Missed an important message from your Child’s school??

Missed an important message from your Child’s school??

Ramya is a diligent mother. She has two school going kids and she is a working woman too. The school usually communicates with her through emails and also through WhatsApp. But sometimes it so happens that in the day’s business, she misses many messages that float across the email and messenger service. Slowly she started getting written messages from the school administration asking for an explanation about not completing some well informed stipulated activities for the children. She was speechless and was in a deep shock of missing such a piece of valuable information from the school.
Ramya was a techie and missing the emails from school was something which she could not have imagined. She was very careful in checking messages that float every day.
But when she checked her email account, all the emails from the school had gone to the spam folder. With WhatsApp, it was a different story. Parents from the school group were interested in discussing the upcoming luncheon party than sharing this important information.

This can happen to any of us. In today’s fast paced life which is overloaded with unnecessary information, it would be great to have one source of information which is authentic and is delivered on time. ONNE has realized this and has brought you a simple and effective app for all your school communication-related issues.

ONNE is not a regular chatting app. It has its own management system in place so that you get the most updated information at one place at the right time. It reduces the chances of missing any of the messages.

Let us look at the features that ONNE offers:

Attendance Management
From a parent’s point of view, getting the attendance reports every month would certainly be a great thing. ONNE enables you to see the reports as they are posted on the apps.

Leave Application Form:
Online application form through an app is quite a revolution. Say bye bye to the clumsy paper notes and welcome ONNE – Leave application form.

Exam Schedules:
Sharing exam schedules on the app is one of the best features. You can track the exam dates effortlessly with this feature.

Having a timetable on your phone is so easy. You can fill in the books one day earlier just checking in the app.

One on one messaging:
Just because ONNE is not a regular chatting app, doesn’t mean it does not allow one to one messaging. It does allow and is a very efficient messenger.

With ONNE you can share photos, videos and important documents.

Sending invites:
Sending alerts and invites and receiving event RSVPs is easy with ONNE.

Daily reports:
One of the most important features for nurseries and small scale education institutions. Daily reports of your child help you to understand whether the child is getting used to the new environment of the school. These reports you can get on ONNE. One can also receive progress cards through ONNE app.

Fee Reminders and Collection:
Fee collection reminders are mostly lost in the ocean of emails and messages that we receive on an everyday basis. ONNE manages the fee reminders and you can also pay through the app.

What is in it for schools?

Sending updates is now easy, the school admins could actually save a lot of time which would otherwise be spent in writing every child’s diary. Printing paper and distributing the messages is not needed as everything is there on the app.
Sharing children’s progress, report cards and timetables would be super easy as it can all be done on the app. There is tremendous ease of use with the app. Admins can opt to send messages to an individual or the group of the class. The payment reminders can be sent to school and admins can easily track the incoming and missed payments for effective follow-ups.
The ONNE app is the blessing for school administrators as they can schedule posts, messages, and memos in case of any event. The app also enables the recipients to send the feedback as well as RSVP.

Do you know 73% of apps are deleted by users for reasons such as more loading time, non-functionality and various user experience issues? ONNE app can be customized as per your requirement. The details of the download are as follows


Never miss any message from your child’s school – ONNE is here

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Snehal Joshi

Snehal is a Certified Nutrition Coach by National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is writing about her persuits of Nutrition Science since last 4 years.

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