Bedtime Healthy Drinks That Boost Immunity

Hello all, I hope you are all doing good. Stay Home and Stay Safe. In India, we have extended lockdown in the wake of the covid19 pandemic. We have been asked to drink some of the drinks that boost immunity throughout the day to keep the disease at bay. Ayurveda has been the backbone of alternate medicine. In India, we usually use some of these drinks during common cough and cold. During winter season these drinks are helpful to alleviate the common flu symptoms. Kindly note that these drinks would not help as a medicine and medical intervention would. You can always use these drinks to feel good.

Herbal Tea:

This is an effective drink that boosts immunity, especially before bed. It clears sore throat and in case you have body pain. Boil some water, put turmeric, lemongrass, some cloves, a small stick of cinnamon, some crushed black pepper, Tulasi leaves if you have, some jaggery for it to taste good. Boil it for a couple of minutes. Strain it and your herbal tea is ready.

Details on Ingredients:

  • Turmeric:
    • Known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cloves
    • Regulates blood sugar level
  • Cinnamon
    • Fights bacterial infections
  • Black Pepper
    • Improves Gut Health
  • Jaggery
    • Aids weight loss
Boost Immunity

Golden Milk

Golden milk or turmeric latte is the age old method in India to alleviate cold and cough symptoms. If you are a vegan, you can use coconut milk or almond milk instead of normal milk. Just warm the milk, add turmeric and sugar if you please and drink it before bed time. It is a great immunity booster.

Almond milk with turmeric

Crush almonds and some cardamom, you will get a nice aroma. You can also add some dairy creamer to the mixture to get a softer texture. Add this mixture to a glass of milk/ plant milk. If you are adding it to almond, oats , soy or coconut milk, please use a double boiler type heating technique to keep the milk together.

Cumin Seed Water

Known for its digestive property, cumin seed water is a great reliever of any digestive issues such as acidity and burps. It also reduces the chest pain which happens during acidic gas build up in the chest.

Triphala Water

Lukewarm water when mixed with Triphala powder has immense benefits. It improves the immune system and reduces inflammation. Washing your eyes with Triphala water is beneficial and would help in improving eyesight.

Here are the benefits of Triphala:

Must Try Belly Blasting Workouts


Belly Blasting workouts are the way to go for mothers who want to tone down their belly bulge.

Bulging belly is the cause of concern for many mothers. Post pregnancy and delivery, it is difficult to bring back the toned abs like the pre-delivery times. There are many reasons for bulging belly, the most important reason can be diastasis recti in which large abdominal muscles separate. It can be treated with some exercises. Apart from Diastasis recti, there can be weight gain, increase in fat percentage and loose muscles around the belly which are tough to tone.

Bulging belly is the cause of concern for many mothers. Post pregnancy and delivery, it is difficult to bring back the toned abs like the pre-delivery times. There are many reasons for bulging belly, the most important reason can be diastasis recti in which large abdominal muscles separate. It can be treated with some exercises. Apart from Diastasis recti, there can be weight gain, increase in fat percentage and loose muscles around the belly which are tough to tone.

Here are some ultimate belly blasting workout videos and links that you can try. Let us know your experience of the same.

Six Week Six Pack:

My absolute favourite is Jillian Michaels as I have mentioned in most of the blog posts. Her Six Week Six Pack program is the answer to all bulging bellies across the world. I personally have experienced her program and got results. I find this is the most comprehensive program for ab work.

Where to find it? You can get her app Jillian Michaels on Android and iOS.

Belly Blasting Power Walk

If you are not into hard core workouts, no worries, you can walk your way into fabulous abs with Leslie Sansone. Leslie Sansone has Belly Blasting Walk for 2 miles. Walk and get that belly blasted.

Floor Session For Abs

Leslie also has Floor Session for ABS! Check It out here.

Belly Bloat Blaster Workouts

Sometimes, belly is just bloated but we feel that it is too big for comfort. Hormones play a vital role too. If you are PMSng, belly bulge happens, it is natural. In my list of good workouts which give results, there are Cassey Ho’s Blogilates. Here is her Belly Bloat Blaster Workout.

The Eight Minutes At Home Abs Workout

Bowflex has this wonderful 8 Mins ab trainer which you can give a try when you do not have time. It is an amazing ab workout.

10 Minutes Standing Ab Workout – Heather Robertson.

If you are thinking that Ab workouts are essentially floor workouts? Heather Robertson has Standing Ab Workouts. Check here.

Flaunting abs is more than what we think. It is about the efforts that go in the gym/home and in the kitchen. It is important to stay consistent in your workouts and start eating clean for those washboard abs.

