5 Freelancer Writing Myths Busted!

Freelance Myths

5 Freelancer Writing Myths Busted!

Doing freelancing is like being in the spotlight as many people stare at you with different perceptions and prejudices.

The other day at work, one person asked me a very funny question which really left me wondering about people’s perception about freelancing. I should rather praise his straight forward nature for asking this question. He came to me and asked, “Are you a sole breadwinner of your family?”.”We (meaning a couple of his friends and him who were sitting on the same table ) have so many financial obligations, we would never be able to freelance” he said frowning.Instead of speaking further, I kept mum because you cannot really change this perception. Its a myth that freelancing does not earn you money.

There are several other misconceptions regarding freelancing like

Myth #1 People with financial obligations can not freelance.

Rather, I would say that the traditional jobs have been fulfilling our requirement of stability for years together. More than the income source, it is this illusion of stability which we have got used to and which keeps us from taking risks. There are large number of freelancers who are the sole breadwinners of their families and are doing pretty good.

Myth # 2 As a freelancer you can work at anytime you want

Yes, we can certainly work any time we want but there is a little cliche in it. You have to exhibit SUPERLATIVE discipline in order to keep up your commitments with your clients. Because one late delivery can cost you your daily bread.

Myth # 3 As a freelancer you have lesser responsibility than the traditional job

As a freelancer you are the face of your work. It shows up when you perform any work without responsibility. With one small mistake you may lose the job as well as a client. One has to be utmost careful about meeting the deadlines specified by the client providing good quality of work.

Myth # 4 People do freelancing because they cannot find a job

All the freelancers have not always opted for freelancing by choice, but that certainly does not mean that they have taken it up because of lack of skills or survival instincts in corporate world. Yes, it does not offer you “Titles” which you can flaunt with. But it surely equips you with the most important skill of surviving by yourself without any halo of a brand name.

Myth # 5 Freelancing is not a lucrative career option

Any career is a lucrative one if pursued with right dedication and commitment. You can earn as much as your traditional job if you consider freelancing seriously and are ready to put your 100% efforts.

The real need of the hour is to shed the inhibitions and take risks. Remember, there lies a root of entrepreneurship in freelancing!!

Snehal Joshi

Snehal is a Certified Nutrition Coach by National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is writing about her persuits of Nutrition Science since last 4 years.

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