Dearest Readers

Dearest Readers

Dearest Readers, 

Here we are after eons of writer’s block and a lot of deviations, contemplations about what should we bring to you as a writer that you would love to read, find inspiration from and look forward to. It is always tough anwering such questions. 

Writing has always been a pleasure. It is meditative. Though there is going to be a AI revolution in terms of chatGPT and other numerous apps,  the immense possibility of giving the HUMANE touch  to any work is going to be there. Human emotions can not be AIed ( don’t know if there is such word), at least for now. So, what will happen to the blog? and Am I taking help of chatGPT to write about AI from a blogger’s perspective while writing this very blog post. Well! Not at all. 

The 5 AM Mommies are tech savvy for sure. We are equally excited about AI and other new apps that are coming through but this mantle of working on our blog is ours and we would not share this medium with anyone – any app. 

So be rest assured, when we write the blog post, it is us talking to you “One on One”. Our relationship as a blogger and a reader is special. Now I can very well say that it is time tested ( Yes, we completed a tad bit more than 5 years with you.) 

It has been an overwhelming journey with a lot of love from all of you. Going forward we plan to bring a slice of our lives to you in our words. We are sure while we get inspired writing these blog posts, someone might draw some positive energy and motivation from it. 

Let us talk about Self Worth. In modern world, self worth is always measured in monetory terms. But it is actually not so. Our social conditioning is such that we always fall in the trap of identifying ourselves with money, fame, material success. 

I want to quote a wonderful example here. My grandmothers (maternal and paternal) lived very fulfilling lives. For some time in their lives, they did work and earn for their family but after a point, when things were comfortable they left it. They never actually felt sad for not being the earning member of the family. They never missed on doing any chore which the household demanded and also had a major say in any important decision. 

Most of us new age people do not believe in their own self worth. Despite being the most important part of the society. A responsible citizen who is contributing to the future of the world. This was my dilemma for years. For a decade, I was working and suddenly when the company decided to send me back home. I felt hurt, dejected, depressed. So,I always wanted to be very vocal about the fact that your worth isn’t dependent on your earning capacity or your salary for that matter. 

I am and will always be much more than my salary or earnings. I contribute equally as any CEO of the company in nation building. I am a mother and what is the other best way of serving the nation than creating a super responsible child who can today as a child dream of serving the nation with her/ his own little way. 

Over the years my way of looking at it has completely changed. It was a very myopic view before. But as we grow over the years, we realize the power of doing what we are supposed to do at that particular time. This does not mean give up and feel bad. Just make the most of the opportunity that you have at hand.

Life changes accordingly.

Let me know your view.


*Each one of the 5 AM mommy posts are for the future reference for dearest Krishnavi and Anusuya. 

Snehal Joshi

Snehal is a Certified Nutrition Coach by National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is writing about her persuits of Nutrition Science since last 4 years.

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