In case you have missed our clean eating article, here it is

Treadmill Online Workouts You Should Try

Hello all, hope you all are doing OK at your homes! As responsible citizens we need to take up this step to prevent Covid19 taking over us. So, let me bring a bit of good news. In the time of isolation, it was a good time to think and get something new. I have researched a little and found that the mundane most workouts on treadmill you can do coolly with all the fun.

If you have a treadmill and you are using it for hanging your cloths on it, it is time to dust it off and start working out.

This is a 30 min walk from The Gym Box. I liked it for its simplicity. This video will you clock those 30 mins on treadmill with Jenni. 🙂

Those who are up for some challenge here is AbundantYou with Dr Kevin I liked his treadmill video for the HIIT workout that he has done with Treadmill.

The Gym Box has some very nice beginner version of Treadmill workout. Here is one more for you. If you are just beginning this is the best way to do it.

If you do not have treadmill, you always have Leslie Sansone’s walks for you.

Here is a link to her workouts.

It is said that Cardio boosts heart health. Do not underestimate the power of the machine that you bought to make it work for your weight loss. Make the period of Lock Down count. Make it happen at your home. Treadmill is the way to go.

Always remember to warm up and cool down with stretches as you go about any workout. Eat well and Be Healthy.

Here is to the good sleep and better recovery.

Watch for our next post….

15 Things To Do In Isolation – Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus or Covid19 has been wrecking havoc across the world. Tomorrow India is getting tested for one day of isolation. Here are 15 things you can do in isolation.

Man is a social animal but as they say turn inside to reach the highest self. While it is difficult to do this in current age everyday, forced holidays, forced self isolation or work from home or workouts from home come like a boon. Inward journey is very difficult. As humans we have a tendency to fall for worldly pleasures and the world is too charming for us to avoid or ignore. Tomorrow is that ‘Janta Curfew’ day. Sailing through it won’t be easy but these are the few things/procrastinated activities since ages which I want to do tomorrow.

1. Start the day with a thundering workout. I start the regime today.2. Go to the terrace and watch the sun rise through the coconut trees. Surya namaskars if time permits. Plant my jasmine/malli to a big pot.Water the plant
3. Press fresh orange juice for my little one.
4. Pet caramel and let her enjoy the sun bask through the balcony. Play with her and get loved.
5. Clean that unorganized clutter of my house. Dust and now it is must. Dusting necessarily doesn’t mean the furniture but sitting and giving whiff to those memories good or bad.
6. Read that unread book or probably the last few pages which were left for day like such.
7. Let my daughter an outline and let her paint her heart out.
8. Get that one must know recipe to my husband. Else when should I hand down my recipe.
9. Turn the music on and listen to old songs. Gazab ka hai din socho zara..hum hai akele..tum bhi akele..majja aaraha hai..kasam se.
10. Sundays are for learning a new kolam and thus, setting time for one such beautiful kolam to give that kickstart to that Sunday.
11. Hand wash the clothes which have piled up for they want a gentle wash.
12. Line them up and take a audit check of what is necessary and what is not.
13. Do a similar check at the kitchen pantry and give a little twist to the arrangement of furniture. Summer is on!
14. Watch that special movie and nap off there and then.
15. Most importantly pray God for the entire humanity. Teach my daughter a shloka .
That is quiet a handful day. #coronavirus #covid19

5 super foods to accelerate your weight loss

5 super foods to accelerate your weight loss

Weight loss has many theories about workouts and food. Here are those super food which will help you reduce your weight.

1. Jowar:-

Jwari, or sorghum as we know, this white millet has all that nutrition and calorific value which will aid weight loss and is a good bet for diabetes. Add it to your daily diet and check out for yourself. It is indeed a pain to roll a bhakri/ unleavened soft bread out of it. But Jowar Khichdiis an easy go to option. You may also make kanji/ ambil of the Jowar flour by adding buttermilk to it, boiling the same and drinking it with some salt and jeera-cumin seeds.

Benefits of Jowar are:-

1. Gluten free grain
2. High fibre and thus gives you more satiety sooner
3. Complex Carbohydrates and higher proteins than wheat flour
4. Gradually pumps the sugar level, than causing sudden spikes.
5. Powerhouse of other essential macronutrients.

So when adding this marvel food to your diet?

2. Amaranth:-

An ancient grain by which my grandmother has always sided with and so do I.

This grain is also called as pseudocereal . This means it isn’t a cereal and yet has all the important nutrients than its competitor grains like wheat and others. With lower calories, this is a grain which has been cherished for its high iron value.  Make a sweet porridge with jaggery and amaranth, or just roll into a chapatti/Indian Bread,bake a cake or make a stew. This delicious grain is always there for you. Puffed Amaranth has always been exclusively used by ladies in Maharashtra for its umpteen advantages.

