3 Must Try Morning Rituals During lockdown

3 Must Try Morning Rituals During lockdown

With the extended lockdown in most of the parts of our country we begin with 30 day challenge fitness. After all what is there in your comfort zone? Getting up early in the morning at the dawn is what I look upto! Sometimes I catch up on the rising sun and many times I miss it too. Life is never the same and that makes it even more desirable.

When it comes to fitness, I often try to be mentally fit. Mentally fit meaning a person is head strong. He is able to keep calm through the uncertainties of the day. And this can happen when you are at peace.

Peaceful mornings can definitely play a big role in setting the tone of the day right. You have got extra hours in your hand, afterall. In case you get up late, follow these daily self care routine rituals which would never fail you throughout the day.

It is often said, that once when you wake up it is essential do first take care of your body,soul and mind. Not necessarily in that order. You may change the order. We all get up to the shlokams, hymns in praise of our Hindu Gods. 

1.Whatever be the religion, you may start the day with meditation. Meditation is the activity to concentrate on the same thought for a long time. It is not that you need to sit in one position or do this or do that. If you feel reading is meditation for you, then choice is yours. You may very well enjoy the book,poetry, prose or whatever you love.

2. Exercise: One can never emphasize on this one activity. Jumpstart your day with a good cardio/strength training exercises. Boost up your metabolism. A great jog, a beautiful swim, a sprint, yoga,a peaceful walk with the dog are some of the exercises you can choose from. Learn a a new dance form if you wish. The good hormones released during the exercise will make sure you have a fantastic day ahead.

3. Soul:- This part is little tricky. Because everyone has a different answer for this. And one has to dig in for his own answers. But once the answer is ready, you are set to transform in your life.My soul feels illuminated when I write. When I write, I find my soul there. 

Apart from this, it is important for you not to hurry in the early morning hours. You should be able to gauge your day, plan for it and get up accordingly. With these and many more other things fitness won’t be a challenge.

Snehal Joshi

Snehal is a Certified Nutrition Coach by National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is writing about her persuits of Nutrition Science since last 4 years.

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