Les Mills Body Combat Workout Review

Les Mills Body Combat Workout Review

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What are your go-to workout routines? well, I have quite a few. For some days now I have been running and on other days I am totally hooked onto the Les Mills On Demand Body Combat Workouts. I have already written the review for Les Mills On Demand App and thought of elaborating on the Body Combat Program of Les Mills On Demand App.

In the world of HIIT and other workouts that concentrate on different body types and involve different techniques, I found Body Combat liberating. Let us get some information and review body combat classes.

What is body combat class? 

A very different format of exercise if you are not aware of combat techniques but that makes it super unique. If you are the one who gets easily bored and does not feel challenged with the usual Jumping jacks, Push Ups, Squats, and Lunges, body combat is for you. The best part about it is all the conventional exercises are incorporated in it but from the point of view of combat. What is combat? You can find your way to a chiseled body through some punching and kicking. Initially, for me, it was a coping mechanism but now it is more of a therapy. It is one of the best forms of workouts that relieves the stress that you have accumulated in the body, additionally, it helps the fat burn.

Is Body Combat Hard? 

Well, Les mills body combat has an introductory session to make us understand the stances that they use in the workout. In fact to start with they have their free YouTube lessons of combat as an Invisible series that you can use as the first step for learning. The intensity level for each class can be adjusted as per your energy for that day. Usually, I do a full-throttle for body combat class as I love it but if you feel tired or not recovered you can simply opt for low impact version that one of the trainers would be showing on the stage. Some days are hard and the low-intensity options are a saving grace.

Does this workout shape the arms?

One hour session of Body Combat expends approximately 500 calories. All the exercises are extensively focussed on each part of the body thereby toning if performed regularly. Personally, my arms are toned pretty much after doing combat sessions. I have a frozen shoulder that restricts the lateral movement of the right shoulder. I can hardly do pushups, only kneeling push-ups are possible. In order to strengthen and tone my arms, I have found that Body Combat classes are very effective

How long are the classes?

The best part about Les Mills On-demand App is that they have all the workouts divided into specific time slots ranging from 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 55 minutes. When you do not have much time to take the 55-minute class, the same class you can take for a shorter duration. Is it not wonderful? The typical class lasts about 55 minutes that accounts for the maximum fat burn.

Is it a Strength Training Workout or Cardio?

Instead of boxing the body combat workout as strength or cardio, we can say that it is a toning workout that improves agility and burns fat. If you want to build core strength, body combat is definitely a way to go.

Body Combat fact: You actually do 1700 crunches in Body Combat’s 1-hour session, as per Les Mills Website.

How can you get Body Combat?

I suggest trying Body Combat on YouTube, as Invincible Program. If you like to format, move on to buying Les Mills On Demand App, the pricing is approximately Rs.1700 for three months. You can opt for a yearly subscription as well.

Overall Rating: 5/5




Snehal Joshi

Snehal is a Certified Nutrition Coach by National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is writing about her persuits of Nutrition Science since last 4 years.

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