Home Gym Ideas – On Budget

Home Gym Ideas – On Budget

A gym is a paradise for a person who loves to workout. Different types of equipment, the feel of strength that we get when we touch them, the energetic and strong vibe. Oh, all about it isn’t it? The transformation stories which have made someone capable enough to take on that mental and physical transformation. Everything about Gym is special. It is a place where we spend that one hour out of the daily hustle of life.

It slowly becomes a place for worship quite literally.

The lockdowns have made it difficult for gym-goers across the world to actually go and do the workouts. It is a major roadblock for many of us especially those who love to workout in the gym and do not get the same feeling anywhere else. But, some type of types of equipment may surely make us feel good, if you have them at home. Something is always better than nothing isn’t it??

What are the fitness goals?

Anybody who is looking forward to setting up a home gym first should assess what are their fitness goals.

Here are some goals that you may look into

Strength and Endurance

Developing strength needs a different type of exercise than bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight exercises also enhance strength but with some weights, the performance can be improved

Weight loss

Weight loss is a major fitness goal which you can achieve with either bodyweight workouts or weighted workouts 

Having appropriate cardio is also essential for weight loss


Achieving flexibility is one of the supreme goals for fitness lovers

Some people are naturally flexible, while some have to slowly achieve flexibility

Recovering from injury

If you have recently suffered from any injury, recovering from it can be one fitness goal.

Getting back to normal after an injury can happen with regular prescribed exercise.

Based on the above fitness goal you can decide what type of equipment you can have in your home gym.

Types of Equipment For Home Gym

Strength and Endurance

Start with dumbells of 2 up to 5 kgs if you are a beginner

Slowly build up with some basic barbells and 2.5 kg plates which can be increased to 5 kgs

A step board is the best addition to the above ensemble.

A good quality floor mat for basic stretches and floor exercises is a must.

Weight loss

Starting with just a floor mat and bodyweight exercises are good if you do not know what to expect.

Weight loss is overwhelming, and it is difficult to continue to efforts if you do not know where you are going

Choosing your workouts wisely is important

You can start with just a walk. Slowly add up some ankle weights.

Having 2-3 kgs dumbells and starting with strength training is important to prevent muscle atrophy (Degeneration of muscles in the long term)

Skipping rope is the best cardio equipment you can have for weight loss,


A comfortable yoga mat with some yoga props is the best way to go about Yoga which will in turn make you flexible.

It is indeed easier said than done but consistent practice will definitely help you with flexibility

Recovering from an injury

A good yoga mat for stretches and some floor workouts is the best thing if you are trying to recover from the injury.

Working out is not difficult if you have all the basics in place it becomes easier.

The above ideas for type of equipment are on a budget. Try it yourselves.




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Snehal Joshi

Snehal is a Certified Nutrition Coach by National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is writing about her persuits of Nutrition Science since last 4 years.

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