5 Planning Tips for Work From Home Mothers

5 Planning Tips for Work From Home Mothers


5 planning tips for work from home mothers

In this age of technological advancement, most of us (working population) prefer to be working from home unless there is a need to be practically present at a place. Embarking on this journey of balancing both work and home is tricky and needs a lot of planning. Now, you can have a cake and eat it too 😉 with these tricks

Get a Scheduler or a planner

Getting a scheduler or planner and planning your weeks ahead is crucial for doing more with your day.

Short term and Long Term goals

Know your short term and long term goals, write them down in your planner.

Your work is your project and the home chores are the business as usual or can be called as operations. For the projects you got to have operations in place and on time.

Deciding Priorities

We are generally torn by time because we do not set our priorities. Knowing your schedule a week ahead, gives you ample time to plan for the priorities. For example, if I have my daughter’s annual day coming up on a particular day, I would reduce that day’s work to half a day but would adjust those 4 hours through the week.

Being flexible

If you are not able to do something on that particular day, have the provision to shift it to the next day. You can have it marked in your diary or journal for the record. Next day planning should take up this activity as an action item.

Set Expectations

Decide the number of tasks you can accomplish in a day. Write them down and see to that you accomplish them in totality on that given day.

Rewarding the effort

Reward yourself with something you like when you accomplish all what was decided in that particular week. Reward system helps to keep the work on track.

Set up a planning system which suits your schedule and your family’s schedule.

A proper planning system executed to the “T” and amended wherever required would definitely help you do more on every day.

While setting up your plan, take 30 minutes out diligently to workout. These 30 minutes will definitely give you the ammunition to deal with the chaos of the rest of the day and week.

As Adrian Michael Says

She is a knight polishing her armour
Carrying her own sword
Fighting her own battles and
Making her own glory

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Women's day

How to make 2018 a great year!

How to make 2018 a great year!

December is here and we are just nearing an year end. Many of us must have had resolutions and through the year hardly 2 of them would have been accomplished, I bet. Some of us would just have not set up any resolution just because neither of them gets fulfilled but some of us would have done what they had decided pin to point this year.

We have hardly some days left ( 17 days to be accurate) and here is a foolproof guide to make it awesome in the last month.

How would you do that? Well…read on..

Knowing what you want from yourself:

  • Divide your life into Work, Family, Personal, Social categories
  • Deduce which of the following areas you would like to improvise on
  • Say for example Family, break down the things that you miss out on the family front.
    • Family
      • Dining together
      • Spending time with each other (Going for concerts, movies, get togethers)
      • Being with children ( Helping them with their chores and studies)
      • Playing with children ( Outdoor activities like trekking, hiking etc.)
  • Once you have the above list ready you can just tick on the action item for the coming weekend. Action item is nothing but a task which can be performed immediately. 

    • Family ( Action Items as per the priority)
      • Dining together ( 1 – Can be done today )
        • Check availability of all the family members including timings
        • Plan dinner accordingly.
      • Spending Time With Each Other ( 4 – Can be done on Sunday)
        • Check the tickets for concerts,movies or check invites for the get together if any
        • Send RSVP for get togethers
        • Take consent from the family on Saturday to book tickets.
      • Being with children ( 2 – Can be done today )
        • Helping children with their chores, is best done on weekend.
        • Check whether they have any homework left or any project work to be submitted over the weekend.
        • If exams are on, you can sit with them for preparations
      • Outdoor Activities ( 3 – Can be done on Saturday )
        • These activities can be planned in advance or on the go.

This is how in the next 3 days you will accomplish something which you have been planning for a long time and have been procrastinating for the whole year.

This is just the example.

The whole point of making these 17 days amazing is avoiding procrastination. 

If you are struggling to start the workouts – you are not alone. I am there in the boat too and I desperately want to go back to my workout routine. Somehow, things are not falling into place or I am waiting for too long for them to fall in place. 😉 To start the workouts, the best way is

  • To identify which time suits you the best.
  • Start with your favourite workout
    • Walking is the best thing to do when you want to start the workout
    • Home workout videos
      • I love home workout videos, generally they are the best when you stay in a unpredictable weather
        • I already have enlisted number of home videos in my this post
    • Run
      • Participate in any of the upcoming marathons to get the workout.
      • Some people need constant motivation like some challenges or marathons to be regular with their workout
    • Hobbies
      • Is there any class that you started last year and have stopped going?
      • Zumba, Aerobics, Bharatnatyam, Kathak? Start it all over again to get in your dose of endorphins.
    • Yoga
      • If you have been practising Yoga, this is the time to start it all over again but in case you would like to start, you have some wonderful help on you tube. Will detail out in the next post.
    • Cycling
      • Cycling is my best friend. You can start weekend rides with your friends and join any facebook group for cycling. They take longer rides on weekends. Workout with fun is the new name of Cycling

Most of us, including me suffer the new age issue called “Meal Planning”. Especially after marriage my meal planning prowess has grown multifolds. After a baby it has gone to a whole new level. If you would like to be food conscious, these 17 days can make or break your new year in terms of food.

You must be knowing that it takes 21 days to make a habit, we already have 17 in our hands. Men and Women both can do meal planning and it is a super easy stuff. 

With only 17 in hands..we have a lot of accomplish without procrastination..so are you game?


March Here I Come – Plan for the Month of March

March Here I Come – Plan for the Month of March

Life comes a full circle when I enter the month of March. It is mostly because the monthly calendar is filled up to the brink in this month. The Palash flowers bloom as the month of Holi starts, and the heatwave makes its way through Northern India. The Gulmohar starts shedding its dull look, and the red flowers bloom for almost two months till May.
Indians formally welcome the summer through HOLI, the festival of colors, nature plays Holi with different color flowers blooming.
It is also officially the last month in the new financial year, and all the entrepreneurs have to muster up the courage to close the old financial books and open the new ones. In many ways, March needs a lot of preparation and planning to just be through it, unlike other twelve months.

So what is on cards in the Month of March for me?

  • Work
    • Content Planning
    • Implementation of Kaizen ( Continuous Improvement)
    • Better Employee Relationships
  • Personal Habits
    • Working out six days a week
    • Clean eating
    • More water intake
    • Meditation
    • Reducing Gadget Time
  • Planning
    • Household Organization
    • Using KonMari Method
    • HW and Play Date Planning
    • Family Functions

I plan using #Hobonichi Techo Cousin and #Hobonichi Original English Version.

Because discipline in all these aspects only will bring the best out of this month..With all this in my kitty, I should say

March, Here I Come!

March Post!