13 Tips For Making Your Homemade Cookies Even Better

13 Tips For Making Your Homemade Cookies Even Better

Of course, we know that your homemade cookies are probably the best ever, but sometimes a few tips & tricks really do not hurt. We put the best for you in a row. https://bakedcomfortfood.com Baked Comfort Food will give you the useful tips for Baked Food.

Tip-1: Read the recipe at least once and measure all your ingredients well in advance.

Tip-2: Allow your ingredients to reach room temperature before you use them.

Tip-3: But: prevent your butter from becoming too soft. This will cause your cookies to run out and lose the desired shape.

Tip-4: Know which ingredients have which effect so that you can send the baking process and ultimately the result to your preference.

Sugar:  More sugar combined with the absence of acids such as lemon juice provides thin, crunchy biscuits. This is because the sugar melts in the oven causing the cookies to run out.

Brown sugar:  Brown sugar absorbs moisture, making the cookies more tough. Do you like that? Then replace all white sugar in the recipe for brown sugar and fry them a few minutes shorter if necessary.

Eggs:  More eggs provide a more cake-like structure. The proteins ensure that they will turn off and dry out, the egg yolk ensures a rich taste. Do you like crispy cookies? Then use protein instead of (a few of) the whole eggs.

Baking soda:  Baking soda reacts very strongly with acids (like brown sugar) and creates gas bubbles, causing the cookies to rise. It creates a crumbly, open and broken top.

Baking powder:  Baking powder works less quickly than baking soda, resulting in a more equal proofing process with a smooth and fine top.

Tip-5: Use the correct size of eggs. Is the desired size not indicated in the recipe? Then use large. Cold eggs split the easiest, but make sure they are at room temperature afterwards.

Tip-6: Use Fresh Baking Powder And Baking Soda

Test the freshness of your baking powder and baking soda by adding a little baking soda to vinegar, and baking powder to hot water. Is it bubbling? Then it is still fresh and good to use.

Tip-7: Sieve Your Nuts

By sieving your nuts, the coarse and fine pieces are separated and your dough does not discolour unnecessarily.

Tip-8: Never Beat Your Butter And Sugar For Too Long

Never beat the mixture for more than a minute and never place your mixer at a higher level than ‘medium’. Do you do this? Then air bubbles are created between the fat cells so you get dry cookies.

Tip-9: Never Mix Your Dry Ingredients Too Long

When you have to add the dry ingredients to the wet, you only have to mix the dry for a short time. Are you going on too long? Then too many glutens are developed, which changes the texture of your cookies.

Tip-10: Cool Your Dough For At Least Half An Hour Before Use

Ever baked cookies with dough that was lukewarm? Then you know exactly what we mean. When the butter is too hot, or even melted, your cookies run out in the oven and nothing remains of your beautiful shapes. In addition, cooling helps equip the gluten, resulting in <a href=”https://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/crunchy-bottomed-biscuits”>crunchy biscuits</a> instead of tough ones.

Even better is when you let your cookies rest for a day. This means that the ingredients absorb the wet parts (eggs) and your cookies get a better texture.

Tip-11: Resting Is Very Important For Mixed Cookies

Make your cookies with two types of dough? Make sure that the dough can rest for at least 3 hours in the refrigerator and wrap it in plastic foil or baking paper.

Tip-12: Bake Cookies With The Same Shape And Thickness

A melon or ice cream scoop works perfectly when making the same biscuits. Bake your cookies with different thicknesses, then the chances are that half is burned when the other half needs a few minutes. To avoid surprises we advise you to roll out your dough neatly and to bake the biscuits in several portions if necessary.

Tip-13: Check The Temperature Of Your Oven In Advance

Not every oven is equally good and certainly not of the same year. Therefore, check the actual temperature of your oven with a (core) thermometer in advance. That way you know exactly at what height he has to stand in order to be able to bake the perfect cookies. Note: leave your thermometer in your oven for 10-15 minutes to reach the correct temperature.


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