How to Overcome Weight loss Plateau One Step At A Time

How to Overcome Weight loss Plateau One Step At A Time

Are you over 30? Did you just deliver a baby? Or you are a person who always struggles to overcome weight loss plateau?

I have written in the blog posts several times that I was an obese child. All my efforts towards fitness and weight loss have started after the age of 25 years. I wonder what I was doing before that. Well, maybe I was just creating good memories of the food which my mom made and served me with a lot of love and happiness.

But, soon I realized that Food Is Strictly Not For Emotional Needs.

But that was a lesson learned the hard way. 

Have you ever faced weight loss plateau in your weight loss or fitness journey?

You are doing everything absolutely right. Your food is on point ( mostly I am on point when it comes to food. Thanks to meal planning) you are working out with a regime every 4-5 days a week, still, the scale does not budge. Well,  this happens to everyone but for most of us, there is some weight loss plateau going on in our body. 

1Weight Loss Plateau

Why does weight loss plateau occur?

Hormonal Imbalance

Our body functions on a range of hormones and it is very important that they work in accordance with the body. When there are irregularities in body routine, diet, and overall lifestyle, hormonal imbalance occurs.

Here is a detailed post on hormonal imbalance and how to deal with it with food which is always available in your kitchen pantry. But is it that easy? Nope. Hormonal imbalance takes time to reverse but it is always good to stick to a healthy lifestyle. 


We live in a terribly stressful environment where our mostly our cortisol ( hormone that releases when the body is stressed) levels are always high, which interferes with our hunger signals. That is the reason when you are stressed you feel like eating more. Stress interferes with weight loss as well.

Having to reduce weight in a specific period of time is stressful. Sticking to low calorie, fad diet, and working out with unreasonable fitness challenges are some of the causes of stress and therefore stress eating :).  

Calorie Deficit

It is not a reason for weight loss plateau but can be a factor for it. I have personal experience of working out every single day but not seeing any progress on the scale. Some people say progress on scale is not important, it is not important when you are already there at your ideal weight.

It is important when you are still obese like I was. I was whopping 185lbs and was working out every single day without any calorie deficit.

We have to understand that weight loss can not happen without a calorie deficit. While eating with deficit does not mean reducing your calorie intake to the lowest level.

Identify how much food you actually need. Eat mindfully to know the exact needs of your body. Check for calorie deficit first thing if you feel that you have weight loss resistance.


Understanding your body type and working out accordingly is a huge step towards overcoming weight loss resistance. In my experience, I have been a victim of social media (self-proclaimed) which said workout like a beast with huge weights and barbells, eat well, and the body tones. It did not happen to me. I had a personal trainer and I did everything possible to reduce my weight in terms of workouts. But because food habits were not proper, I put on a lot.

How to overcome weight loss plateau?

The point is, just don’t fall prey to the information you get without testing it. Take any workout, give it a 15 day period, and check how does it react with your body. Now, when I have switched onto workouts which are faster and HIIT, I could get back to my ideal weight ( +5 kgs though) but never mind. 

Final Thoughts:

Weight loss plateau is not a myth. It is a situation which most of us experience. I have had a first-hand experience of the same and my workouts resulted in body toning. So there is always a win-win.

If the weight does not budge concentrate on your food and think that it is for better health.

Check your form while working out and feel good about it. 

Your clothes would not lie if you have been dropping sizes but the scale would not really budge. That is okay. 

Stop criticizing the body and at once start loving, it will respond better. 

Do not go on crash diets and keep the body in starvation mode. 

Weight Loss Plateau is daunting, but you can manage it well with the above tips. 

Snehal Joshi

Snehal is a Certified Nutrition Coach by National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is writing about her persuits of Nutrition Science since last 4 years.

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