Weight Loss

Benefits of Amaranth-Rajgeera

1. High in Iron
2. Gluten free, thus, doesn’t interfere in absorption of other nutrients
3. Highly nutritious
4. Rich Source of anti-oxidants
5. Amps up the fibre content of the food.
3. Nachni/Ragi/ Finger Millet:-This is one of the foods which one should wholly adopt to aid weight loss. It is not only good for weight loss but food trusted for its nutrition to all age groups. Small infants and elderly people can benefit from Nachni Sattvam(the finest part of the sprouted ragi). Make a kanji, or roll a thalipeeth-Indian Pancake, mix it with vegetables to make parathas or simply make laddoos, this superfood will awe you with its nutritional profile.

Benefits of Ragi:-

1. Excellent source of calcium
2. Helps in strengthening the bones, especially if you’re a vegetarian
3. Rich source of protein
4. Low in calories
5. High in fibre

4. Daliya/Lapsi/ Broken Wheat:-

By its name we understand that it is nothing but broken wheat or cracked wheat. Better than wheat, this acts like rice in its texture and can be a good swap to rice, for people who can’t live without rice. This is a go-to option and can be very well taken with sambar,lentils, curries like Indians eat rice without compromising on the calories. Weightwatchers can fill their plate with broken wheat upma, pulao, pongal,kesari-sheeraand lose weight while keeping the high in calories rice at bay.

Benefits of Broken wheat:-

1. High fibre content aids weight loss, keeps you full.
2. Rich source of Iron
3. Low fat acts in favor of weight reduction
4. Power packed with other vital macronutrients
5. Good profile when it comes to Vitamin B

Buy broken wheat now!

5. Barnyard Millet:-

Bhagar, Varicha bhat or barnyard millet is an ancient millet used for its high nutritional value. Make it in the form of rice,upma,or dumplings. This is the most useful millet when it comes to weight loss. Like broken wheat, this has the texture of rice. One can swap it with rice and still shred those extra pounds very easily.

Benefits of Barnyard millet:-

1. Low calorific value
2. High in fibre
3. Low Glycemic Index thus good for diabetics
4. Gluten free
5. A power house of iron content.

Today,with so much information we have options to use, and try some other grains. Nothing should come in the way of a strong will of weight loss with such varied options. Why wait? Stock up your grocery now.

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Intermittent Fasting Facts

Intermittent Fasting Facts

There have been queries about intermittent fasting from many of our readers. So, continuing with the Intermittent Fasting queries in this blog post today.

Those who haven’t read the blog post on intermittent fasting, here is the link.

What is intermittent fasting?

  • Intermittent fasting is nothing but limiting the eating window to some hours in the day and not consuming anything post that till the next eating window starts.
  • Suppose, you like to take breakfast and cannot carry forward your day without it. Your eating window would be
    • 8 AM to 3 PM for 8/16 hours of Intermittent fasting if you are eating around 8 AM.
    • It can also be 9 AM to 4 PM and can also be 10 AM to 5 PM and so forth.
  • While deciding the eating window, it is always better to understand the body clock and it’s correlation with sunrise and sunset. A practice which many people from earlier generation have followed for all their lives. But in case you can’t hold onto the body clock due to your professional and other commitments it is perfectly fine. Your eating window also can be
    • 12 Noon to 7 PM
    • 1 PM to 8 PM
    • 2 PM to 9 PM
  • Post the eating window, you would not be able to eat anything, you can only consume water, coffee without milk and sugar, tea without milk and sugar.

Intermittent fasting

What happens in Intermittent Fasting?

Whenever we eat food our body releases insulin to help all the cells convert it into sugar and thus energy is released. If this sugar or glucose isn’t used immediately, the insulin makes sure to store the excess fat in cells. When you are fasting, is not released and the body starts breaking down fat cells for energy which leads to weight loss.

What is the difference between Autophagy and Ketosis?

Autophagy is the process of cellular Self – Digestion (Source: Internet). It is a way of cleaning your system. Intermittent fasting triggers autophagy around 12-16 hours fast and the rate of which depletes after 2 days. It is also said that Autophagy is a reason for anti-ageing properties of Intermittent Fasting, but I would leave it up to your research about it. In India, people fast and there are many Yogis who have fasted most of their lives and are living at the age of 100+. Autophagy would be the major cause of their longevity in my opinion.

In the process of fasting, the body uses stored glycogen, which is followed by fat for energy. In Ketogenic diet, fat is broken down into fatty acids and ketones, this is called Ketosis and is a major concept when one needs to follow Keto Diet which is all rage now a day.

That is all for now, if you have any doubts, kindly comment.