Clean Eating- A Modern diet with old wisdom!

Met an old friend on a Friday night bash!

My friend:- Oh! I have eaten a lot today, no workout too! I may have to skip my lunch tomorrow. Else how can I make up for this indulgence? “

I wondered and laughed in my heart that she had almost forgotten about the number of glasses she had poured in. I also thought that according to her logic if she counts those then she can’t eat food for the whole next day to compensate for the sin, she has committed.

I gave her peck for her innocence and yes this post is dedicated to other fitternity members who should know what to eat and how to eat. It is a known fact that “30 % of the gym and 70 % of diet”.

“Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.”

Weight loss is a word which is very close to my heart. This is my second journey towards the same goal, now of course it is the postpartum weight!Thanks to my all day home(read as study and TV) and  no play attitude in my childhood days! I am blessed with a metabolism of a buffalo and to speed it up yes! I exercise. It is indeed my way of life today. I miss cycling as I never enjoyed the ride in my high school days. I want to relive my childhood back again by an hour of outdoor activity. Sounds like a child!? I know but I love to.

Many people suggest fad diets and yes the internet mommies like me are very vulnerable to those illusions. GM diet, Keto Diet, Whole thirty, Paleo, many more fantastic names to enlist here. I have tried a few only to realise that I was in great health when I was eating from my mother’s kitchen. Infact, when I read about “CLEAN EATING” I was about to close the window until I realised that it is the same way of living which our mother and grandmother fed us with. Not digging too deep  into the subject but I outline the basics of Clean Eating!

Eating clean is not something to be defined but here are a few basics.It is a change in lifestyle which can itself yield a transformation.

So let us know what are those simple sustainable changes:-

  1. Do not fall prey to shortcuts diets while you are on the making of fitter selves.Don’t lose faith as the results take time.
  2. Eat frequent small meals:- The idea is not to starve yourself and then fall into the trap of bigger portion to satisfy the loud hunger. Three big meals and two-three small fillers are great to go. Frequent eating also boosts up your metabolism.
  3. Balanced diet and Portion Control:- A balanced diet means incorporating the goodness of carbohydrates(the complex the better), the lean protein , the good fat (Yes! Fat is good to mobilise other fat from the body) and the fibres in correct proportion, in addition to the various vitamins and minerals. Portion control comes with mindful eating. Curb the distractions while you take your food.
  4. Avoid processed and refined foods:- However tempting and easy it may look. Always bank on the whole grains, nuts, legumes and pulses instead.
  5. Patch up with good fat:- It is a misconception that fat is all bad. Good fat is essential for the body as much as any other nutrients.
  6. Drink two-three litres of water every day:- We humans often confuse thirst with hunger and then gulp on those extras.

Remember the more consistent you are, the more consistent are the results. A journey to a fitter world can’t be achieved without consistency and sustainable changes.