your meals ahead.

Weightloss breakfast recipes

Breakfast is the right time to have food which boosts immunity. If you are working out first thing in the morning then it is better to workout with a pre-workout snack. Here are some ideas for weight loss breakfast recipes:

  • Peanut Butter Toast:
    • You can have a whole-wheat toast with peanut butter. For weight loss, it is better to check the quantity of peanut butter.
  • Banana
    • Banana is an excellent source of potassium. It is very filling and easy to carry to the gym as well.
  • Green Smoothies
    • Green smoothies are the best way to get your protein and fiber along with appropriate carbs in one go.
  • Mixed fruit bowl
    • If you prefer to keep your food raw for breakfast this is the biggest option. You can top it up with blueberries that have good antioxidant properties and known to boost immunity.
  • Oats Banana Porridge
    • Best to start the day with loads of fiber with oats and potassium. You can also add some almonds and other dry fruits to make it richer.
  • Native Breakfast
    • Any native breakfast that you have been accustomed to is the best way to start the day. In India, we have idli, dosa, Pongal, upma, poha as native breakfast items. They are heavy at times but with the right portion, you can always make your breakfast more filling and nutritious.
  • Yogurt and berries
    • Yogurt and berries is a simple breakfast that can be put together in a very short time.

These simple weight loss breakfast recipes will surely make your day. These are easy and good for weight loss. If you want to know more about weightloss workouts check out here.

Tips To Stop Binge Eating and Lose Weight

Binge Eating – Is it normal?

First of all let us clear that binge eating does not mean eating pizza, burgers, or any fast food. But Binge eating is a disorder. It is that compulsive overeating which you/ me or we do consciously or subconsciously. 

Compulsive eating abnormal amounts of food. Here, a person who is binge eating is unable to stop his consumption or is in total loss of control. It could be any food. Not necessarily fast food, processed food, or the likes.

Binge eating disorder is quite similar to Night Eating syndrome. Mind it, binge eating can happen to anyone who is absolutely slim and fit. But the consequences of binge eating could be obesity and other disorders. 

Why do we binge eat?

We live in an age full of distractions.

Our life today is more of what goes outside than our inner self. Add to it the screen time we have during eating the food. As a result of which a human being is unable to read his own body signals.

The body doesn’t need those packs of chips while watching every episode of The Game of Thrones. But as they say, Old habits die hard.”

Other biological causes include hormonal irregularities which lead to food addiction.

Psychological conditions like low self-esteem, depression can make find comfort in food, and gradually binge eating becomes a habit.

Symptoms of Binge Eating:

  1. Eating even if the stomach is full
  2. Eating more when alone/isolated
  3. Stocking food for a later time
  4. No satiation
  5. Lack of sensation while binging.

Being mindful while eating is least emphasized given the abundance of everything our generation has. We need to check our timings of eating and be true to ourselves while gauging,” How much is enough?

Binge Eating

Mindful Eating:

As it is written, we live in a world which is full of distractions. We need to slow down and identify the pace of our life to align with mindfulness. If that is not possible, we can start with just some rituals. Rituals usually help us find our way into a habit that is more sustainable. Some rituals we know and some are being taught to us by our ancestors or our elders.

Prepare your mind and body for the meal

Washing hands before food is one such ritual that makes the mind ready for the meal ahead. It also subconsciously prepares our body for eating.

Be grateful for the meal

In ancient India, eating food was considered as a “holy offering” to the god residing in the body. It is just not filling your stomach with food, it is just like offering food to the body which is considered as a Temple. Even if it looks to be very superficial, it is true. Till today, in most households, they pray before eating and then start eating slowly.

Beware of sitting posture

Sitting cross-legged for eating is one such ritual, which is not possible now especially when we all sit on the dining table. You can still sit with legs crossed for eating to ease the process of digestion.

Eat Without A TV or Mobile phone or a book

When we say that cellphones are distractions, we should make every effort to avoid it when we are eating. When you are distracted, there is very less focus on food and whether you are full or not? Mostly, the person who is distracted with TV or mobile phone while eating loses track of what he/she is eating and 90% of the time ends up stuffing themselves.

Feel the food

Eating is a process which actually stimulates most of our senses. Sense of Smell, Taste, Touch are at work when you are eating. Whenever you serve your food, feel it with these senses and then start eating slowly.

Eating Slowly

Chew your food 32 times, they say. That metaphorically means eat slowly. Savoring each and every bite, being thankful to god. Eating slowly, helps digestion. All digestive juices flow through the mouth in the process of chewing.

Washing your own plate

Don’t get up as soon as you have finished your food. Sit calm for a couple of seconds and then go ahead and wash your plate. Once washed, keep it at a designated place. Wash your hands after you are done with food. This complete process will give you a sense of mindfulness and satisfaction.

Final Words:

Mindful eating has its own merits. Weight loss is one of them. Binge eating would never be able to help you with weight loss. Something which is alien to our body would never help it get back to its own shape. Try the mindful eating map and let us know.