Joining the 5 AM morning routine is the best decision that anyone can make during their lifetime. Being active in different spheres of life and wanting to accomplish a lot in the short duration can be overwhelming and stressful. Even if the days are planned, the uncertainties during the day can destroy the schedule. Stress and anxiety due to tossed schedules are the modern age demons impacting day-to-day lives. While we work towards our schedules more diligently and blame ourselves for not following plans, we fail to understand the cause of the misery.

The body clock is the most important thing which needs to be reset to wake up early.

What is body clock?
The biological clock of the body is affected by the daylight and the darkness of the night. The body clock or circadian rhythm as it is called is responsible for functions such as regulating sleep and waking up the pattern, body temperature, hunger and the balancing of body fluids. With proper body, clock happens the release of Melatonin which is a sleep hormone.

 What disturbs the body clock?

  • Irregular Meals and sleep habits
  • Screen time is overlapping the bedtime.
  • Shift work
  • More caffeine

 How to reset body clock?

  • Understand how much sleep do you need
  • Plan the day around workout schedule
  • Limit coffee after sunset
  • Create a relaxing night time routine
  • Keep the home calm and quiet during night time
  • Avoid using gadgets 1 hour before bed-time.

 How did I reset my body clock to 5 AM?

Though my day looked well balanced, I still was making mistakes with my sleep timings. Here is the process flow which I used for setting my body clock to 5 AM Morning Routine.

  • Understood my need for 8.5 to 9 hours of sleep.
  • Planned early morning workouts ( 5 – 5.30 AM)
  • Time-boxed my work
  • Figured out the time when I could take a nap.
  • Fixed the duration of the nap.
  • Post sunset worked on the time which is strictly NO-WORK( Laptop/Mobile) time.
  • Decided on the time interval when I can hit the bed. ( 8.30 to 9.00 PM)
  • Getting up at 5.00 AM and journaling about the changes also helped a great deal.
  • One day when there are no commitments I let the time flow as it is, just to restore the will to get up at 5 AM once again.

Loving whatever you do is the first step of doing it regularly. As the days passed by I jotted down the changes that I had with this new schedule. This reinforced the wish to get up early otherwise it is easy to give up.

With 5 AM Morning Routine, I am super productive throughout the day, and the stress has gone down multifold. My routine work ( Checking and replying emails)  gets done before people wake up giving me an extra edge.

There is an immense calmness at the dawn as if the universe is ready to listen to all your wishes. All it needs is for you to get up at the right time and ask. Let’s do it one step at a time.

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