Navratri, Know Your Golu- Day 3

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Navratri, Know Your Golu- Day 3


We hope your days are filled with gratitude and abundance. Abundance of love, blessings and affection. Prayers help to cleanse the mind and the soul. The best part of prayers is that they can be in any language. The Universe, God, the Almighty or anything you have undeterred faith on doesn’t ask for specific rituals, strict rules to be followed while praying. Prayers can be customized by oneself. 

So when my two little old daughter chants a Sanskrit( Indian Language)hymn she does make pronunciation mistakes. Sometimes what she recites doesn’t make any sense. As she is learning the words. But I am very sure, her prayers reach God. Her sincerity to learn and to reproduce the hymn is understood by God. Her honesty in sanding erect and  in front of the Lord for those few moments of the day for prayers also improves her concentration. Well, that is the biggest advantage of worshiping “Forms of God”. You have some physical matter which holds your attention.

Meditation made easy:

The swadhyay/ or the self-study in the spiritual practice should be to wean off the attention from the form to the formless. The intention of meditation should be to increase the time span of concentration. The Yogis/ the saints had longer attention span. They could meditate for hours without food and water. This is the biggest achievement if one can! The best thing about meditation is that you need not sit and close eyes and meditate. You can meditate while cooking, while on laptop with your blog, at play with your pet or while you are making your baby sleep. When you are totally involved in your subject without any other thoughts, that is my way of meditation. It brings solace to me and peace of mind. Try it! It is easy!

Golu/Navratri is a merriment. And why not? You get to hop various places where golus are kept. You get to revise your old mythological stories in the “form”. Meet many people. Know about each other’s well-being . Share your happiness with them and thus, connect to them.






Avaiyyar transcended to Mt. Kailas

Once upon a time, during Chola dynasty(Southern India), an old court poetess was performing daily worship and prayers for her beloved God Ganesha. While doing so, she had a realization that her contemporaries and Great Devotees of Lord Shiva Saint Sundarar & King Seraman Perumal were headed towards the Mt. Kailas, abode of Lord Shiva. She became disturbed and wanted to join them on their spiritual journey. “Mt. Kailas is considered as Moksha by Hindus.” She started rushing to finish her prayers. 

Lord Ganesha probably didn’t like the rush and appeared in front of her. He told her not to rush with the prayers and asked her the reason to do so. When she narrated the reason, Lord Ganesha promised her that HE will put her ahead of the two saints on the journey towards Mt. Kailas after her daily prayers. 

She believed HIM and now with a  deeper trance sang what is revered as the most beautiful prayers in praise of Lord Vinayagar(Ganesha) called as #Vinayaka Ahaval. As she finished her offerings to Lord Ganesha, she was lifted by Lord Ganesha and  was transcended to Mt. Kailasa before the others could join. 

The Message:

The message is clear. Never rush the daily prayers. These and only these prayers can make you realize the truth in your life. When the power ends the prayers begin! #Avaiyyar is also known for her poetry called #Athisoodi which is a collection of several one liner Do’s and Don’ts intended for small children to make them understand Morales and values.

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  • Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA
    Posted at 20:30h, 03 October

    There’s a famous tale the Ba’al Shem Tov and Rosh Hashana. In the middle of the austere prayers begging forgiveness, a Shepherd whipped out his flute (musical instruments are forbidden to use on holidays and the Shabat) and blew out a series of notes. The congregants were up in arms, but the Ba’al Shem Tov admonished them. The shepherd boy was expressing his prayers to Hashem (the Supreme Being) in his vernacular; just as piously and vigorously as the congregants were so doing in Hebrew.

    • admin
      Posted at 20:41h, 03 October

      Thanks Roy for stopping by. This tale squeezed my heart out. Prayers in any vernacular or in any form should reach God. Don’t know why rules come in between! Thanks for sharing the story.

  • Martha
    Posted at 06:05h, 04 October

    Prayers are so important and I think it’s great that your little one chants them. I’m sure God hears them and know exactly what she is saying. Beautiful post!

    • admin
      Posted at 15:43h, 04 October

      thanks martha! yes! prayers are very very important. thanks fr your assuring reply