Everything You Should Know About Keto Diet

Everything You Should Know About Keto Diet

Keto Diet has been around for quite some time now. Many people including celebrities have gone through a Keto diet and have lost a considerable amount of weight. Let us take a look at what is the hype all about? 

Let me confess here that I am not a nutritionist and whatever information is furnished here is a result of researching the topic, the references are provided at the bottom of the article: 

Keto diet is based on the bodily process called Ketosis, in which the body uses stored fat from the body and derives energy, in turn burning a lot of fat, thus making a person lose weight. 

Eating minimal carbs, more protein, and fats in the following proportions:

  • 75 percent of fat 
  • 20 percent of fat
  • 5 percent of carbohydrates 

This is as against 50 percent of carbohydrates, 30 percent of protein, and 20 percent of fats in usual diet forms.

If you are new to calculating the calorie intake, check this.

Diet Mostly Prescribed for Many Ailments: 

Let us first understand that the Keto diet is medically prescribed to patients suffering from chronic illnesses and have proven beneficial, it is perhaps the results of those patients that have spiked its popularity.  

It helps in the following conditions such as 

  • Epilepsy
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • PCOS 
  • Obesity 
  • Metabolic Syndrome 

and so on. 

Who Should Avoid Keto Diet?

  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Hypothyroidism / Hyperthyroidism
  • Eating disorders 
  • Multiple sclerosis 
  • Gall bladder removal patients 

If you want to try out a Keto diet here are some basics that you need to know:


It is a process that is triggered by the body wherein the fat is broken down and ketones are released into the blood. Ketones are then used as fuel by the body. Note that it takes some days for the body to go into ketosis. Limiting your carb intake to 20-50 gms a day is the key when you want to go on a Keto diet. 

Keto Flu:

Keto flu is a condition that arises due to ketosis and the changes that happen to the body while following Keto Diet. Please note that not all the people following this diet experience Keto flu which has symptoms similar to normal flu, ( Body Ache, Fever, Runny Nose, and the likes). Keto flu shows that Ketosis is happening. The keto flu is not recurrent when you are on a Keto diet. 

Weight Loss Plateau:

Weight loss plateau is the body’s way of readjusting, as it happens in the process of weight loss regardless of the diet, it also happens when you are following the Keto. Just keep going through it and you will find the difference. Following any diet regimen consistently is the key to ward off the weight loss plateau. 


Working out along with following a keto diet is definitely a good way to shed some kilos. Weight loss plateaus can be navigated successfully with a wise combination of Diet and Exercise. 

But I am afraid of Fats:

Then keto is not for you my dear!! From the time immemorial we have been told that we should be careful with fats. Then they came up with good fats and bad fats, and a part of the whole generation is conditioned in such a way that they can not tolerate a few spoons of oil extra on their plate. So, those who are conditioned in such a way, it is better not to follow keto diet. 🙂 

How should I make Keto Diet a Success?

Get it prescribed by your nutritionist or dietician. Let them assess your condition and give you the best diet plan. Plan your food in advance, exercise accordingly, and most importantly be consistent in all your efforts. You will surely be on the way to transformation. 







Snehal Joshi

Snehal is a Certified Nutrition Coach by National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is writing about her persuits of Nutrition Science since last 4 years.

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    Interesting! I tried the paleo diet once and it did help with weight loss. But I am in more than one of those groups of people who shouldn’t try it.

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