Upper body workout for beginners-Day 2


Upper body workout for beginners-Day 2

Hello Everyone!

Hope you had a great Maha Saptami! Seventh day of the Navratri. And I also believe that you have had your appointment with barbells before your breakfast. Well! If you didn’t , then grab that opportunity even now. There  is still time to dinner. I am glad that I many people were motivated, re-motivated,inspired and energized with the thought of beginning a workout.That rush of endorphins,I tell you!

Today, I bring to you some simple strength training exercises which are easy to do in a home set-up. As you know with given responsibilities, I am unable to go out a lot. But I found out my ways to health from the comfort of my abode. Apart from running errands and the regular evening walks with my furry friend we also walk stairs to our apartment. That is because we don’t have a lift. So my regime on a general day includes 12-14 floors, and some 6000-7000 steps.

After the strength exercises, I would also tell you how to walk a mile at home! Yes, you heard it right! Here, I don’t tell you how to do the exercises. Because there is enough material available on the internet. I give you a plan. A simple doable plan to start with and explain why you should be doing it.

An ideal workout for a beginner would be

Warm Up: 

    1. Neck Rotation,Fist rotation,Arms rotation, Hip rotation, Bent knee rotation and foot rotation
    2. Toe touches(Old school is always very cool).
    3. Jumping Jacks
    4. Skipping rope(Remember you did this in school)
    5. High knees
    6. Wall push ups

Why warm up?

These exercises are meant to warm up, awaken your muscles of the entire body and thus prevent you from any injuries. This is to ensure that you don’t give the body any jerks/shocks and prepare your body to train further. Remember everything needs preparation.

2. Exercises:

    1. Upper body exercises
    2. Lower body exercises’
    3. Full body exercises
    4. Abdominal exercises
    5. Core exercises
    6. HIIT(High intensity interval training)

Yes! These are the various muscle groups. Divide and rule is the strategy here. This is to ensure that you focus on those muscles and bring out the best out of it. Then your body also knows what it is expected to do. I illustrate today simple upper body exercises. The muscles can be primarily divided into

  1. Neck
  2. Traps
  3. Shoulders
  4. Upper back
  5. Chest
  6. Lower back
  7. Biceps
  8. Triceps
  9. Forearms 

Upper body workout could be

  • Floor Push ups
  • Standing back extension with a dumbell
  • Overhead shoulder press with a dumbell
  • Chest fly with dumb belll
  • Chest press with weights
  • Bent rowing with a dumble
  • Bent Arm lateral raises for shoulders with dumbbell
  • Bicep curls with dumbbell
  • Bent Tricep kickbacks with dumb bell
  • Plank for the core

Always remember to exercise the bigger muscle groups first and then descend to the smaller group of muscles. You can go for the one set of 10-12 repetitions with the size of the dumbbell which feels easy and comfortable. You may feel like overdoing but remember our goal is to hit our home gym daily. Get some 2-3 sets of dumbbells like 2.5 kgs, 5 kgs to start with. For the first 5 days don’t hurry into increasing the sets or increasing the weights. It is consistency we are looking for, know well. Once you are through one set and 10-12 repetitions of each of the above mentioned exercises, you will feel ecstasy. You may also feel nirvana. Yes! You did it! But wait for the celebration. You haven’t stretched it out well.Muscles may become sore and pain on day 1 and day 2. But don’t give up. Don’t quit. You will do fine in no time.

Stretches:- Important part of our exercise . Here it is

  • Neck stretch
  • Cross body Shoulder stretch
  • Overhead tricep stretch
  • Chest stretch
  • Forearm Stretch
  • Wrist stretch
  • Balasana/A child’s pose
  • Shavasana(Sleeping pose by relaxing every body part until your heart rate becomes normal)

Get your set of basic dumbbells and just get going. Remember time waits for none. No excuses and no complain. It is not “reinventing the wheel”! 

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#killerarms&back (HIIT) by #JilleanMichaels. Well, she is my BAE.

Snehal Joshi

Snehal is a Certified Nutrition Coach by National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is writing about her persuits of Nutrition Science since last 4 years.

  • Pamela
    Posted at 23:27h, 09 October

    I too, run at least 5k a day with my dogs and do an additional workout and still can’t lose the belly fat, I suffer from I seriously think it’s from stress overload- and the production of cortisol, etc Glad to hear we’re not alone!!

  • Paul Taubman
    Posted at 23:57h, 09 October

    Great ideas! The only one I am against (LOL) is the workout first thing in the morning. I cannot seem to do that. I have tried. I got up and was at the gym at 6 am, but it does not serve me as well as if I go at lunchtime or in the later afternoon.

    Thanks for sharing! It certainly is one thing I need to do more – STRETCH!

    • admin
      Posted at 09:53h, 10 October

      lol..you can do as per your convenience..I know you exercise in the lunch hours

  • Martha
    Posted at 07:57h, 10 October

    I’ve been saying for over a year I need to start an exercise routine but I just can’t seem to get started. Maybe these will help!! Thanks!!

    • admin
      Posted at 09:52h, 10 October

      Just begin! You will rock at it as you do in any challenge.