Exercise should ideally be a daily routine incorporated in everyone’s life. It is non-negotiable. An hour of walk, 45 minutes of a bike ride, that dip in the deep waters, may it be Yogasanas, or my favourite HIIT(high-intensity interval training). I always feel I have to earn my calories.

By the way,
Happy Ashtami, the eighth day of Navratri, everyone. Thanks for being with us for the entire Navratri. We have been happy to share our blog posts every day for #UltimateBlogChallenge. With every post on fitness, I also wish you join us for the remaining 85 days of this year on our fitness journey.

Today, I bring to you a very exciting and very interesting form of exercise. As you know, I am a great fan of #JillianMichael. She is my trainer, My BAE and my guide. I started my 2019 with her training programs(No they don’t cost as much as the local gym) and these workouts can be carried out in the comfort of our home. (With my kiddo and Caramel as my first priority, I have turned into a JMite than a running mom) .

So what should I tell you about her? She is fiery, feisty, an angel who inspires me when I need it the most. For all of you, who don’t know who she is! Well, I had to google her personal details too. Maybe I was so busy with her workouts and my appointments with her that it made me no difference who she is personally.

A beautiful strong lady at 45-46 who makes me love my workouts with her. She is challenging. Her words, ‘Hang on-you are right there!’ makes me fall for her. Her way of motivating me for ‘ one more time-you want it you have to earn it’ is something very special. One session with her and you would be in love with her yoga meltdown, her strength training, her plyometrics, her kettlebell workout or even Pilates.

Workouts I have done with Jillian are
1. 30-day shred (Level1- Level 2- level 3)
2. Body shred (Workout 1)
3. Beginners shred(level 1)
4. Killer arms and back
5. JM app exercises.

You may try her other workouts which are
1. Yoga meltdown
2. Killer buns and thighs
3. Slim 60
4. Banish fat boost metabolism
5. No more trouble zones
6. 6 weeks 6 packs
and many more.

The unusual and unique combination of strength training, cardio exercises and the abdominal sets make it work faster and you are stronger than before.

The tone in which she conducts the entire session is simply unparallel. You may cuss her, use swear words for the entire workout as it isn’t easy at all but you will definitely thank her for the wonder she is!

‘ Give me all you have in these 30 minutes and we will give you those fantastic results’!
A 5 feet 2 inches small yet strong lady makes it forever to my exercise routine.
Why wait?
Book your DVD now! or download the Jillian app!
This is not paid blog. I love her and so wanted to share my happy workouts.

Happy workout ahead and very happy weekend!