Wellness of mind and body:

Wellness is generally underrated and also highly market driven. I say so because we are a kind of sales and marketing driven economy since the Britishers left us. I always feel that they never left us for good. They left us because they knew that they had already created a potential market for many things in India. Wellness of mind and body can never be overlooked. In my experience, my mind is pretty much driven by my body. And the day I do not work out my mind is tossed. The daily dose of endorphins is the must for maintaining my sanity and to carry forward the day as it should be. The workout is a compulsion not because my body needs it but because it sets me free.

How did I start my fitness journey?

My fitness journey started when I started working in Mumbai and had acute gastric issues due to the graveyard shift which I used to do for a company. It was pretty bad to the level that I started getting my throat sore quite often due to the acid reflux. A doctor told me, a well-balanced diet and a good exercise routine might help. That’s where I climbed the stairs of a Gym called Gold Gym in Thane.

Those days were of cardio. You just had to break your sweat on elliptical and treadmill to reduce a few kilos of your weight slowly. It was all about weight loss back then but 10 years on, the food and fitness industry has changed amazingly for good.

Home Gym:

Today we are in a better place to understand what is needed by the body and can plan accordingly. We have many forms of workouts suiting different body types. At your place and at your pace is the new mantra.Β Β I have a home gym set up which has some dumbells, barbells ( Bar and plate), a mat and a will to workout.

What is your workout routine? How do you do it? Would love to know.