Book Review – Silver Hair Sins

Book Review – Silver Hair Sins

It was my first time to review any book personally received from the Author, here, in this case, Saumick Pal. I was thrilled to read the book. Silver Hair Sins is the first ever Visual Fiction book released in India and I am grateful to have read it before many others.

Why did I like the book?

  • The book consists of 150 odd pages which is an easy read. Conveying the whole concept of AI as a religion in just 150 pages is no joke. Write has conveyed it very effectively without messing up with the language.
  • Language is easy and crystal clear which shows the merit of extra proofreading work that has gone in before publishing.
  • The writer takes the reader along with his thought process through his words and pictures.
  • Out of the box thinking in portraying the characters and the situation the characters are in.
  • Visual fiction works in favor of the author in Silver Hair Sins as it conveys the story in appealing pictures.

What Could have been added :

  • All pictures could have been in color. The gray color looks jarring and very monotonous.
  • The font could have been better. I am not sure which font could have been used but I felt it can be changed.

Overall I loved the book for its simple yet crisp narration and an out of the world plot.

My rating 4/5

Thank you Saumick for the read, I enjoyed it.


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